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People ask me why I wear veils. I reply, I'm mourning. Mourning what? Well I figure something shitty must be going on somewhere.
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yup it is lady gaga wat u expect i mean come on
good night .. sleep time lady!!
hey watch the language here "ga ga" so lets keep it PG here ok
cool. i love all ur outfits.
('''') paws('''')up!
hi lady gaga i heart ur music
Good morning gaga.
Is part of the fashion scarf.
When the scarf is warm.
im agreeing with da smile face u put up how r u?
I am not quite understanding...
im confuesed to but im good so ur pikachu lol nice
I think you should tell them you are mourning for the loss people are experiencing worldwide due to people with small minds and law that create minorities and outcasts!
Also I think if you mourn with a veil - u need shoes and Jewellery to match! :-*
when a lady sing,the monsters listening.

Your mourning the death of your honest
hi I'm your biggest fan! i luv you!
I will always love u 1moretimes that ANYONE else in the world, and will always be ur number 1fan In the world 1 more times than anyone else!
Bahama. Everyday I think that someone just died. But someone else was just born.
No nirvana without samsara. :)

You going Goth for a song?
You wear veils coz you are scared of me :D
HI !!!!!MY FAVE SONG YOU AND I BY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM your top fan
Lady Gaga, I'm your biggest fan I follow until ya love me!
You cannot sincerely mourn for something so abstract.
Mark Kanemura, he dances 4 u now, he used to b my dance instructer in Oahu, Hawaii, where i live, at 24/7 danceforce can u please tell him that Alaina said hi please thanks!!!
If you don't know what specifically you're mourning, your mourning isn't really worth much, is it? Mourn. But make sure your emotions stand for something. And if you're really mourning, don't belittle it with statements like this.
You shouldn't mourn, but be happy you're alive.
Nice Gaga
I'm your biggest fan.
We should talk sometime
Mourning the loss of the music industry with the shit you keep producing?
LOL. Funny, although I do enjoy some of her music.
OMGoodness, that was 2 funny! Go Gaga!

Bassnectar is the perfect music 2 listen 2 tho~
Lady Gaga...u r DAMN SMART
Really? Why Would you bother reading any of these posts if you're just going to trash the poster? It's unbelievable how some people thrive on hate and feel compelled to share it with everyone. Get a friend. Seriously. 
1. Cover your Mouth with Your Hand.
2. Whisper a Wish into Your Hand.
3. Post this onto Ten Other Comments.
4. Look at Your Hand
I love you GaGa (aka Mother Monster) You empower me and whenever I feel at my lowest I think of you and I'm happy! I <3 you forever
at least one person who is riche and famous doesnt have her head up her ass ... praise god for the wealthy and famous who dont have their heads up their asses
just like johnny cash wore black all the time
+Amalia Angellinni said me lately: somewhere over the rainbow the world is perfectly good, adorable, bright and just great. here, on the real side of life, it indeed sometimes deeply sucks. how human are we, when we think about those, who are unhappy, in the moments of own happiness or own glory. i think it makes us more human.
i agree and i am happy about finding people, who can share their all real moments including the good and bad times with their friends and still, people, who bother about others, who are not a part of their own closest surrounding.
I think you are one of the best people alive. You made it OK for people to be themself and that is fantastic. Keep on because you are so great.
Yeah, I'm sure that's why you wear veils.
I can't tell if that's flippant or compassionate
People used to ask Goths "who died?" and they'd come back with "my hopes for our society's future" or some such.
Lady Gaga has a Google+ page.
What, is this really lady gaga?
Damn good philosophy my Lovely! And for you haters.... Why waste your time looking at comments from ppl who Don't Interest you? U Must care enough if want to take the time out of your short, pathetic life to communicate with this celebrity! Get off your computer and get a fuckin job! Bet YOUR ass Couldn't handle fame or hard work!
You know, one time my dad played one of your songs in out truck in Yellowstone, and it scared all the deer and buffalo away. LOL :)
Im not your biggest fan but I agree it will keep your face from the mosquitoes while u are in Indonesia. :)
lol lady g.... hav u seen the hunger games???? its really good..... U R SOOOOO AWESOME!!! <3
yes there is always something shi*** happening all the time.. Life sucks some times.
luv u lady u dress awesomely u do it to show pople who u are
Im not your biggest fan but I agree it will keep your face from the mosquitoes while u are in Indonesia. :)
gaga you there? if u r answer me ps luv ur hair luv ur little monster reallly im ten lol bye
Lady gaga nothing wrong how u dress just be the way u r and don't let anyone get in ur way
ليدي غاغا لا ابوج لا ابو لبسج بنت الحمار مادري شنويحبون فيج شايفه ويهج ولا لا
nothing will be impossible when you connect with the all,expect the best even in the worst of times,lady gaga,a presence of the unknown ,will appear within provding understanding and expectancy of the good/miami poet terry newton
"But 'til we start to make a move to make a few things right,
You'll never see me wear a suit of white."
awesome excuse and it is o soooo true
it doesnt madder what people say LADY GAGA has style soo im proud to say that !!!! Baby i was Born this WAY!!!!
I will agree with that! and generally it's bigotry, hatred, bullying, and people sticking their noses in other peoples needs to stop, it makes the offenders sound stupid, and unintelligent. you might be a little different to me, but that makes you witty and full of self awareness. thats smart to me, you go!
i figure that lady gaga doesn't have to care if she wears a veil because if she wears a meat dress and comes out of an egg why should we judge here for what she does? i like it.
doesn't matter wat lady gaga wears who cares
love it, and soo true there is always shitty going on
Siempre algo malo esta pasando en realidad..... mientras unos rien, otros lloran. En muchas situaciones la vida nos enfrenta contra otros (algo parecido a los partidos de soccer) pero ciertamente en algunas estamos en condición de eliminar ese sufrimiento (como es el caso de que suframos por que alguna persona no nos hizo caso).
Hi 2 my no.1 Lady. Hope ur okay hun?! Lovin v reasonin behind tht as its so, so true. Lovin u 4 life 2 babes as ur beautiful, mega-talented, 1 of a kind n completely unique n u dnt giv a f*k wot any1 thinks (theyr only jealous anyway:!), n ur style is jst so cool n 2 die 4 babes. In fact i want u 2 knw tht im on wiv designin/creatin a clothin line (mainly jst aimed 4 sexy clubbin n alt/fetishwear n sold locally here in Hudds n Leeds, England :-D)! Im not copyin none of ur wears darl, ur my motivation/inspiration behind v line tho n i thank u so much 4 tht. P.S. I follow u on Twitter (lady_lala2010) so if ur eva interested/curious bout wot im up2, n i undastand u must b busy like ALL v time virtualy hun, but wel id love 2 hear frm u. N if u like ANYTHING u see wel il mail it str8 out-4 free of course ;), n most my designs r eitha 1-offs or xtremely limited babes. Take care n i hope u read ths. Big luv n respect n again a HUGE THANKYOU :-*! Lotsa lovin n gudnite frm me n England! xXx

