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If you aren't aware yet, the prevailing science (which means "knowledge" in case you were somehow anticipating a declaration by the multi-lettered, propaganda-bunch with "Dr"s and "PhD"s standing beside the Corporation's president) regarding the beautiful place we live (we call it Earth) is that it is not a randomized ball which happened to form from the chaos of an onomatopoeia'd event passed off as self explanatory and all

Personally, I believe it is an Infinite Plane. Whatever it is, it isn't a globe as far as we've been deceived.

I'll add here that ever since this reality has come into view (that's a pleasant pun), so has my Life. I tell you, the struggle is real, but meaningless and fulfilling at the same time. Hmm... Either way, if you're unaware still, or simply struggling with the idea that this is "religious" (something I find funny being who I am), then maybe this fine gentleman can give you some Engineering-perspective? 

I reviewed this video months ago... It arrived in my queue again, so I'm sharing it with you...
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Indeed. Likewise. I am thankful weve finally shared thoughts from the same side of the table. It has been a while...but, truly, the wait was nil given the experience.
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Many times, I find myself unchallenged in much, in fact, that I forget that there are surely "Right" and "Wrong" ways to accomplish a task -- and I may not completely have the "Right" way, even if I know better. The grey areas are vast, surely, but in this realm, there is Black and White...

Of course, the experience with Police changes across appearances (speaking mostly of the constant obstruction presented by perceptions of people whom share my level of melanin), but, in the end, there is surely nothing that can be gained by interacting with the police in the course of an investigation of any type.
I've learned so much about their Legalese (a separate language, unrelated to the language it mimics) over the last few years -- shown personally in my newfound lack of discomfort in courtrooms -- that I've lost sight of the simple, basic reality of "don't talk to the Police...period."

Surely, they aren't going to be your witness... I've met and [atleast semi-] befriended a few officers over the last decade, but I've yet to recollect a time when speaking to them has reversed an arrest. My last encounter may have turned the tide away from arrest, but if that officer was focused on arresting me...I would have been arrested.

Very, very good, informative, reality clarifying video!

Thanks again to +mark warlick !
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I talk to police only when talked to and with the minimum number of words needed to be on my way.
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Although I remain an IT-LifeLong (presently-contemplating-monthly-donator) +Mozilla Firefox supporter, I would be foolish (as a professional and enthusiast) to ignore or discard the very real improvements and usability that Microsoft's Internet Explorer Edge browser presently exhibits.

I guess I am a self-proclaimed, genetically approved Internet Explorer "Guru"
(via my Son's interest in using Internet Explorer -- without my encouragement). What caused me to become an Internet Explorer "Guru?"  

Well, that's elementary, Op-Stem: I was seeking the smallest-sized installation for more computer efficiency. Recently, the use-case of running Windows 10 as a server-OS for in-home pleasantries has provided enough excuse. Simply, my logic dictates that using +Microsoft Corporation 's baked-in software will yield the least Windows installation size.

~...At some point, I was going to argue that this is why monopolies are bad for any length of time, but figured to just continue and get to the point in this one...


The good part is that Microsoft's long-cursed Vista Operating system pushed customers to buy more powerful hardware. So now that Microsoft has shifted its focus to WaaS (Windows As A Service), we are left with seriously efficient Operating Systems of the Microsoft variety (yes, each update of Windows 10 should actually be considered a "new" Operating System from Microsoft) while running said "efficient OS" on more powerful hardware. Yeah, it's a long-play Win, but a Win, regardless... -- No pun intend-oh eff it - I'm not losing that pun -- intended or not...

Microsoft's Edge web browser has become a far more efficient -- and more secure -- Internet Explorer-variety for the 21st Century...or Agenda 21...or what-happened-to-21-Jump-street since I'm 21 years older than when the 80s occurred...haven't decided yet...

Either way, I just installed this "Night Mode"-esque option which shares its Title with its Function: "Turn Off the Lights," (not to be confused with Amazon's Alexa beauty whom suddenly plays samples of Music that you don't own -- or that Jay-Z won't let you buy outside of Tidal) sits comfortably in my Edge Address Bar module, waiting for the opportunity to replace the white of the web page with the Black of the rest of my browser when I'm in more intimate moods. 

