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It's official. After a few wigs and toners, I'm finally: A Fox Blonde
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Now...sit in the middle of their couch and dont forget to NEVER cross your legs.....LMAO!
you look awesome gaga :)
why do people regard you as Illuminati's Best
Tim Lei
You really are beautiful Gaga. I just love your songs and I always will. The one that is my fave is Judas. I just love the clothing that you wear in the video.
i love this pic of u lady gaga. :D man i wish i could dye my hair a different color but sadly my mom said "no" if i could dye my hair a different color it would be black. i have shoulder length dark brown hair do u think i should dye it black or not? tell me your a pinon plz everyone can give me your a pinon if i should dye my hair or not :D i might of spelled a pinon wrong. Sorry i cant spell sometimes
i could never pull that off i want ur hair no jkjk i like green hair.
diz is beautiful ! go gaga lol :) <3
+Storm Smith better be hatted than not known :), i think Gaga prefers the earlier :)
girl i hav freedom to express my view if u don't like my comment then keep it urself.........understandd.
yeah storm all of them r her lil monsters but im a huge one.
haters just shut up or i do it for u with pounding to ur mouth :p
If you like it thats what matters. personally i love red hair myself, but i also like anime and there are many woman in those with multiple colors you'd never think to use... i Love Milla Jovovich's hair in the fifth element and it was orange :D
Humans are always trying to be something they are not.
+ Blood Altar
wow..... that's it i want to say something but i'm not going to say
You're lovely and amazing no matter your hair colour.
Gaga you are the most beautiful! Come to Argentia, we shall eat some Asado and dance the Tango.
Come to Peru!!!! Your Little monstrers can't wait anymore ):
You are officially a million times hotter!
come to swanton this little monster is turning into a big monster
she is such a great singer and she is the best dreeser
still look like a man to me
i like it!, Tomorrow I am getting the same haircut as you have! isn't that great? ILY
Really pretty. BTW, a little Kindergartner I work with as a Substitute in an After School program says you are his girlfriend.
gaga come to equador ... i got the best acid and weed of the world .. jajajajajajaja
Maybe Bill O'Reilly will have you on now.. lol
une fausse blonde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Alot is changing lolzz but nice looks so far :) .
post a photo of yuorself withoit any wig or makeup you will look pretty i bet
Trolling all the Gaga Posts! FTW #geeksquaduk
Hello Mam,i aapreciate ur unique style of getting connected with your fans...
looking good mama!
You sir, are a sinner, and a homosexual. You deserve to burn in Hell for eternity, SINNER. HELLLLLBOUND! HELLLLLLLLLLLBOUND!
so Pretty <3 keep this look up girl
haters Fuck off plz
i love your new look gaga i love your music and i love all of your dess except for the meat one that one was gross
Really, Lady Gaga is about music? I didn't know that!
Sorry to hear your concert was cancelled in Indonesia. It appears they don't want to risk your influence on yong people dedicated to violent, intolerant islamic theocracy.
Jeez Gaga I got a billboard magazine with in it and I love the red dress you were wearing you're amazing.
you are so pretty lady gag dont care bout wat they saying bout you. cause you know were born this way.(;
Yoga can heal your body and soul.
love ur hair its better than the rest of ur wigs!
it looks nice, i never knew their was such a hairstyle/coloring like that. I wana get one!
You are the best. you are looking so beautiful
wow. it looks really cool.
two things: one, take a little down time for yourself and two, keep posting pix, they kinda fly.
omg!! i love you sooo much will you add me to your circles??? i"m going to add you too mine! love you!!
Greetings from the Wandering Knight...very nice picture!♥
You look amazing in this pic! Thats because this is the least amount of makeup I think I've seen you in. A woman has to be very confident to go out with no makeup. I appreciate those confident women.
You are an icon of beauty, faux-color or not. Be what you WANT. :)
OMG Momma Monstaa Its beautiful!!!! <3
Lady Gaga....u look beautyful and sexy in every way..xoxoxoxoxo
I <3 You Lady Gaga Your amazing!!! luv the new hair <3 xoxoxo
<3 <3 <3 u and your AWESOME hair!!!!!!!!!! :)
i love you so much cant wait till you come to CA even though you hate us but whatever
Must fell good to be in you're shoe's
At least you're not a crazy right wing zealot Fox blonde!!!!
Blond is cool but I want to see the natural color!
love it.. so pretty. ur amazing lady gaga. ur an inspiration to us all. even the haters
really you are beautiful.......................
I'm sooo excited to see you in Manila! I already have my ticket to the Ball! =) Take care and I hope you'll be healthy by the time you get here.
she always looks hot .lil monster from iran
Welcome to Taiwan, Gaga!! Enjoy the trip & see U tomo~
No, she dyed her hair.
She always had that cute look.
Looking at the picture up close. Did you use an iPhone camera? It just looks like it because of the pixels.
in france means blonde. something not so neat. a kind of slut in order so to speak.
Holaa saludos desde Veracruz Veracruz ,
Eres una chaba súper prendida te adoro
por ser ÚNICA!!!
Can somebody tell where Lady Gaga is if she's touring or not?!
god bless you and mi island puerto rico
Lol, looks good :) How are you handling those large crowds? Puking much or is that over with now :) Good luck :)
hey lady gaga how old are you and what is your real name
lol hm dat true even if u are ask to dance on stage with a candel wask i tink u will bt i love ur song and ur voice
You don't even look like gaga!.....FAKE!
Lady Gaga,
You are so inspiring to everyone! You are so outgoing! I love that you don't care what other people think!
Love ya!
I love her so much I have to meet her!!!!!
I can't help it but to stare at this picture I love it!!!
you r my idol. i love you so much,please dont ever change you inspire me and every one in the world. i love how your not afraid to be your self. I just want to say bless you and please dont ever change. ( P.S. if i acted like my self in school i would get the bullying of a life time. )
Gaga Is awesome and you're trolls.
I love me some Gaga! You do whatever you want with your hair I will still love you!
Beautiful as always mama. Thanks for giving us the strength to find out who we are
Hi can you add me please! I love your music and your crazy stiles! I want to be like you! 
Ikr I have it now.
I luv you GAGA!!!!
What is your opinion about the cancellation of your concert in Indonesia? and another one is your opinion about FPI = Indonesian community organizations who oppose you? because the current in Indonesia is very hot concert cancellation news you just because FPI = Islamic Defenders Front. you do not agree any more concerts in indobnesia.
But when the special of the simpson for lady gaga will be in Italy?
dude you are way to skinny, eat up :)
I love your hair and I love you so much ♥♥♥♥♥
Gaga, I prefer you with darker hair or colored hair, blond not so much, luv ya!
wow! that cute! ^ ^ I do not speak English very well, but a kiss from Barcelona (Spain)
Ummm..... Ur pretty but u really need to start dressing like a lady not like n alien I'm just saying gaga n maybe u might get mor fans just say 
She is unique in her own way which is why she has my support as a fan. :P
She would look hot even if she wore a shopping bag over her head :P
She is always beautiful! Mother Monster Our Lady Most Pretty <3
You are very beautiful mother monster BEAUTIFUL!!!
i am the last commenter, soooo whats my prize???
cute outfit from wht i can see.
Becky P
cool hair!!!!!!!
I must say you look old in this pics but its a good concept....Lady
u r always beautiful!
there u r more beautiful!
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