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so sweet, cried the whole way through, this its what is all about love peace acceptance joy. thank you
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awww gaga ur such a inspiration! love u 
love ur song born this way it really shows me that i can be whoever I want to be! and that i dont have to be someone im not!!!
awww your so lucky to have all these fans who care about you!
Hey all we need is for someone to believe in us an you gave that to us Mother Monster. So in return we thank you!!
i hope u read the book!! she really hopes u like it she told me
you definitely inspire people to be who they are with out being affraid of what other people think or say. Thats the problem today every one passes judgement on what they see not what they know. So what we all have a story to tell. No one is better then the other, but we are unique in our own way. If we were all the same the world would be boring. Every one is a shining star in there own way. Go Gaga!
Thats truly beautiful..thats what love looks like. :)
Your art got my head out of a bad place and helped make me the best me I could be.
aawww. thts sweet. she rly inspired them.
too bad carly rae jepsen call me maybe beat born this way....
thats amazing because i stutter and i always think to myself i was born this way and nobody can change me no matter what thanks for this video
oh my gosh that was so sweet... :)
"interesting" how things are connected
"!your still my number one doll!"it's are secret Gaga!"
^..^ ^..^
Al Ware
Lady Gaga, yuour rock!
Gaga UR AMAZING. You're the reason of my strength
I LOVE U GAGA!!!! is it true beyonces baby is named blue ivy?
we love our mama monster 
This is why I love Gaga; inside she is a real human!
this is a great push toward what this world needs.................peace and compassion.
we all love you gaga. never forget that.
Excuse me for my language but holy crap that was amazing!!! Gaga, everything you've done with your life and who you are, millions like myself look up to that. Thank you for showing me the light in a very dark tunnel I had to deal with. I owe all my most honorable gratitude towards you. You are the reason the world is such a better place for people like myself to live in. Thank you and I love you :) 😊
Gaga, your amazing! Little Monster or not, you have made an impact in all of our lives. I love you and I always will :)
it's very sweet, I wish I was in that video too. You mean alot to me you made me realize that I am perfect the way I am and that I shouldn't care about what anyone says about me :')
he waz up there??? all good sister?
lucky s.o.b
i shouted to lady gaga on live television and i didn't get squat! :)
wow so much inspiration for all the world...
this is so beautyfull i wish talk english to share all my fellings for my mommy monster. muaaah love u <3 PAWS UP
wow! it's amazing- describes so many feelings of all the little monsters around the world's support and for that i put two paws up!
There are so many young people in our world that feel lost and alone because they do not fit into what our society feels is normal. I was one of those young adults many years ago. Bullied through out my entire childhood and teen age life. I became tough, cold and closed off to the world for the longest time. It is amazing how you have such a great understanding of this and really give all of these wonderful young people inspiration and strength to be who they are and be proud! Thank you for sharing your gift to help others. Sincerely, Kimberly
BTW.. I have a son that was "Born this Way" and I knew from the time he was birth he would be and is an amazing, caring, wonderful and talented person.
She represents the reality that we all are capable to realize our most precious wishes/goals. No matter of our identities.
Wow, this video is just... wow. It makes me happy to see how much one person can really make a difference. 
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