This post makes me wanna bathe a roach in vinegar while playing the harmonica.
whats the point of veils in a weding
Lol! I think since I'm on my phone that my fingers are faster than my iPhone is. Lol. This comment is HALARIOUS!!! I sooooo agree
Well played, Lady Gaga. Well played. 
So u always look for the shitty. I thought u were suppose to inspire and maybe motivate ~~~ wrong direction.
nice Attiude but dont sing that or say it on stege
lady gaga, I am your fan from Indonesia <3
P.S. I admire the work she does inspiring the younger generation to respect themselves no matter what they are
but why live your life feeling like that dont you want to be happy sometime?
I think its because she is just butt ugly
+Raychel Davis no she is not shitty you fucking bitch , she is really good , atleast she is making some fucking money !! yeah exactly what are you doing ? exactly nothing so stfu !!!!
I'd like to know who voted you as queen beauty she's hot and what's it to you if she was gay. are you disapointed she's not gay with you?
Nice way of answering the question posed, but true.
still think fuck you? maybe ok i see i was wrong
I personally Mourning 4My Creativity. That's why I often wear Black
Ily lady gaga but jm not a freak dnt take this to offense but ur a regular person like all of us just well known but i still love u alot nd u have no idea wat i wood do just to have a converaation or hang out with u that is like on my bucket list and when u did tht tribute on tv for ppl who got bullied at ur old school u are my idol u are an inspiration to me but ik ur probly not reading this cuz u prolly think i am weird and i mean its not like u read all the millions of comments u get... But i hope u read this just so u know how much i really do love you <3
oh dear god why did this show up in my feed? i thought google was supposed to be tailoring my interweb experience to things i like not things that make me want to punch babies
Lady aku penggemar mu
I was uninspired for 20yrs, I had a no strings attached romance, changed everything im now inspired
Optimism is over-rated. Mindless, blind optimism is naive, foolish, even dangerous. There are always shitty things happening in the world, things that are ignored by optimists and swept under the rug. +Lady Gaga, you have a healthy balance of optimism and pessimism. Call it realism. You are wise beyond your years. BTW, I love your music.
thats the dumbest thing I've heard Javier, but you belieive what you want. when your hiding in your basement waiting for armagedon I'll be driving by laughing my ass off
Gaga u r my role model... Evry1 makes fun of me cuz I am lez and u hav taught me not to giv a fuck Wht other people say! Thank you sooo much!
ye myat
lady gaga I LIKE YOU
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
i wear a shiteating grin cuz i like life. its all we have
luv ya, circle me gaga
David, I deleted the posts. If one truly believes something was dumb, then it shouldn't be used to entertain.
Exactly! Mourning a lot of the BS you do for attention and actually get it!
Javier, I dont care where you wait for armagedon. the bible says no man will know when it comes. what makes you think you do. thats why i'll be laughing my ass off. you'll just be one more idiot predicting the end while the world passes him by
Yeah...doesnt it say that it will come like a theif in the night and no one knows the hour????
Please circle me google+er's and i'll do the same! <3
Hahaha you people think this is the real Lady GaGa??? Lmfao.... I'm sure she really cares about posting on Google +!!! They only do twitter cause they get paid to tweet! Suckers!!!!!
ye myat
you are great girl i like it
Kinda like drinking at 8:00 am because it is 5:00 somewhere. 
maybe but it was fun talking about her. thats not lame
because most everyone is commenting on this post
why do you show people your body parts lady gaga
We must laugh in spite of awful tragedy if we are to laugh at all.
in life we all some sort of mask to hide our true feelings some do this with clothes or make up while other do this with what we hide to agree or what we disagee with few understand this yet love is born perfect and is no mistake that of born again Christian Mariage has Man and Wife in true and corect standing as it is what it is it is not anything else as loving husband unconditional exceptence is what it is
you are so right :) love ya lady G keep it up ur my fav love ya xoxo
shit everywhere! make a pride because of the people in problem
Do not mourn that which you have the means to correct.
I love u wat ever u do so don't listen to anyone else be wat u r love u LADY GAGA !
did you know every 60 seconds someone dies somewhere in the world
Very idiotic explanation!!! Its actually a very popular joke! :P
i think its a nice gesture ""_ You go Gaga ")
whats on MY MIND The lack of responsible of Concern for the balence of this planet being overturned.A liveing place its always been it carried us throughthick and THIN 3 times around and Back again.But the churnin turnin turnin burn n has got to end we know the TRUTH How could the sleuth begin to let it end.I say to to you right now pick up your eyes and see information constitutes splender Variety. ALL things in time right now was how it was but soon the music doomed to start as if it never was One thing i tell you thats its amazeing even now How could we all have failed to uunderstand to bow.........OOooooYeah Heaven on Earth Baby waszzzz up NOW bilatchesPEACE POOF!!
You know idc weather you explain it to me why you wear it I just think it it's "you" (:
I luvs u mother monster keep on rocking <3!!!!!!!
so do i you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raman v
I'm sorry. You sound depressed. I wish I could cheer you up.
Or you could wear a smile because something good must be going on somewhere too.