This, of course, works best when on YouTube or other Video rendering site whose webmaster chose to keep things a little too bright for their dark displays.

I like it...and this direction of Microsoft; the Microsoft Edge web browser. I completely dislike the reality that I have to choose between Microsoft getting a little info about me on my laptop while crossing my fingers, hoping that the telemetry disabled on my "server" (just serving me lol) doesn't cause some other catastrophe later down the line.

Of course, this post is being updated on a Linux distro (ElementaryOS) which I am growing more fond of by the minute, so "catastrophe" may be a bit of an embellishment on my part...

For more info than I care to delve:

For the non-reading:

Turn Off the Lights YouTube channel
Turn Off the Lights
Turn Off the Lights is a FREE browser extension that allows users to dim everything on their screen except for HTML5 videos they're watching. Get it Now!
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Approximately two years ago, in a lower court -- for an obviously less damning accusation -- I witnessed, first hand (aka involving myself) clear violations of the Public Trust in an obviously modified video of an encounter between myself and an officer in which I was almost shot in the face for what amounted to playing music in accordance with the statutes of the city in which I reside. A bothered neighbor, unaware of the ordinance, called the police ...

Upon inquiry of the approaching officer as to the ordinance or statute that provided him the liberty to demand my identification upon encroaching property I resided while observing no violations being committed (I was literally going into the house as the officer approached my car), he proceeded to aggress me and his partner pulled his weapon, aiming -- interestingly -- at my I sat in the vehicle which the aforementioned officer attempted to extract me from via the driver's side window.

I did not threaten the officer... I did not behave violently. I simply asked the officer for the statute that provided him the authority to request the state issued identification for the corporation I was allegedly responsible for (not in those words, of course...simply, "Can you provide me the statute that authorizes you to request my ID?"

Apparently, I survived this encounter. Interestingly, the aforementioned officer and I (the one whom attempted to pull me from the vehicle -- not the one who pulled his weapon) and I formed what could be considered a "friendship" once we had some intimate time to talk on the way to the jail.

It is amazing what a bit of time to talk can do...

Unfortunately, many are not afforded this opportunity. Even more sad is the reality that upon going to the unconstitutional court where my DEMAND for jury trial was ignored (by yet another lovely arbiter of faux-justice whom I respect as a person and wish well in all her endeavors...after yet another opportunity to communicate), the prosecutor presented a clearly modified video capture which showed none of the scenario leading up to the physical encounter initiated by the officer.

Conveniently, I was accused of being belligerent and uncooperative, but none of this was shown on the video. In my case, they removed the audio from the recording.

I presented these things during my Kangaroo Hearing (I believe they call it a trial...but it's no "Trial" I am familiar with) wherein it was clear and addressed that "fair" and "trial" were clearly mutually exclusive. The judge/jury person likely considered some of this while contemplating my chosen tribute to the city. Needless to say I was ruled against, but my tribute was more fair than not given it was Me vs the prosecuting person and the judge/jury.


There is a difference between justice and whatever it is they have in the buildings called courts ... sadly.

What will it take, I'm unsure. But I know that more people must know how their courts should run.

People are already dying at the hands of this tyranny...thus being willing to die for this to be rectified should be a no-brainier.

I survived... I'm happy...

No...I'm not.

May the victims of this madness rest in peace...will we live in Peace?

To be continued
Albuquerque Police Department officials have altered and, in some cases, deleted videos that showed several controversial incidents, including at least two police shootings, the department’s former records supervisor has alleged in a sworn affidavit.
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Because "balls" equate to Testosterone...which is needed for muscle growth and maintenance. Sure, Estrogen helps with milk production, but the only Milk I know that produces muscle includes Testosterone precursors...

Another thing: Who flicks women in the ovaries?
I've been saying this for years!!
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+Jahmeer Pender
Enter a "+lake" and then a drop down menu should appear.
Tap +Lake Green​ when you see it.
He'll see all this too.
Otherwise, you can click on a comment and choose "reply to..." and get the attention of whoever it is you want to castigate.
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"Important" has seemed to take a different definition in Merriam-Webster... Perhaps I should check given that "Wisdom or Money can get you almost anything. But it is important to know that only Wisdom can save your Life!" -Ecclesiastes 7:11-12

Now, that's important. And if you have the gall to look that up to confer my insistence, you'll have greater comprehension of my pointed contentions...

