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There is nothing Holy about hatred.
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啊、、、好近~~~嗨~~gaga姐 ~~~
Indeed. BY all means have an opinion but it should be one that maintains the infrastructure of love, support and understanding. If you disagree with a lifestyle or act, then challenge but do so rationally and constructively.
Respect and love!
in fact i don't understand....
lady I like you I love you
And I thought the very definition of "Holy," meant hatred. I'm so confused.
and i think so.
xiao yu
mother monster,,,

little monsters indonesia.. miss u so much :)
love you~gaga~good night~
"Hater, you completed me!" :)
wew kalo indinesia indinesia aja coyy ngk usa make bahasa ingris segala
Sacred love has been adopted by so many different interests and bent and twisted for their own benefit that they wouldn't know it if they encountered the genuine article. Does anyone know if they have experienced the real thing? Just asking...
Why would you ever hate anything or anyone?
Don't worry. gaga are my fav swear eternal loyalty.
my faoverite is CHRISTINA GRIMMIE!!!!!
who thinks or likes Christina grimmie like my post if u do
Hi lady Gaga acept me please im a big fan ;)
hey you are so awesome and petty it would mean the world to me if you accept as friend :)
Well, I specially went to the dictionary to come back ~ ~ I like you very much~ ~ ~ ( is this passage translation machine translation so there is a syntax error. ~ ~ ~ ~ excuse
You are so right! Hatred is not from God! Love thy neighbor as you love yourself and as God loves you.
Speak the truth!!!
i pray that what you want ................... you can accomplish
ขอบคุณค่ะ ที่มาเยี่ยมประเทศไทย
raraaroma romaa gaga olala whatch out for romance
Wow thank you captain obvious your such a profound dumb skank and your followers are retards
Everyone F**ck off think how she feels just keep ur own opinions to yourself if there not going to be nice
No! hatred is mentioned in the bible a couple times!
Hey Lady Gaga, I was hoping one of these days you would be willing to check out a song I wrote i dunno much about this electro-sociality stuff cuz I just recently started taking time to do perhaps you can check it out on my profile since I dont know how to post it on this comment
then you don't know what "holy" is.
PLEASE tell this to the islamists who discriminate,torture and kill GLBTQ folks, and women.....

SO can we hate our haters and oppressors?????
i think is not a bout religion, is a bout rule, country rule, so can us lives in peacefully
i so agree there is not >.> some people just dont get that
it is
some people just think that hatred can be something others can use and they think it wont AFFECT anyone they think they can be friends with them the next day after they like slap them in the back
some people are just crazy......
there is much problem that we must give attention now, better than talk about "gaga", we still have brother that doesnt have anything to eat for now and next
a true and thoughtful statement like this can only be stated my the truthful and the philosphical
Bollocks, I hate murder, I hate torture, I hate greed. It's good to hate bad things!
so do me one favor ALLL OF U if u think u hate someone, plz, truely tink about what u say and do, cuz one word could screw up, idk, a marrige if u love that person, try and think be for ANYTHING u do hurts the person that u love...JUST THINK PEEPS!
look at my profil itll tell u, but i lives in Virginia :)
sad town i swear
i agree and im a BIG no not that HUGE not even tht...well im such a fan for which adjectives havent been made ;) LOVE YOU <3 gaga
Ruhi N.
absolutely true
tell that To God, who Flooded the Earth in the Days of the God's, we learn the knowledge of Good and you are Wiser than the Bible?will you be so strong in the face of Real MonsterS, or you think you are the strongest one?
God Hates The Behavior of Mankind..a pure sign that we are indeed Free Will Living Creations.
you are going to say God is not Right and Holy?
Totally. Love and peace always. See you in sinGAGApore! 
if that is the image you want to look like and everyone else around careful, might get kids aint never gonna look like you stupid motherfuckers. You don't scare anyone.
Huh, that's weird. I thought all religion was based on hatred? Strange...
you can debate that a wall does or does not exist until Truth Arrives..when you run into it, you will know it is there.
I hate my ugly behavior, why can you not look into yourself and see anything wrong with what you do? You are the one perfect soul on earth who does not need to repent?
havin to surf this wave of shit called LiFe.
i agree with gaga there is DEFINITELY nothing holy about hatred
you should become a Pastor then.
Never tolerate intolerance.
Always hate hatred.
Only pre-judge the predjudiced
gaga ~~~~ Do you like mayday ???
Gaga, it is someone like you that keeps people like me (kids who feel like there is no future) strong and fighting and full of hope. You inspire me everyday and I admire you very much. Keep sending dreams and ambitions my way, Mother Monster.
cherry cherry boom boom ga ga
Insecured haters,,,stupid people..
haters are not happy people ,feel sorry for them.
How right you are right you are!!
Genius! Gaga, are you sure you aren't a philosopher?
Haters are jealous people my Lady
Sooooooo Awesome!!!!
Hatred keeps this country from moving forward. Thank you Lady Gaga!
@ Nathan comerchero