Seems like a very pessimistic point of view to me. Maybe that smile would help make the world a better place...
Lio Tim
Always think......Gaga is the American sister feng.......
I know, right!! The news has become less informant and more sad, and depressing :(
Probably it is taking place right now, but then hoe do you define wrong? What someone is doing right now may be wrong according to someone and the samething may right for someone else.
i want to see you and to share with you.
i like your songs very much
beautiful faces never hide...i see an inferiority complex under the veil...
to javier you let me bully you into deleting your comments. dude thats what she is trying to teach us,it's ok to be different and to think different. she's saying if I can be this weird and you like me why cant you like someone else who might be should have stood up for youself and not let what i think bother you. who desided what i said was right. we are intitled to an opinion,that's what you had. i was not intitled to to bullying you because of it. i am sorry if i creeped you out.
You are one strange wackadoodle chick
That Arabs knew that too, and invented the hijab ... so why is their's villified?
Jessica Edelson what would you like to talk about.
I wonder if the world would be a better place if people worshiped individuals who encourage positive messages. Sure, pain is a more powerful motivator than pleasure... but it would be nice to see at least one huge celebrity lift the bar. The potential is certainly there.
that is a very depressing way of looking at life dude
Please mourn for Hong Kong today #325......
The start of the end of HK......
Matt V
Because of that face you got. Oof!
Gaga, Halloween is in October 31, not everyday of the year
I think your oh so right!!!
That is very smart Lady Gaga
i like this quote!
From The Wild One:

Mildred: Hey, Johnny, what are you rebelling against?
Johnny: Whadda you got?
Huge fan from China, really looking forward to watch your concert at HK. I just knew that I'll have a life-changing test during your BTW ball at Hongkong. Though I may won't have the honor to meet you, your power always inspire me to love myself and achieve more, thank you mother monster. Paws up!
Gaga means pork in Sichuan dialect
Gaga, you are such an awesome person with such amazing talent....don't think about shitty are loved!!
l love lady gaga
I love you GaGa <3 <3 <3 You're my IDOL :) :) :)
hi rina ji i like it good think
love you sooooooooo much GaGa you are the best lady in the world
p p lee
I love u lady gaga! You are such an inspiration! :)
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