1) Questioning everything is fine...but, as the most amazing book in the Holy Bible (ahem, Ecclesiastes), declares: There is a time for everything; everything in moderation.

You see, the fallacy of continually entertaining yourself with this idea of questioning just makes you skeptical...doesn't make you more intelligent or Wise. Just, well, makes your discernment represented as the fourth point-of-contact between the taint and the tailbone...

2) The Etymological meaning of Media is "Intermediary" (paraphrasing in respect of syntax). The real question should be, whom are the media shielding from me? We mustn't be victims, Sentients. If anything, as they hide behind their Media (whom they've had to buy and defend to control the ideas -- and still kill people to guard those ideas) be assured that you are far stronger than what you've been taught. Again, being skeptical for the sake of an evidence that only the Vatican holds is simply foolish. This is why we come with an intuition and discernment.

3) The government is supposed to be by and for the People. It isn't the government that we need to ignore...but the government that we need to implore to uphold the values they claim we instilled in them by ceding some of our personal sovereignty to declare it as protected. Regardless, I've never heard of someone giving their servant more power than them...weapons, science, blind-faith.

If anything, it isn't the government we should engage with less...but more... See? This is not through "voting" by the way. "Voting" is a sign of happiness in their operations. Simple.

4) Don't believe anything? Really? One of your most powerful energetic expressions is belief, and one shouldn't believe anything has a Truth? Should you examine these things then? It is one thing to not cede your reasoning to another, it is a whole other thing to have the gall to believe that these thousands' year old books just made it down the line because the people were ignorant. I would argue that they had to for...well...perhaps my opinion may be interpreted as furthering dogma and not listened to anyway... See?

5) Bankers are bankers...thieves are thieves. One of the most honest Men I know is a Jewish banker -- one of my mentors growing up. WTH is this meme getting at? Shouldn't it be shorter? Running out of items that have all failed to make whatever point you were making beyond "kill yourself."

6) Yeah...ef-everybody else. Because, you know, you're you. Have we not done things this way for the last thirteen years since, you know, Bush invaded Iraq because it made him happy? Those Million+ Iraqis were just collateral damage... yup. Talk about "dogma."

7) I agree wit this idea, but after the preceding declarations of "righteous selfishness" I am left feeling...;hmmm...skeptical of the intent here to claim knowledge of the power of Love when you trust no one, stereotype others, believe in nothing anyone a lot? Hmmm... This is called an oxymoron ... on your call.

8) Learn something new? About what? I would say, "Live everyday."

Sometimes, you learn something, sometimes you're the one doing the teaching. Just live...the beautiful Earth, Universe, God, Universal Consciousness, Plane, Dimension, Creator...will tell you when the time comes to switch hats or objectives. Interpreting these conversations are what we should've learned in Public School...not Math twelve times with variations to keep us bored and distracted.

9) So annoyed with this new, faux-pseudo-psychopathic idea of a regret-free life. Do you truly know what the words you use...mean?

Although depicted as some sort of bad resurfacing of the past in which one can not "live" with whatever it is that has occurred, "regret" seems to mean, "Look at again." So, in context, the advisement is to live a Life that you do not wish to look at again.

...that doesn't sound like a plan to me. Why is it a plan for you?


regret (v.)
"to look back with distress or sorrowful longing; to grieve for on remembering," late 14c., from Old French regreter "long after, bewail, lament someone's death; ask the help of" (Modern French regretter), from re-, intensive prefix (see re-), + -greter, possibly from Frankish or some other Germanic source (compare Old English grætan "to weep;" Old Norse grata "to weep, groan"), from Proto-Germanic *gretan "weep." "Not found in other Romance languages, and variously explained" [Century Dictionary].

Related: Regretted; regretting. Replaced Old English ofþyncan, from of- "off, away," here denoting opposition, + þyncan "seem, seem fit" (as in methinks).

...^^^^^^^This is how we interpret regret and it is shown in our granted ideas of it. But let's look again:

"Not found in other Romance languages, and variously explained"

If that's the case, then perhaps that's not the actual history of the term. If anything, the "variously explained" should be a tip off that you are not being told the entire history.