whuts wrong with u there are kids on here.

so do u
Grammar, a thing of the past. So sad.
Isn't that unofficial dogma of just about every institutionalized religion?
gaga givng concerts in those islamic ruled countries what did she ecept? Right this
Proverbs 10:12
Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.
That is sooo true!!! Can't say noo to that statement.... By the way love your spngs<3
um... ok....... keep telling yourself that.....
there aint nuffin holy about hatred dat is so true innit?
no offence to her but she looks creepy in that pic
And nothing positive that comes out of hatred.
I am a fan of Lady Gaga from watching her perform onstage, which I saw snippets of on YouTube and then the Oprah interview. 
You are the greatest singer~Come on!
Anytime you have to say "no offense" along with your comment the best course of action is to NOT SAY IT at all. +lorra sanders

truer words have yet to be spoken. thank you.
r u the real lady gaga or fake
hey good tv show tittle
That's right Gaga! there's nothin' holy about hatred!
Holy Resistance to complete ignorance
Wow... Very meaningful confucius.
Without hate, there would be no love.
There is nothing hateful about Holiness.
Someone kill me and then make me Lady Gaga!!!!
ewww lady gaga!! talk about WORST SINGER EVER!!!!
I love you gaga love you soo much you changed my life now i can be who i really am thank you so muchhh now i understand that
Gaga I turn 40 this November and YOU inspire ME! Two nights ago I sat on my bed with my 14 yr old niece and we watched The Monster Ball Tour and WE were the lil monsters. Dancing, singing and having the BEST time. Tragedy recently hit our family, again, but for those few hours we escaped with Lady Gaga and had our paws in the air. Thank you-you are more awesome then you will ever realize!! ♥ Gaga!!
Lady gag life is short. Too short to hate. The torment that you will experience will be as extreme as the temporary pleasure you experience now. Live it up
Hatred is negative and I prefer to bury it in a hole and cover it up for eternity. ♥
To hate sure is a waste of time! People with that approach in life I feel sorry for, it must be hard walking around with that giant chip on your shoulder.
so true, even though i'm not religious. hate is horrible, and all the haters, why do u waste ur time bashing gaga's posts when u could be living ur pathetic lives? oh, wait! ur lives are too pathetic! move on and shut up! like who u want and dislike whoever but don't be mean to my goddess!!!!well, i guess gagaism is a religion, so i am religious!
Y do people hate its just wrong in many ways hatred is a big thing it hurts people and it takes peoples life y is there hatred y cant people just accept eachother 
uh, some people dont even know this, but, peopel that are gay, lesbian, and transgender, they all get beat up and called fag and what not, calling someone gay and not knowing its meaning is just as bad as killing someone ur sending them to there death bed, calling a gay guy or a lessbian girl fag is horrible, dont do it, ur just ending a life, so in ways, things need to change, i think we need to figure out how to fix this, cuz this is crazy, how many people die a day from someone calling them fag or gay is about 300 its pretty big if u think about it
its one in every 10 people, ONE IN EVERY 10 PEOPL are gay/lesbian so be careful what u say, hopefully u wont start a war of deaths and untold horrors :-/ cuz its not fun, i should know how being bullied is, and its not fun, so dont do things ull regrete, and think about what gay, and fag mean to people befor u say it, because u can literaly kill someone with that, ur lighting a fire that u wont be abill to easyly put out.
btw, gaga i love you so, ur outfits are to die for and i wish i could work for u so badly ITD BE AMAZING AND MY DREAM!
I hope that all of these religious zealots (like the kind that kill abortion doctors) get to the Pearly Gates (or whatever the equivalent is in their religion), thinking they have a VIP pass, are told "Sorry, but we can't let you in. Do you have any idea what it will do to recruitment efforts if people find out that Heaven means spending eternity with an asshole like you?"
u look creepy in that picture
I should start saying that at my school... Thanks Gaga!!!
