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The Third Circuit Court of Appeals just held that emotional distress damages were recoverable by debtors in cases where creditors violate the automatic stay in bankruptcy. This may open the door for greater recovery in such cases in Illinois and Wisconsin as well. Don't let creditors harass you after you file a bankruptcy case. If they do, let us fight back for you.

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Bankruptcy cases declined in November more than 10% compared to November 2015. How are things going for you?

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Bankruptcy is not always the answer. If you have just a few creditors, it is frequently easier to make deals with them outside of bankruptcy court. Make sure that your lawyer discusses alternatives with you when you are thinking about bankruptcy.

Lakelaw thwarted disappointed husband's attempt to use bankruptcy to derail a big divorce settlement in favor of his ex-wife.

Enjoying great dinner with my friends at #HoneysChicago

Lakelaw is suing Navient to discharge student loans. Not every case will qualify but we will pursue this when we can.

Congratulations to Jamie Dimon for giving raises over at JP Morgan Chase.

We at Lakelaw created a minimum wage of $15/hour for our people more than 2 years ago.

Get rid of your debts. Stop nasty creditors from calling day and night. Call LakeLaw today: 866-525-3529.
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