To speak a language, you must know the origin of the language. English is a culmination of many languages, including Latin and Gaelic languages. IN this case, let's look at what the word is saying:

RE (again) GRET (which, further down the page is revealed as having more history than "weeping" and "groaning):

Old English gretan "to come in contact with" in any sense ("attack, accost" as well as "salute, welcome," and "touch, take hold of, handle," as in hearpan gretan "to play the harp"), "seek out, approach," from West Germanic *grotjan (source also of Old Saxon grotian, Old Frisian greta, Dutch groeten, Old High German gruozen, German grüßen "to salute, greet"), of uncertain origin.

The most important part of this:

"to come in contact with" in any sense

This also includes "salute, welcome"..."TAKE HOLD OF, HANDLE"..."seek out."


Is it not interesting that you're in a society that does all sorts of illogical things that are hypocritical and damaging to your Life more than anything, but you're told to...well...not look back at anything. Everything is about moving "forward."

Forward...where? Into the future? What is "forward?"

I will tell you:

forward (v.)
1590s, "to help push forward," from forward (adv.). Meaning "to send (a letter, etc.) on to another destination" is from 1757; later of e-mail. Related: Forwarded; forwarding.

Forward in an adjectival form of "early" is from 1520s; that of "presumptuous" is attested from 1560s...


So, "early" looks more like "presumptuous" only 40 years later?

Today, presumptuous means, "(of a person or their behavior) failing to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate: "


So...moving forward without reproach moves the forwarded person into a state of presumptuousness? Does that seem more accurate to what you're experiencing in this society?

The lack of regret (or simply looking at ones experience and actually living a life that is not worth looking back at)...may not be in your favor. It hasn't shown itself to be thus far. Would you not agree, or has your anti-regret policy already been implemented?

10) So much for no enumeration later you enjoy a regret...


I'm sure this is more than you expected from a meme...but whenever I find ridiculous, short-sighted, same-path memes in my stream, I confront them with reality and wait to see if my review of reality is similar to others who've observed the meme.

Thanks for sharing, April, but I would caution you to be more discerning of what you expose your unguarded mind to...

-- With Love

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+Jaya Sri-Radhe
Which is exactly why I take the time out to pay it forward. It's a responsibility to The Creator, in my opinion...(whatever "The Creator" means to you)

Given the broken messages interpreted as wisodm over the last few years, one must correct the record...
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At no point in time shall I concede to the ridiculous proposition that the establishment is getting "dumber." However, the peasants who've sold their integrity for artificial, gun/jail-enforced currency have absolutely lost their Morning Star...

P.S. - Donald Trump is NOT President of the Corporation yet. Funny how we have so much talk about outer space artifacts possibly interacting with our orbit (so hard to write this without laughing, +Dc Gloria ), but so many have taken Trump as President already. Makes me wonder what last act Obama is preparing for and/or executing as this distraction proceeds... It is "Christmas" time, you know...or, as I like to call it, "*Federal Reserve Act* time."
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To be honest with you I will do anything to endure this conversation to be endless, Mister Green +Lake Green 
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We can’t change the world until we change ourselves because the world is a collective expression of the human totality. You can have all the protest marches and demonstrations that you like, but without an expansion of awareness we will stay on the hamster wheel made possible only by programmed ignorance.

Currently, the vast majority of people are the victims of their own myopia and cannot see beyond their race, culture, religion, job, political preference, sexuality and societal programming.
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For me .. and this was long ago .. that i realised this .. These stories which are effectively lies.. that Other people continued to tell .. such stories as "the world is flat" or "we went to the moon" or "6 million jews died in the .." . .. have always been OTHER peoples stories and lies to defend.. i never accepted the stories to begin with .. they never meant anything to me .. so they arent my lies to continue to tell others.. in order to reinforce the legitimacy of the stories..

the "flat earther" movement .. is nothing more .. than ANOTHER diversion .. group who somehow need you to go around telling everyone about it's legitimacy in order for it to have any..