#NY whats #up people you #rule #your the #best
Your so coooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll . you inspire me so much. I love Maria Aragon and you how u sang toghther .. awesome preformance
bitch !
tell that to your fans, they are the Haters and the ones that bully everyone that doesn't like you !!!
Preach with the example !
yes hatred just sucks just enjoy life as it is
I absoloutely agree with you.... just try to live your life with all your happiness :)
jgn bgt jgn sensitif aku jua mau liat lady gaga ke indonesia,,, wis bend....
+Faisal Adraie aku setuju walaupun aku muslim, mnurutku orang-orang extrimist itu orang paling kasihan karena nggak bisa membedakan seni -_-
sometimes i wanna cry,, but when i remember all the good
Do you jst lik wat you do or do u do it jst to be famous nd let go of the hate from bein thrown in the trash can.
This post is so bad I have to make up a word for it. Let's see... turd + terrible + vomit + shit + awkward = turdiblomitshward. That's what it is. Turdiblomitshward.
It's their loss. At least she knows she ALWAYS has a home here in America (as well as a lot of other countries).
please mom tweet me on twitter :@itsMariaMonster it means a world for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <333333
i love you please put me on your circles
Hi Lady GaGa!!!I want to ask you,you came,with its Born this way tour to the Czech Republic!You have also a lot of fans don't forget here on our little monsters!!!pleaseeee :)
Try this sort of schedule!!!!!!!!!!
I strongly agree with that. That doesn't seem to matter when you try to tell that to right wingers. It's like talking to a brick wall.
+Damon Brown, she's talking about having to cancel her show in Indonesia due to Islamist threats.
Werd! Can't they just enjoy music?! O_o
To me, It's her who spreads a good message, not a bad one. Love you, Lady Gaga! <3
Hate is rejecting what we cannot face in ourselves, it is based on fear.
I feel sorry for those who waste their energy on hate. It must be so exhausting. And you are right, hate is not holy, it's actually a sin.
I agree. These uneducated ultra conservatives need to come out of the Dark Ages and into the Light of a new Century of Love & Peace.
stop the hard head on lady gaga what if it were u
I would if it wouldn't be breaking against the law to whack the hard head on lady gaga in the head with a baseball bat
That's why real religious people have nothing to do with hate.
IT"s truee.. I'm not religious and i still believe it;D
Anyone who uses God or religion as a cover for hatred is missing the meaning of their supposed faith.
Haters are the thing that need to be gone on this planet !!!
People who hate can be considered murders i mean if u start hating a person then u might start talking all bad to them and they can feel real bad that they take there life away y r there haters in this world we need to start accepting each other if we did then there will b less haters in the world and more peace but there would always b hater we need to try to stop those haters ask them y they hate da person and they will prob say something stupid like just cause so if we point that out to them then they will see that they really dont hate them and there is one less hater so dont hate hate is not cool
True I have bunch of haters at my school but Im not a hater Im a person
What's up with the stupid sofa joke?!
NOT LAst comment anymore! hahaha <3 <3
now i have the last comment
nope i am last 500 i love you gaga form a little monster a very little one
please check out my series Staircase of Recording. It would mean everything to me if it was from LADY GAGA. btw please +1 it and comment it. it would be my DREAM.
I love you Lady Gaga . .
                               (_)  that was a smiley face haha
500th comment.... even though i dont really care haha but oh well. Dont be a hater
hi mother moster when you have tour in new orleans beause i am bigges fun of you please comment if you got this love you my mother moster becuase i am born this way!!!!!!
please do a show in minnesota please ???? :)
Get u life u does be doin all kinda demonic crap simmer down and find god because the devil aint gon save u in the end
Hi do you want to be my best friend
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