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With my buddy Jonas. Being weird for money.
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So you're a prostitute now? Well, you already had the look, so I guess that isn't shooting too far.
her face looked like she been pounded hard by liqor lol
Have a nice day, Gaga! Buona giornata! 
why do you where all those ugly ass cloths?? it makes you look like a bitch!!
for once she isn't wearing ugly @$$ clothes!!! L0L
I'm weird 24/7 and I've not a penny for my troubles.
Maybe if I had more time....
hello from indonesia, regrettably your conser in jakarta was canceled.
U know now that I see u like out of those loud a$$ close ur very petty
is it from the jonas brothers ??????????????
I wanna be famous please 
You have been working very hard. Have fun!
hello lady gaga
i like you....
i am from indo
What do you want to post what
oh yeah, if you must know from where .....
I am interested very much(^_^)
the photo quality is not the best however you look good enough to spaghetti.....larry
Gaga that's a great picture you look so beautiful and happy. It's always great to hang with friends, glad you make time to enjoy the little things with your busy schedule.
lady gaga is most fashionabil lady.
fabulous,hot and amazing~
Get ready, we're going to make an exciting announcement soon #JSF2012
Ilove you lady gaga! 
We luv U...U Gaga. When will u visit my country Nigeria?
U both look gagarious.
Hey Ms. Amazing Lady,

Can I send you a copy of my book, The Road Back To Me?

When I was 12 y/o I put a gun to my head because I was bullied to the point of psychological torture...

I wrote my book for the all the underdogs out there-who were denied, in more ways than one--the right to be who they were born to be-

I am a 47  y/o self esteem coach--and author--as well as a single mother of three--and I applaud the being you are...


Lisa A. Romano (NYC born and raised)
jp sy
good love
well here u defently look decent and nice ;)
+larry john page are you the photography art critic...what evidence do you have to back up your statement?
Coming from someone who thinks he's tough by looking like a half-retarded cowboy, I sincerely and genuinely couldn't care less what you think, +Fabian Todd. Or should I call you Fabio?
+David Greene  c'mon _fag_  send your tough ass spam with the force of a computer geek on a keyboard I envy you pfffft yeah right
seeing mother monster in centric dress is a shock...proper shock
Oh I see trying 2 come up on some money........ But u can use that 4 some hills or use it 4 SHOPPING <3 yah TTYL;)
Ohayo~ ^_^
Thank you for update
I want see you. Always I’m sorry in the sme English sentence.
Aishitemasu Gaga ♡♡♡ 
why put a crappy photo for anyone to comment on....larry
what weirdo ever earned money when the person calling could mean something else,earning money is being halfway there with the street....larry
You actually look pretty there 
@stevan ..... and you're hardly looking the picture of health yourself ..... duuur! friends r probably weirder....
lol nice job being weird..... you got it!
 iğğğ gibi
how fun lady gaga i love  your music  and i think you are awesome
rarest gaga pic
u luk so cute gaga luv u
loving the bow and pearls gaga, plus it wouldn't right without the the wingtip eye makeup
my brother said that you are pretty whit out the make up
thats cool how where you doing on your shows and when are you coming to flordia and that is cool that you are earning money and also WHAT MONEY hahahahah
WEIRD or NOT,,,,,,MONEY is all that matters hehe :)
Lady am poor in S.A please hook me up i need clothes the most. am male wearing size 30trouzer medium Tshirt. Please my e-mail is
Gaga,admit it we all know whats coming next!!
you cant hide from me ever wonder woman, i sense your presence so you are only lieing to yourself if you think im that naive you can just keep pulling the wool over my eyes.... love doesn't lie!
i just wanna cuddle n talk to you and now your making this caped crusader feel like a stalker >:(
wonder ful
Live laugh love. Enjoy every precious moment, they fly by!!
Its all ways good to have friends.. I can't live with out mine
Vorrei avere un po' di soldi che hai tu!
Lady Gaga, I read in the news that u are BFFs w Lindsey Lohan. If that is true I'm glad because maybe you will be a good influence on her and show her she can have fun without being self distructive. She needs to realize how many of us out there love her n support her. You appreciate what u have, she needs to as well. Take care and YOLO!
Lohan is a hot mess, but I still find her attractive....
Ohayo~ ^_^
Thank you for precedent sale.
Aishitemasu Gaga☆
This doesn't even scratch the surface but... I thought i'd share some insight!!

