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We take the challenge of live broadcasting monthly bent news and interviews totally lying down...
Recumbent bike riding is about people. Bent riders ride interesting bikes, go to interesting places and have interesting stories. That's the basis of the Laidback Bike Report. Sure, we'll talk about products and have tips and tricks for you but each month our show is built around an interview. We will continue to get the personal side from folks adventure riding around the world. We will delve into the minds of industry leaders, shop owners, and event organizers who are hoping to attract your attention with their wares. We'll get them to turn their cameras around and show us their surroundings, facilities, or latest prototype.This is how we hope to make our show worthy of an hour of your precious time every month.

We do this broadcast live so that we can have your comments made and questions answered on the spot. This is an interactive endeavor and is not complete without audience participation. Please join us every month as we bring you our very best attempt at the Laidback Bike Report. Find us here:


Laidback Bike Report

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I really haven't found any advantage to using this page for my Laidback Bike Report over using my personal account. So if you come here looking for more info on the LBBR please just follow me as +Gary Solomon or join our G+ Recumbent Biking Community. Thanks!
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Where are Kurt & Alisha ?
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On the next Laidback Bike Report I would like to start featuring Micro Video Profiles of some of our viewers from around the world. You all ride in at least one interesting and scenic place that you probably would like to share with everyone. What I am looking for is a 12 second video that you can shoot with your cellphone and upload to YouTube. In this video I’d like to see something that shows me where you are, what your bike looks like and your smiling face. I’d like you to tell me your name, what type of bike you are riding, where you are, and a mention of the Laidback Bike Report. 

You can say something like: “Hi Bentriders! My name is Linda Reclinda and I’m riding my Bachetta Corsa here in front of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy and I never miss an episode of the Laidback Bike Report!” You can say and show these in any order you like and get as creative as you like as long as the video is 12 seconds in length or less. If you have a riding group and you’d all like to shout the group name instead that’s cool. Just make sure we see and hear all the required elements listed above. If English isn’t your native language feel free to say the words in your own language. Have fun with it!

After you shoot and trim your video to 12 seconds or less upload it to YouTube. When your video is ready let me know by sending an email addressed to and include the link to your video found using the Share option on YouTube

Here’s what we’ll do with your videos: Each month we will try to get as many of your Micro Videos on as possible. My idea is to show a few during an opening sequence, during transitions between segments, and during the closing. I can’t promise we’ll get everyone’s video on but I’ll do my best. Good Luck!
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Laidback Bike Report

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We'll be live at 2pm Eastern today with the publisher of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine and the producer of Recumbent Cycle-Con. Fortunately for me one interview will cover both of these subjects because Charles Coyne is my guest. Watch right here on Google+ by clicking on this link. If you'd like to ask Charles a question during the show leave a comment on the Event Page. If you can't watch the show live it will be available on YouTube after the broadcast. For further info check our website I really appreciate this community's support of our monthly webcast. Please reshare this Event to help spread the word :^)
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