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Lakesha Brown
Anything but Ordinary...Head Uncommon Chick...STL
Anything but Ordinary...Head Uncommon Chick...STL

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Make self-mastery your life's goal and many of your (self-made) problems will go away!

Latest on the blog on self-mastery:

#rebelreflections #escapenormal #uncommon #selfmastery #successhabits 

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Maybe you’ve been in a relationship for awhile but not sure how healthy it is.

Perhaps, you’re questioning your partner’s behavior or wondering if this is the right relationship for you.

Is this real? Is this right? Is this healthy?

Million dollar questions!

Building a healthy relationship with a partner can be exciting and life-enhancing as the two of you look forward to a happy life together. You might even discuss hopes and dreams for the future. So how do you ensure that you get to keep this wonderful experience you’re building together?

#healthyrelationships #escapenormal

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Got website shame? Stop the madness and learn how to combat it with this free kit!

#branding #website #escapenormal

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What have you read or listened to lately? What have you learned?

#readinglist #books #lessonslearned

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Coloring has so many benefits like boosting your productivity. And here's why...

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As I look at what’s coming next for me this year and mapping out my goals and plans, I realize that nothing can stop me from getting what I want but me.

The same is true for you too. Believe that! Not other people, not your dog, not the latest incident that occurs in the world…nothing and nobody can stop you.

So we have to be relentless, be action-oriented, be awesome and be fierce in our quest to get what we say we want.

Let’s be unstoppable. Are you with me?!

#unstoppable #escapenormal #uncommon

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I hear you asking – “How can coloring bring my sexy back, Kesh?”

I know. It’s a weird thing to connect but I see it like this. It’s a simple yet profound explanation. Check it out!

#coloring   #adultcoloringbook   #bringyoursexyback  
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