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watched crime documentary last night: woman caught killing rich husband because she used her "reward" card at grocery to buy blood remover. I WANT TO BE HER. you'd think she had more problems than saving 50 cents and driving away in his white LEXUS.
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What is this "blood remover" and where do I get some?
Better be you honey , stay as you are !

Dont you dare to change :))))
yes you right .. everyone want peace ..
+Lady Gaga I've been three times in the Monster Ball, now I'm gonna go as much as I can to the Born this way ball. You're such an inspiration. Love you...
I didn't know they sold "blood remover"
So jen you want The Free World to be vaporized?
who's your husband, tell me , Lady Gaga !
A Killer is to be understood by perspective only
But Again Check The documentaries just fresh in ...
WHat s about a New Video Clip with this accting
Generally speaking, it takes all kinds to make a world, so I am not surprised by anything :*
mmmm Lady is their a different side to you we do not know about ..
Everyone can be only Himself

You were thougt otherwise?
Allright jen thats probably a Term debatte
Sweet dreams
u really want that?!!! y r u try to be another person when every one wants to be u?!! be urself mommy it`s better for u<3
That is so true. That's what she gets for being cheap! She's probably a bad tipper too. Rock on Mother Monster.
because it is a crime to spend more than you should ... two is a day he would appear too much... some kill thousands without leaving their couch...and her problem which go on vacation...
This destination,Why do you some miracles.Aladdin's lamp,i do not have?
I saw that one, and she moved his body in a moving truck to make it appear like he was moving out. I would say she was probably a brat as a child and was greedy which taught her to fight or kill for materialistic things.
that's so creepy. i definitely gonna have a dream where i am that lady.
Haha, she kills him but ain't no way he's leaving a stain on the carpet!! Brilliant.
lexus 45,000 dollars; blood remover 15 dollars; killing your husband and getting a documentary made about you, priceless.
Listen guys I don't think we should be rude on the internet
What the hell is "blood remover"??
hey there have been much weirder reasons for people getting caught for stupid crimes and in stupid ways. That's nothing.
A non-rich woman kill a rich husband that has another wife with some beautiful children that's a shame to all the children around the world.
WTF u want to be her you cray cray girl but i think your pretty cool!!!
Sirencly Little just 10 years monster:)
P>S> one milione like this
we r u sure i dont no offence
hello I'm laura and I'm your fan number 1 lady gaga
im never going 2 b her fan yuckkk!
she is a bad influence to little kids
┏┓╋┏┓╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋┏┓ ┃┃╋┃┃╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋╋┃┃ ┃┃┏┫┃┏┳━━┓┏━━┓┃┗━┳━━┳━━┳━━┓ ┃┃┣┫┗┛┫┃━┫┃┏┓┃┃┏┓┃┏┓┃━━┫━━┫ ┃┗┫┃┏┓┫┃━┫┃┏┓┃┃┗┛┃┗┛┣━━┣━━┃ ┗━┻┻┛┗┻━━┛┗┛┗┛┗━━┻━━┻━━┻━━┛
crazy people, they think they dont have anything but they do sad isn't it?
omg lady gaga you are my romodel i love you and your songs
hahahaha that is sssooo funny jkjkjkjkjk
Hate to think you are stupid. Your statement here is just that, though, stupid. I would maybe still plant a parasite in you.
For those extra stubborn stains I guess
I like it when +Lady Gaga post something. I just like reading all the wild & crazy comments people make!
not quite sure how to respond to that
1.cover your mouth with your hand
2.whisper a wish into your hand this on 3 other comments
4.look at your hand
buuuuuuuuu lady gaga fai delle canzoni orribili
id wanna be her! totally agree with you.
lol thats fuct up eh!!! kittycat 2 funny girl.......... ;-)
tlk bout a rich git away home free yee HAW
that does seem like a scary crime documentary you were watching gaga, um gaga have you ever hurd of the rocky horror picture show movie becuase you might like it anyway, it also has a man dressed up as a woman in the movie too.
Hay Gaga. I Know that you will read this :3 Soon or now! Im a really big Fan of you and your Music i think :) Your is a Part of me that makes me Alive! Can you Please ADD ME, with your real Account? Because i have a really big problem :( And i want to talk with you over that :/ Also Gaga please ADD ME ;') And i will never Share your Profile with Friends! FACEBOOK: Jamie Gagaa
you know what i would do gaga, i would relax and don't do it, thats the name of the song from frankie goes to hollywood if you reconize that song.
hi gaga can u spare me three tickits
how about shyness? Do u thnk men are more cowards then GOD or is women just shamed of putting out for their pussy breaks on their time anyways..... whipped?
omg...... plz came to uruguay mother monster we love u !!!!!!!
WOWWWWW so real i cant believe that why thats so stupid
As I saw I heard... "She said": "You sure do say a lot, for not a lot said.
What the hell....some of these comments don't make any sense at all.
Phil, you are SO right. I get so tired somtimes, it seems like your posting to NO-ONE! It's weird.
I know what you mean Tony. Maybe I just don't understand how G+ works yet but I can't follow some of these post. Some seem to use random words that don't even make a sentence!
search dustin burch on youtube & help me become youtube sensation :D
'Murder Woman' can't sing or write songs, play the piano... or dance like a mutherfucker! Gaga, you are the perfect blend of Performance Art, Pop Music, High&Low Fashion, humor and sincerity. You embody NYC! What a perfect World Ambassador for the essence of Manhattan. XOXO Baby - stay healthy
Lady GaGa, I am a music producer. And I like that you try new things. And that is exactly what we're looking for. Just add me. I'm also a blogger.
Heh. I wouldn't want to be on your bad side.
If I was you I wouldn't spend my time killing people, I'd spend my time loving life and bein famous!!!!!!
1 cover you mouth with your hand
2 whisper a wish into your hand
3 post this on three other coments
4 look at your hand
Nah u dont wana be that woman Lady gaga your ass would be locked up in the pen right now..! lol hehehe wowwwwwwwwwwwww Mikelaaryy lol hahahahaha
You are so cute. Happy Mother's Day
Like what you do to help people. Thanks 
ya but u canot do that to somebody who loves u unconditionaly
why do you wont blood remover for do you be killing people or something
u are sooo hot and sexy my wife like u soo much...i like ur songs....
y would yhuue say she iz fine n sexy but yhuue have a wife ...dont adda upp 2 mhee
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