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Oh my goodness, I just saw this photo of the arena last night! All of those lil monsters! We've come so far...
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ohh ya first comment
and what are monsters
Monsters are like lady gagas followers, or her fans.
We Japanese love u so much !! We never forget what u've done 4 JAPAN.
500 comments, and three people waste theirs just to fail in saying "First comment". I wish these kids would go back to Facebook.

Looking forward when you play the American South, ma'am.
nice look great picture

check out Asarelookout and thank you for watching.
we are kinda mosters, we kill, sometimes have long nails, we have long shabby hair, we are mean, and we are huge.... ehh, lady gaga got a point!
Good morning! gaga!!

Japanese people love you more than you think !!!!
I give my life to be there. #Please
Last night was sooooo exciteing,amazing,crying!!! I Love You Gaga! be with you.
I wish i cud attend something that big..
ya she is, the music vid for Alejandro is for gayness, edge of glory and born this way anti bully
party rock is in the house tonite
Lady gaga you are just so freaking awesome! And I ❤u
Good luck tonight😝😝😝😝
should of had an e on the end of lil, it's only love don't take it so hard
Kassy G
cool stage :D
You worth it Gaga, I love you!!!!!!
GAGA KaWaii !! Thank you verrrry so mach M-monster !! see you 〜💗

I know that at least one person believes in me. Luv u Gaga! Plzzzz write back.....
Lady Gaga,
I love you as an artist. You are making a difference in the world and that is truly admirable. But your condescention is offending.
i wish i was in there to support you my LOVE gaga !!! ;)
me too jessica i really wanted to be there but my mom said no ;9
Insane!!! Queeny you know how to draw in the crowds!
I have to say, My teens love you, and I love what you do for them. You are an amazing person and artist. My 15 yr old was so upset to miss you when you came through Portland. I am hoping to get her there next time.

You give people such a positive message, keep it up!
Hehehe, little monsters. I saw Miss Gaga in Phoenix. And the living dress. The band that opened for her was awesome and hilarious. Would love to see her again in concert and if anyone gets an opportunity to go....go, man. And I absolutely just loved her Thanksgiving Special on T.V.
And she dancing in these amazing high heels. Anyone that can dance in high heels deserves two thumbs up. I can't even walk in high heels. Always end up with an expensive emergency room visit, crutches and chuckles the next day at work.
So I just stick to my flip flops. It's safer that way.
Hi Lady you certainly know how to attract attention all the best
woah! wish i was there!!!
I'm offended she called me a little monster :(
Lady Gaga is on G+? Fuck this, I'm going back to Facebook.
Coming Soon! I Will Be There...But In Mexico City, Yeip! You Make Us Proud Of You....
keep on truckin"--- u r a genius!
Wow.. If anything can make someone feel like they've made it, a picture like this is it. Impressive.
It's a Monster Mash Pit...
Thank you, your work for gay rights is finally growing fruit, our President is following your lead. I am so happy!
wow.... amazing,...its like an ocean...
itzzzzzzzzz amazing yar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Monsters you say ?
Indonesia have all kind of monsters people.
And surely, they love to eat you, Gaga.
0_o why is this on my feed?

Go away, shew shew, go on now, get!!!


Put the meat dress down... palmface
oh my GOD that does prove you have LOTS of fans Ms. Lady Gaga ...............good me.thanks
Life is good huh.............:)
I would go GaGa concert
She is a Taiwanese singer coco lee
I love lady GaGa and her songs. I like her and i lover her. I like her concert and her body figure.
lady gaga ma'am, were u on the stage 2 c those pesky li'l monsters?
HUGE NANOBUG INFESTATION . . . . . .oh they're people :)
Not a huge fan of your style of music, but I can surely appreciate what you do as a performer and musician. Obviously your fans do to, good for you!
Why do you always underestimate yourself? You're too humble for your profession +Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga I look up to you and so do those lil monsters
thats awsome u are so popular.....they all look up to u and so do I
lady gaga.....i love you!
Great Job Lady Gaga. Keep up The Beautiful Music And Have A Nice Trip Next November To Costa Rica. Your Fans Are Waiting For You.
That would be so mind blowing
this fantastic...