Ive always just encouraged people to use their own intuition .. when it comes to these stories .. or movements etc..
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Surely you're not expecting a post from a known figure which uncovers the Israeli-support-to-the-detriment-of-the-United-States...are ya?
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If you're stuck on Windows on any of your machines, you want to run the latest Operating System from Microsoft (Windows 10). Yes, if you run Steam, you're going to want at least a Windows main machine to keep most of the games available on the platform...available to you.

I came to this solemn realization as I unsuccessfully attempted to eradicate Windows from my home (finally...not a surprise, as I've been working on this migration for three years; running Lubuntu and elementaryOS where I can...and I love it, btw -- donations in tow...).

Being that I have purchased licenses for Windows 10 Pro I am appaulled by the lack of control I have over my systems. The straw that broke the camel's back and forced me into a Linux frenzy (something I knew would come -- which is why I've stayed on Windows exclusively until they could annoy me enough to let my years of Windows Sys-Admin work finally acquiesce to the Linux change I've sought for three years) was the realization that not only do I not play Candy Crush, I have no interest in seeing it in my Start Menu.

Period. So I uninstalled it.

...then it came back -- with friends even. Tank what???

Hence, there is a small, "Thanks for the encouragement, Microsoft!" somewhere in here...

In the end, if you're still rolling with Windows, you might want to disable some of their madness...if only to get those processor cycles back. My Third Gen i7 doesn't seem too weighed down, but this is about me. I love efficiency, and you should too... Save a whale, or electron, or something like that...

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I fail to see the difference between Trump and Clinton.

Are you saying that you would feel differently if Hilary Clinton -- whom I affectionately call "The Felon" -- was (s)elected? The fact is that the USA has been under a US-Dictatorship since the reintroduction of the private, centralized banking system.


All of this hogwash about Hamilton and company is just that.

Each President that says nothing about the Constitutional violations imparted upon convicted Felons unable to freely purchase weapons is a threat. Each President that says nothing about the violations of every free person of this Republic unable to freely pursue their happiness without forced contracts from their privatized, local corporate police company and Puerto Rico-based Internal Revenue Service ("internal" to...who?) is a threat.

Telling me about the words of a fanatical business man whom seems serially attacked for his non-line-toeing stances falls on the same deaf ears belonging to the Federal Bureau of Investigations "professionals" whom fail to prosecute clear Felonious actions committed in the open by Public Servants unable to tell the difference between dresses, gametes, and loyalty.

The Electoral College has existed in the interest of those interested.

Your fight isn't with them...your fight is with your own inability to stand for something. As the saying implies, continue falling...for anything...
Trump promises to bring to the presidency precisely the 'tumult and disorder' that Hamilton warned against
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Me too
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Well, so much for parenting class... Although I have many jokes and metaphors about this scenario, I'll spare you my 5am Comedic Opinion, and just say:

What would you expect from someone whom has spent much of his Life in an overtly repressed society to a covert Police State (the entire West is a Police State...Colorado being the worst of it...just thought I would throw that in there -- although I absolutely loved my time there and am saddened to have to classify CO as such)?

His daughter was likely covered most of the time before she ran away. Additionally, likely seeing her for the first time, he lost his mind. The man is 40, frustrated, and seemingly without Wife.(?)

Surely doesn't justify the clear violation of the Constitution of the United States of America -- but, in the interest of said Constitution, we should await his Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Amendments to be acknowledged and defended; as the People, we should ensure that his Tenth is being respected...not to mention the reality that this could be an act defended by the First Amendment. Most notably: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Association -- sex could be interpreted as speech... We would have to see whether or not she is his property (considered a Minor) given the Affordable Care Acts preemptive attempt at further protracting the Age of Majority to 26.

In the end, I am sure that she was as sassy as she sounded in the interview with the reporter, and, well, some people aren't equipped to deal with that.

Does it justify him raping her? I don't think so...but injustice in the name of a greater good is what this country is all about....right, Madeleine Albright? Surely Dick Cheney will chime in here soon and let us know the benefit of looking past his transgressions.


Lot laid with his da -- wait... Nevermind... Perhaps that story has changed in the Bible as well... know someone had sex wit their daughters which lead to their being saved by god. Sure, it is correlation, but god knew...right?

If my Son does something and I say nothing, I must find it acceptable behavior...right? Again, If we're not examining Christianity with the same scrutiny then judge not...lest ye be judged.
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