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"War on Waste" was a real eye-opener! We recycle but might need to think how we where can reduce more.

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I didn't know that begonias come in such a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Just like people really ... every one is unique and beautiful in its own way.


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Looking for inspiration for a class and finally got around to doing the latest classic flow episode. I love the classic flow podcasts ... yoga combined with beautiful classical music:

I find listening to Lara's instructions and the music requires more focus, deepens my awareness, and really relaxes me. Sometimes I do get lost and feel that you need to know the asana names. If you're more visual, try one of the first six episodes. These include asana guides, photos of the different poses in the podcast. Enjoy! :)

#yoga #vinyasa #flow #music

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My techie & yoga worlds collided-an accessible yoga conference! Sign up for the relaxing preview class #yoga #a11y

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Enjoying Day 1 of The Yoga Summit "Are Yoga Asanas the Same as Exercise?" with information on finding a yoga style and class that works for you.
Interview available until 5pm tomorrow AEDST (unless you've premium access). Free registration.

#yoga #TheYogaSummit

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The original mat I bought had instructions to pop it in the washing machine, and that's what I've been doing with all the mats that I use personally and in class. Yet, last time, some of the mats still seemed dirty and I ended up wiping them with a cloth.
This time I used the bath tub method described in this article. You should have seen the dirt and grit that came out of those mats!
Only two more to go but given that a storm seems to be brewing, might leave it for a sunnier day. Already have three blankets and four mats on the line that I'm going to have to rush out and grab if it starts raining!
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