hey i am a big fan of u the song wich i lyk the most is poker face and born this way
i really <3 u so much
That looks ridiculous... I am not a fan of stadium style concerts at all. Those are not monsters, they're just a bunch of sheep! Seriously, binoculars wouldn't even help, what's the point? But if Lady Gaga ever plays a small venue I would love to be there!
oooh dats a lot of crowd
It was the greatest time last night!
I was so happy to be with you and
couldnt stop cry cause of happiness:)
I love you mother monster.
Yeah dis are really monsters...ohhh gaga going crazy.
crazy! congrats... you're a great inspiration to me - keep on!
This actually set a world record. "Biggest gathering to share the same poor taste in music".
Wow! That's a lot of people with no taste in music
cumhurbaskanlari bile bu kadar alani dolduramiyor
Sinoj M.V =there you are in the upper leftside corner
awesome crowd
gr8 fan following ofl ady ggaga
is tht a kinda promotional stunt? huh
i love your music Lady Gaga

Calificación general
Love ....when are u coming to Miami???
Lady gaga is a pop goddess in my book ;) love her music
in england orchard wing waiting for u to visit me i will fully unlock ur mind and heart love mad mckewbags aka michael m选择
I have no idea how you can do it.
man that alot of fucking people man.
oh my GoooooooooooooooooooD luv all little monsters
OMG!!!! So many people... congrats!!!!!
the little monster says:LOVE YOU GAGA!
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WOW I was there!!!it was amazing...THANK YOU MOTHER MONSTER!!<3
wow¡ amazing¡ i wanna see it here on bogotá colombia¡¡¡¡
GaGa <3 youu :))
GaGa sucks dick!! she's talent!!!!...FUCK YOU GAGA!!!
cool nyce job ladygaga
Yea shut the hell up +Michael Taylor! Gaga happens to be some of ours mother monster and I'm sure as f*** you wouldn't want anybody talking like that about your mother so do us little monsters a favor: respect our mother the same way you would yours moron!

PS: No, F*** YOU!! +Michael Taylor!!!!!!!!!
hi lady gaga in the bus there was granny gaga! lol
wish i was thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! love you Gaga :3
Wow!! That's awesome! You rock gaga!!
esos somos todos sus little monster que la amamos y siempre la vamos a apoyar
is your alter ego jo caldrone gonna be in the simpsons episode lisa goes gaga
U are the greatest in the world write me back!
gaga,I love u. Be pround of u
i went to that concert it was amazingggggggg!!!!!!!!!
Lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! LM's sempre fieis!
whhhhooooaaaa theres like a billlion ppl there!
Wow! that is a lot of people
u r very confident if i were u i became nervous infront of those viewers good for u Stefani <3
gaga you have so many fans in india who are starving to see your concert.
oh my god..thats full of monsters..amazing..
Nonono....i won't say i like u...
But I LOVE U...
Hope one day u will come to Malaysia too ^^
Good luck for all d following concerts ;)

1.put your hand over your mouth
2.whisper a wish into it this on 3 other comment
4.look at your hand
Oh my god..........
Huge collection people
Dani R
Way to go Gaga!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you
that would be fucking scary to me. if i was you and i had a crowd of people that big i would probably freeze up and run off stage crying. i wish i could get input from you on this
that alot of fans you are awesome lady gaga.
Lady Gaga is the Bombb!!
W00t! LAST COMMENT!! ;) :P
i love lady gaga she are 100 000 fans
abe ganga na re gaga i like gaga.....
500th comment i still can't believe that you designed that on a napkin! i try doing that, and the ink just bleeds through gaga, please check out my page
Gan Dee
Wow !!! I wanna b there.
Awesome!!! All those lil monsters wanting to see lady gaga in concert!!! Amazing
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