Have you ever wondered about the science behind resonation in responce to music and it's true magic?
Do you want to know the sacred geometry behind what gives you goose bumps? do you even care? ;-] you are perfect the way you are if you do or don't... 

you are gorgeous so know that!! 

Can you believe that people can feel happy, and artist INTENTIONALLY hone in on what word magic they have most naturally built in ALL genres encompassing pop music BECAUSE the numerology and sacred geometry and mathematical formula's that are in pop music? 

In my attempts in my sell out past life to write the perfect song with a couple of Grammy award nominees in Los Angles, I had witnessed the mechanical yet counter-intuitively sacred process of writing amazing powerful songs! 
How counter intuitive and illusive is that all seeming ?! 
turn it into healing...

there had to be specific numbers of syllables in all song structures all elements of instrumentation , action, and melody and harmonies. 

hehehe there is a deeper science? will that matter to you? will it not its okay if it does or doesn't we are seeing newer passions and insight everyday, its all for the greater good so nurture that! 
We are always unfolding into infinate potential... 
CELEBRATE and allow others to celebrate with you!... 

all i know is i love this stuff and im trying to use it to become a better person... we are all going to truly look back and laugh!

Songs are broken down into categories. some of them include and many are exclusive to useing sexual magic to adulterated and contaminate wholseomeness:

~super cheesy songs that sell for the mere Cheese and viral ability of perfect mathematical formulae
~Songs of hope and inspiration salvation/ praise to the divine 
~songs about the empowered struggle / hope / love 
~Low frequency songs that people consider as noise achieve and facilitate inspiration in good and bad.. it's up to the persons ability to understand the and all the message.. 

~ songs of victimization and trauma CAN rarely but it does happen.. inspiring toward the light if you have lived in the dark but taht is 3rd density karma un weaving or weaving.. its up to you! ..

make a desire to see the good vibes all around you and the lesson in lower ones.. or don't.. your destiny right?! ABSOLUTELY let them go completely once you are ready.. the time will come!

Generally these are not good, and most of the time will not achieve any positive results unless you are the performer. the vibration from singing and chanting actually released the ANTIDONTE amino acid / hormone / chemical brain signal...

Response in response to vocal vibration Physiology offers insight on HOW breathing techniques help achieving healing.. to make it short and sweet : your body is in either "go go go" mode sympathetic nervous system and the para sympathetic nervous system is where you regenerate your energy sleeping and nutrition and recuperation that comes from late phases in REM sleep brainwaves... Any energy blockages I am gathering with light work and getting in-touch with reiki, yoga, crystals, light work, path work, working out, and excersising the spiritual mind and heart, singing dancing .. it all goes to the same place in one way or another.. .. and how it correlates to physical reactions and if you care enough to challenge the beliefs behind them is our destiny.. 
Why do you look like your unhappy gaga cuase you looked happy in all the other country and state's, now that your back in America you look unhappy now and might wanna know why gaga and what's with the middle finger gaga.
awesome. gaga youre so pretty!! keep it up mother monster!!
motheer monster? oww! gross !! inappropriate! try praise the LORD JESUS and you'll find true happiness ! well' im just sayin'..
Lady Gaga is the best of world singer i love all of her songs so she's lux nice girls, good luck for you ......cheerse
Lady Gaga i love you
yuo have very nice songs and nice voice
My big sister saw u and loved u unfortuatly i couldnt come:(
If I were to be weird for money I'd be the richest person on this planet.
lady gaga you music rocks i wish i was a star
I'm going to see you at the State of France:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Lilo D
love you lady gaga!
you look perfecte!!! and we love you...
did you know i loved the music video for alot of your songs i'll tell you paparazzi , judas , telephone , bad romance so does my mom and big sister.
i love you soo much i really want to see u in concert you r soo PRETTY!!!
I just started with Google + today.. so happy to find you here.. I love you so Much Gaga can't wait to see you in Paris!! 
What ritual are you planning for your next outing?
I just want to say, that Lady GaGa is a very beautiful person, she is an inspiration to me and my friends! She taught me that I should love myself for who I am, that God made me this way, and I should be proud! Thanks Gaga for being a wondeful rolemodel!
Mais bonita do que já é, você define a perfeição! Sorriso perfeito.
i am so proud of you.
u r so amazingly awesomely beautiful <3
bo isso eu quese cai da cadeira de sustu
U STOLE MY WOMAN ... Lol jkjk ;)
yo laddy gaga i no haw to anoy u i poke ur face xx lol
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