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Photo from THE BORN THIS WAY BALL Tokyo. 'Americano' by Terry Richardson.
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hahahaaa... tinggal di sindik.. langsung bakar....
Looking fwd to having your show in Shanghai one day!!!!!
Meat dress has returned! <3
hahaa.. ga mungkin..
kn dya wanita hebat..
pake minyak kayu putih biar gk bau... hehehe....
You know your awesome when you make meat look sexy, multiple times!
Scary. Very original but definitely scary and creepy.
keereeen dong...
masa keeeeyen siih..
keselip yah lidahnya..
ライブ行きたかったな♪( ´θ`)ノ
o9580008027 call me any event
y ss
nice outfit, Gaga! I can't wait to go to your show in Ireland cuz it'll be 3 days after my birthday!
nije valjda to pravo meso sad kad ljudi gladuju
jangan sampai aku ikut-ikutan
I think Lady Gaga is brilliant to incorporate her public image controversy with the concept of her tour performances
Apik lahhhh,tinggal di rebus,,,
Tinggal di bikin rica rica hahaha
This is a good meat, could give me a bit?....jejejejeje
Jo eL
Asef B
shes crazy @_@
masasihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh daging sapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
NEXT STOP: Philippines. :) SEE YOU SOON, GAGA.
Every appearance on stage for sure give suprises,and not sature every appearance
Why cant you just get hit by a bus or meteor or some heavy devastating thing.
And have shitty taste in satanic music.
kebetulan ue mau nyate..HASEKKKKK jd nyate ue...........hehehehehehehe
wah,klo ini enakn sate mentahnya ya....hahahaha
well u wont have to worry about wat ur gonna eat after the show. u cn jus throw ya dress on the grill. haha. its cool.
Eu não digo carne para talho ....somos todos mas alguns podem ser mostrados kkkkkkk
daging hewan abis lama lama bisa pake dagingg o
Dear Lady GaGa , I hope you have good & healthy life.
But i think may be You do not have enough time (i hear this form morning till now).
So have Fun & join your life.
coming from work and I'm hungry... :P
Class pic Lady GaGa/ my mother monster I love you dearly but you don't know that plz follow me on twitter @caitlinc7 I am the no1 little monster I will be at your concert in Ireland I got tickets for my birthday and I can't wait I dream and think about you every night and day you inspire me to live you are my role model and my idol and I love how you are so passionate about NYC <3 and playing the piano don't forget about your music and life alone <3 love you
bergaya boleh saja asalkan jangan kelewat batas karna pengertiannya akan lain walaupun dengan 1001 gaya yang sudah kita lakukan.
<3take care of ur self girl boos boos<3
hey and who the fuck was the lady gagaalassssssssssssssssssssssssss from last fm, because molest my neighbourghoodÇÇRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrgk
fika an
i went to THE BORN THIS WAY TOKYO, and it was the best performance ever!
I wish I was there to see this!!! I love you Lady Gaga❤❤❤❤❤❤!!!
Feel like shitt!
buuussseeeettt .....
tu lady gaga lagi konser apa lagi jualan daging tuuhh ??
very disgusting but spactacular dress gaga overall GOOD JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB
I don´t understand people who think that this is "real meat"
oh my god is that what i think it is? nasty! ewwww
That is meat, and she's wearing it too. It's Lady GaGa, what do you expect??
come on Lady GaGa enough with the meat stuff..Still love you!
wow! I love your message~!!
What is with u dressing up as meat?! Weirdo. 
l dont feel like to eat meat anymore
these re-crazy but I'm your fan number 1 I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA...
lady gaga is the best
i love your style because your unique and weird but then again thats kiknda akward
This is how you define yourself. You are definitely unique in your own way. People may find it awkward, but to the little monsters like me, it's your enviroment, your world.
you are a very amazing woman u give hope and love to your fans and everyone !!! your little monsters love you and your voice so much
sorry for my bad english xoxo
oh my god, lady gaga, you are very good, but you don't have...normal clothes?xD
i have seen another meat suit yesterday lol xxx
French words in the songs of Lady Gaga
Bad Romance: j veux ton amour et je veux ta revanche
Bloody mary: J veux pas mourir toute seule
Love Gaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Les français vous aiment
I wonder what it's like in her world.....
Hi Stephany...Why did you break with your boyfriend?
wow! That is so cool. And by the way "Domenico " You shouldn't ask Mrs.Gaga That I'm sure she rather not have the whole world know. And thats really personal. Any way Mrs Gaga U look amazing and may I just say you have been my row model since Just Dance! <3
is that like real meat?! Or is it not... my BFF is vegetarian so yeah
+Fiona Ashley no offense but my role model is ADELE. she is awwwwwsome no offense lady gaga... Lol but I like the way Adele sings. She isn't inapropriot either . 
Lady GaGa your awsome I love you. The song Born This Way is true. Don't ever hate yourself or regret being alive. I love you!
so funny meat dress maybe put it on a grill good and gross
cool dress :P its really pretty if i was in tokyo i would go to your concert

Btw is that a meat dress and are u dancing around meat?!


weird but cool at the same time. I am thinking that is a meat dress??
Hi cool dress but RANDOM please why r you so RANDOM!!???
that was an epic performance <3
why is this this man obsessed with meat? i don't get him?
i do to but my mom doesn't let me listen to her.
Is she standing next to pretend dead fish?
i know theres a point to everything lady gaga does on stage. i alomost always fail to see it
are those REAL dead tortured animals hanging? and is that real meat on your dress? cuz if it is im kinda upset........animal abuse is wrong.....
Kassy G
+Karen Martinez you can tell that the carcass are fake and plastic... the dress idk its Lady Gaga
Wow, Lady GaGa repeating herslelf? Are you having creative problems? Instead you should of been hanging on a hook like a side of beef with the other meat. THAT would of been awesome looking and different unlike another meat dress. It would of made quite a statement too. Next time how about a dress made of afterbirth? You are very talented which is why I was interested in you in the first place but now I feel like yawning.
love the music but the raw meat look just doesnt quite do it for me
i <3 lady gaga!i went to 2 of her concerts!they were AWESOME!im glad i had the experience!hehe!
あ、これってDamien Hirstのインスタレーション作品を彷彿とさせますね!!
Wow! When are you doing your next concert at NYC?? Can't wait!!
This is so amazing but i loved more the other meat dress! :)
The Born This Way Ball Tour #Korea #HongKong #Tokyo sold out and coming soon #MexicoCity
so beautifullllll..., i love you, Lady gaga. always successful.
cant wait for you to come to the west coast
what??? so amazing your perform, i like it.
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of coarse,that guy take the most disturbing sick pictures
GAGA you nice!!
I'm happy watch you~
nice dress i heard that the concert was a great fun
So your just another piece of meat. Cattle.
A craze, I think............whatever gets attention! Ewwwwwww Wrong move girlfriend!
thats a lot of meat and 
last comment!!!! 
Animal flesh dresses... So hawt... And delicious.
i love it ! YA ! I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA !!!!!!!
I love Gaga music & I very very very very love Gaga creative 
Perfect spot for that Huris, Gaga!  Leave her there till the buzzards arrive.
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