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‪#HappyBirthdayMarilyn‬ They'll never take our blonde hair and lipstick.
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sofa....lady gaga good east east( ゚口゚)✧....你们看不见我看不见我。
happy birthday to Marilyn Monroe~
Great to see you honor Marilyn Monroe!
Luv u gaga  looks like Marilyn exactly
I would LOVE to interview you on my YouTube channel through Google+ Hangouts On Air.
can u or can not c these replies?
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good-looking!!!, amazing
$#!T..|!! hey gaga.. y do u scare ppl by ua picc..~!! 
dammnnn you look cracked tha fugg outt
You are Beautiful Ga Ga
omg.......lady u luk so so so so sexyyyyy
full sense of disappointment after failing to appear in Indonesia caused controversy and disappointment felt stiuh in the litlle monsters
gaga ur beautiful,, i watch ur concert here in the phil. ,, ur so awsome and very talented
so sexy
tak tahu kenapa tapi terasa seram pulak melihatnya. sori.
so cute. i love the whole look and the way you can shapeshift so easily. warm hugs to you!
aden nu
benget siah , sia te ditarima oge di indonesia
so WULALA(⊙o⊙)
#HappyBirthdayMarilyn I love you forever!!!!! :)
you are so cool!!!!!   btw  where are you ?
LOL was justing watch your concert at the gardens
Marilyn & Gaga. You are no doubt about Venus immortal.
Your sexy concert seriously attract me.
looking refreshingly coool my bitch
Try to call my name three times to indonesia''Kang Dadang...Kang Dadang...Kang Dadang....
you must be the lates news & stir again in indonesia,. :-)
This lipsticks increases my sex.I love you.
you and damm sexy too some is aamzing and I love you
Happy b day Marilyn <3 love you mommyyyy :-*
Hey ga ga u have a very beautiful face and ur songs r really good and enjoyable. But ur style is so terrible. If u r more simple, u will be very graceful. But now, ur so sexy. That's why I don't like u.
wishing many many happy return of the day
I like your liveshow verymuch.
Brainless blondes?
Men just didn't focus on their brains.
hey monster.... From Fake fun........
でもdaisuki  aishitemasu gaga♡♡♡
take no offense to this but you are like "tofu" Marilyn. you come very close but ultimately you are still you...this was probably badly worded.
your fresh saky and hot .
gaga, em yeu chi, uoc gi chi den vietnam ( gaga, i love you, wish you fly to vietnam ^^)
úúú de lefeküdnék melléd
Get some clothes, Hi Lady Gaga, From Gert Olsson
very very very beautiful babe!!! <3 <3 <3
Jette M
oh cute <3 :-*
beautiful and charming 
Gaga Boo! you are sooo fun and cool, a real NYC girl
Lady Gaga is a stupid girl...scuze me
supper pretty, you look so awesome <3 go GaGa
really sorry .... yes brother lady gaga
hi lady gaga ur such a great singer
You would be much more is you would learn the beauty of revealing less it takes away from your talents...because it throws the balance of those talents in the far left and it takes away the harmony of gift when they are so out of sync with the others..
It is too hard and too tired to be Lady Gaga! Good luck to Gaga!
Happy birThday beaUty
Yes we will remember her she really could sing and she could act....she too off balanced it with to much of her selling herself short and paying far to much wasted time on trying to hard to act sexy and it came across as cheap....which detracted from her heart,mind and ability to reveal that she had it all and the one side robbed the other of her natural gifts...Think about Grace Kelly she never promoted what was not needed to short the presentation of what was obvious it would rob the other attributes....You have natural beauty and much talent don't off balance with to much distraction.
