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I can't find the post when we discussed the difficulties loading 120 film into reels. Now I can confirm loading 120 film onto stainless steel reels is very easy! I struggled with plastic reels but with steel ones its became fun :)
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You right +Oshi Shikigami I smiled as I did the third roll without trouble and fast :)
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Lajos Pasztor

Medium Format  - 
First photo with Mamiya C 330.
80mm lens, kodak ektar 100
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Lajos Pasztor

Medium Format  - 
I have an epson v370 scanner. It works fine with 35mm but now I will have mamiya c330 (can't wait till tomorrow) :) I don't want to buy new scanner yet. Is it possible to scan film just as a photo or document? How is the quality?
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I am lucky enough to have a Nikon scanner for 35mm, but before I got that I used my Epson V500. Now I use that for medium format, which it was designed to handle, and other formats both smaller and larger that it was not designed for. I do essentially what +Kelly-Shane Fuller suggests for smaller formats (127 and some others I cannot identify that my father shot pre WWII), and I stitch together larger formats like the occasional 4x5 and the even more occasional 5x7. Part of the trick to stitching things together is to use exactly the same scanner settings for both scans, otherwise the two sides of the image will not match tonality.
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Lajos Pasztor

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Lajos Pasztor

Developing and Darkroom  - 
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I will show what I pulled out of the film... its still nice of course lots of strong grain and loss of quality.
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Minolta SRT-101, Kodak Ektar 100 in Tetenal kit.
A bit of experiment with the ektar indoor using flashes. It works well if there is fair amount of light. The shadow areas are could cause problems like blue or purple colour casts but I might learn more on scanning.
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Beautifully shot
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Lajos Pasztor

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Mamiya C330
Kodak Ektar 100
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Lajos Pasztor

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I run into something I never experienced yet... I did a shoot with my mamiya c330 recently. developed the first roll of film in digibase and devastated as I saw only 4 images on the film. It looks like the 4 image randomly positioned along the film. other parts like the end or the beginning of the film, nothing on it.
First I thought the shutter didn't open sometimes. I took off the lens looked trough the light and fired few times. It worked opened and closed. I have no idea what is going on?
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How stupid am I? :)
Ok but I first time using this camera.
The thing is after browsing on the net to find out more of the lens shutter and flash sync was some note: "some photographer nowadays likes to cement flash sync switch X - M to X to avoid accidental movement".
Immediate flash in my brain... checked the switch and yes of course it was in M mode!
Damn it and I thought I need a new lens :) Now I can't wait to test it out at all speeds up to 1/500 :)
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Lajos Pasztor

Medium Format  - 
Got my new toy. Mamiya c330. Opened package, waited for half an hour to let the moisture dry off (it is cold outside) watched how the lenses became crystal clear, looked thorough viewfinder... How to focus better? Popped out magnifying glass, super clear and sharp, I opened the back, locked back, turned the focusing knob smooth, aperture works fine, shutter for 1/500 click, 1/250 click... 0.5sec rzzz click, 1sec rzzzzzz click. I think we are now friends :)
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Lajos Pasztor

Developing and Darkroom  - 
This photo is from the badly handled (bad D76 developer). I surprised its still nice. I was thinking it will end up in the bin but luckily not :)
Minolta SRT-101, 50mm f1.7 MC Rokkor, Fuji Neopan Acros 100
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If it has an image at all, I keep them.  LOL
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Lajos Pasztor

Developing and Darkroom  - 
I turned my second roll b&w film into rubbish... According to this website:
I may have overexposed and underdeveloped film or might be the fixer is the problem? Now I have to rethink measurements and the whole process. I had no problem with C41 it was perfect but B&W now really gives me headache. I suspect bad measurement of chemicals. Any help on that? For example for 1 litre mix?
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Scanning in color, and some work with contrast slopes, and color density in Photoshop is about your only good option.
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Lajos Pasztor

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A bit odd question but wish to ask. I wondering around the idea to get a mamiya c220 or c330 tlr. I read about the parallax correction at close ups and its has a red line for that in the viewfinder. I never saw how to use it?  how do i know how much to tilt?
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If you like an 85mm in 35mm cameras, then the 135mm is a close match. The 180mm is more like a 105mm, and the 180 like a135mm.

There is a device that works on 330 and 220 models that goes on tripod between camera and tripod called the "Paramender" that raises the camera, after focusing, the exact distance of the difference between lenses, before exposure. Therefor composure is parallax free.

Tilting is the wrong procedure, raising the camera would be correct.
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My hobby is photography.
Yes, still it is but time to upgrade...
I finished with digital photography. Not saying I hate it just bored of the digital magic. Will use old cameras because I can pull, turn, push I can feel it and don't need to charge batteries, playing with photoshop for hours. I enjoyed it but its over I want real stuff real material :)
I will go for medium format film. Still hesitating between the Mamiya RZ67 or might take a deep breath and use large format 4x5. We will see :)
Finally I also wish to try oil painting to absolutely enjoy my creative side.


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