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Lalit Kumar
Professional Blogger and Founder of Kavita Kosh
Professional Blogger and Founder of Kavita Kosh

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कहीं गूगल आपकी लोकेशन को ट्रैक तो नहीं कर रहा?

गूगल बहुत कुछ ट्रैक कर (सक)ता है... अगर आप चाहें तो गूगल इस बात का रिकॉर्ड रख सकता है कि आप विश्व में कहाँ-कहाँ गए... कैसे गए... कब गए... किस रास्ते से गए... !!!

एक बार चेक कर लें कि आपके अकाउंट में यह ट्रेकिंग हो रही है या नहीं...

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Download Music: Top 10 Apps to Download Songs

You can download music and songs using these free apps. Any user can easily download favorite songs on their mobile phones and listen to them while being offline like using an mp3 player. Go ahead and select the app that suits you the best.

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Best Alternative Keyboard Apps for iOS and Android Mobile Phones

List of best alternative keyboard apps for iOS and Android mobile phones. These apps are better than default keyboards with features like swipe & glide typing, hundreds of smileys, word prediction and auto-correction.

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Facebook Features: Interesting and Lesser Known Options in Facebook

Learn some new, secret and interesting features of Facebook. Did you know that you can play chess on Facebook and also some other games? You can personalize chat and send money via Facebook! This article introduces you with many of the lesser known Facebook features.

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Lock My Phone! Best Locking Apps for Android Mobile Phones

Do you ever wonder "how do I lock my phone to keep intruders at bay?". Here's the list of best app lockers for Android. You can lock your mobile apps with passcode, pattern or fingerprint. No intruder can unlock your phone once this is setup.

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Block Phone Calls: How to Stop Calls from Unknown Numbers

Learn how to block calls on your mobile phone. You can block calls and SMS / text messages from specific numbers or groups like unknown numbers, international numbers, spam calls and call centers selling credit cards, loans, insurance etc.

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Best Screen Recorder Software: Both Free and Paid

Screen recorder software help you make professional looking video tutorials and presentations. In this article we list some of the best screen recorders available out there. The list includes both free and paid tools.

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How To Use Your Phone without a Service

Learn how to use your mobile phone without SIM card or an active cellular service plan. If you don't have a SIM card, you can still use your old phone for doing many things, including making calls. For some of these things you will need only a Wi-Fi connection.

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Find the Person Behind an Email Address

Learn how to find a person behind an email address. You can easily locate the email id owner with these methods. In most cases one of these methods will work and give you some information about the email address owner.

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How to Unblock Websites at School, Work And Home

Learn how to unblock websites at school, home or office. With these methods you can access restricted websites from behind firewall. If websites have been blocked by authorities, it is better to take their permission, if possible, before unblocking websites.
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