Dear lady gaga this ipc of you so weired
lady gaga its a beatiful girl!!!!
t( ゚口゚)✧...!!
it's so very cool natural pick like.,   woww.....
yes so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dang nabbit... That's one hot babe, hehe! Happy B-day Marilyn! ;-)
has anyone heard marilyn monroe by nicki minaj its good
i dont listen to her any more not that i use to
Ewwww she looks so disgusting 
Mary M
She's a he, ewww
wow~  :)
Mary M
Look at the face, that's what looks odd, not like Marilyn at all
haha people are so god damn stupid. gaga's a free bitch, and i love her. 
busco novio de 10 a 15 años fulo
 y con ojos celestes
looks nice, i almost thought you were marilyn monroe for real!! :p
I wonder if she still has her penis or if she got rid of her vagina or kept both lol crazy
Your candle blew out long before your legend ever did.... Happy B'day Marilyn. Thank you Gaga for creating another legend. You are one word "AWESOME" !!
you don't appreciate her awesome powers
wow laady gaga i love yor songs
happy birthday miss Monroe
every birthday of mm keeps recalling  her sexy jesture she ruled world with n for 
haha u look just like her in this pic
umm haha, you don't compare in the least. Don't even bother trying. Another grab for attention. So desperate. Always trying so hard.
i like your music,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Wow... you people are mean. Stop being so desperate for attention you need to harm others on a public site to feel good about yourself. Seriously, if you don't like Lady Gaga don't follow her on here. Not so hard.
why  would  they  take  your  hair  and  lipstick
I luv Lady Gaga, I hate how people say she's weird and a freak so I think if they hate her so much than just leave her alone,how would u feel if someone was saying hateful things about u?
I luv Lady Gaga, I hate how people say she's weird and a freak so I think if they hate her so much than just leave her alone,how would u feel if someone was saying hateful things about u?
Who, exactly, is trying to take your blonde hair and lipstick?
heh he he he...........
Your natural hair isn't even blonde. But cool 
They can't steal your soul either...Your beautiful :)
Omg u look so cute love ya Gaga <3
Keep on doing what you do best, being you 'cause we love you for it. From me and tons of fans here in Africa Namibia.
Happy Birthday! Her innocence, her beauty, her sensuality & that voice will be remembered for Generations. 
Hahaha it's so funny all the people who wants to say horrible things and they bother to have her in their circles and comment something, they're secretly in love with you Gaga XD
lady gaga i dident add u k so get outa ere
happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jdi gk nich konzer d indonesia????
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday mrs. superstar! Happy birthday to you! :D
+Sara Vanderpump being totally naked is "extremely classy" these days?  What has this world come to?  GOD FORGIVE THEM! PLEASE!!!
Steve K
Now, if she only had talent and dressed half decently!! 

What is her purpose from posting that photo?
such a pretty pic:) i feel like your best picture is when you had long blonde hair and half of it was up ina bow! so cute<3 
Why are all you tired people attacking her? Fuck off!! She's a person with feelings. If you don't like her don't write on the wall!! It's simple. Treat people the way you want to be treated. The Woman is honoring some one, some one that very few knew was her birthday, honoring a day of birth a life that is now lost. So back up! Chill! Let's honor what she posted. Thank you Lady GaGa
+Tonia Addison-Hall you can block her you know, welcome to the social networks where you don't have to read something you don't want to, even you could silence the comments, but many people decide to say rude things instead
My granddaughter adores lady gaga , I loved Marilyn xx 
Always remember... "Well-behaved women seldom make history"  ...and keep being your awesome self!!!
Everyone gets all hyped up on theses things. Do ya really think that this is the REAL Lady Gaga? Please..
Gaga any chance of seeing u in sought Africa Johannesburg . Little and big monsters await
Wow, it's really sad how vicious some of you are.
It really speaks to your character that instead of doing anything useful with yourselves, you would rather sit around online and make snide commends you strangers you wish you could be like.....
..............she's not even a natural blonde.... -__-
umm wtf do you think you look like dear lady???
you're so UGLY! But i LOVE your music =D
wow you look sooo stunning. I wish I could pull that off.
Who's trying to take your blonde hair and your lipstick +Lady Gaga , who? i hope you're not talking about me.
You look lovely Mother Monster! #MotherMonster  
Net uit bed of is er iemand geweest hard gewerkt
500th comment!! marilyn monroe, had a movie out recently... lady gaga, why didn't you try out for that you look just like her! :)
r.i.p in peace marilyn youll be always remembered
you look like Marilyn Monroe like she never died
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