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Have you ever wondered how contact lenses are made? It's pretty cool and fast!

Happy Presidentsê Day! Who is your favorite president? We like the ones with glasses. The really old spectacles don't look too comfortable, though!

The colder weather brings lots of tasty coffee and hot cocoa flavors, but don't forget to continue to drink lots of water. If you don't drink enough water, you can dehydrate your body and in turn not produce enough tears to keep your eyes moist and comfortable. Eye-related symptoms of dehydration include redness, dryness and puffy eyelids.

Dry eyes can be caused by many different things, creating inflammation of the surfaces of the eye. What bothers your eyes? #wecanhelp

People with well-controlled diabetes can be 50%-75% less likely to develop retinopathy. Talk to your doctor about controlling your diabetes, and make sure to get regular eye exams to ensure good eye health.

Laguna Eyes has provided personalized eyecare in Laguna Beach for almost 40 years?! #Laguna #eyes #glasses #sunnies

Q: Why did the phone wear glasses? A: Because it lost all of its contacts! #funny

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#DidYouKnow eyes use about 65% of your brain power? Closing your eyes can help you focus and remember more!

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In 1862 Herman Snellen developed the first eye chart which is still in use today. No cheating before your next exam!

Ready to pop some champagne? Be careful where you point the bottle. The cork can fly at up to 50mph! It could do serious eye damage.
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