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IM SOOO EXCITED FOR THE SIMPSONS. "Lisa Goes Gaga" episode. They did such an amazing job. I hope you like my voice-over acting debut! :) <3
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Good luck Gaga!! you will be great!! ^o^
Can't wait - I saw you were going to be on it.
get on futurama... it would be more fitting for you.
oh wow that's awesome!! I hope you get to do your concert performance and nobody stops it from happening!! <3
Sui So
like your voice-over acting debut~! XD
me either dude add me as ur friend or and in a circle
You are allways great whatever you do!
I was waiting for this episode for like forever
It will be the best ever :D
Putting that on the "need to watch" list! Hehehe
im gonna watch it scence gaga said something.......gAGA!!!!
U mean u will be instead of lisa??!!!!! Ur voice!!!omg!!! This gonna be amazing
I am looking forward to The Simpsons lady gaga.
I love you gaga.
I wanted to let you know, I am pleased with you as I have found you are the greatest. Blessed you, are !
Gaga, I doubt you could possibly go wrong at all. I'll be looking forward to seeing it. :)
oh, it`s first to me to know,immediately and right now gonna get it
wanna discove another GAGA
Gaga you are the most amazing singer!!
You're a legend Lady. Thanks for keeping creativity in music alive.
Boom tick, boom tick, boom tick... yawn... Oh wait, here comes the Lady! (I say that as an older rock fan which is a great compliment. ;)
I don't even watch the Simpsons, but will be tuning in just to see this. Much love! <3
I don't like you your just weird and creepy think about changing some of your songs I'm mormon and you'd appeal alot more with omore calming songs
Needs more Hardcore Death Metal.
first of all: if you don't like her, why are you commenting?
second: if you want calming songs, don't listen to lady gaga...
Can't wait mother monster! ;D <3
i cant wait to watch it!!it will be freakin awesome gaga!!:)
i love you<3
plz show ur big tits. LOVE U TOOO
I am sooooo excited! Two of my favorite things!
Is she clothed in the episode ?
Seeming in reality her and clothes are strangers 
I'm SOOO EXCITED to watch it too :D but sadly I don't know when it comes out. :(
I'm listen to born this way !!! Oh yea!!!!!
I recored it! SOOOOOO excited!! U Rock Lady Gaga!
anty cristo por ke la odio tanto lady gaga gas re gas
you dress wierd i dont like it
I kind of love you when I am feel depresed somehow, anyways
Well I'm sure your voice will be ok, I mean its what you rely on everyday on tour .. :P
I plan to watch that :) Please add me Lady Gaga!!!<33
I'm so getting that episode. And who wouldn't like your voice, it's awesome!!!!
gonna be watching you with my 16 yr old son, he loves you to death
Good first step for +Lady Gaga Wonder how interested she is in acting?
i'm sure that you did everything right GaGa!
because you have the best voice in the world!

i love you:)
hello lady G..:) when are you comin' over here in Tel-Aviv, Israel.. were waiting for u here..too bad am not in Manila ..:(
please come to indonesia no matter what. i already got a ticket for june 3rd. will be the biggest concert ever in indonesia <3
Heard about on the Radio sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!
WOA! Simpsons, now your big time he he
your voice is amazing ever
Awwwhhh aaahhaaa I can't wait to see that one! Wow you've gone worldwide !!!!!!!!!!!! :P
I've got all you're albums you've done soooo well for yourselff ahhaaa xxxxxxxxx
I've seen so many clips, really excited!
My brother in law works for a removal company, he removed your egg, yep, the one you used in Sydney............Phoned me all excited...he he
What did you last weekend? Japan cocert?
Cool. Was at work and didn't know. Will have to go online. 
go where people welcome-you--with love--sing for them with spirit&soul---
Lets vote for Lady of 20/05/12 she has 40.78% nxt to Justine Bieber wid vote vote!!!..:D..
i love you lady g!!! you're amazing!! xxx
How about your tour concert in Indonesia?
She is so cool cant see Bebier ahead.Vote....
good luck gaga you will be brilliant as always
I´m so excited for you!!!! The Simpsons are my favorite tv show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep it up my frind u r always in our heart.
↑.↑阿信 i'm here~~(揮手~~
Soooooooo excited!!!! Can't wait... the video on youtube its so funny.... ahahahaha
aaaaaaaah,lady gaga u r one of my favorite music artist
I don't like the new Simpsons but just for you I'm watching this episode :)
YAAAAAAY i cant wait to see it they have will like your voice over acting
we love whatever you gaga.
i love you very gagaciously......:-D
I'm looking for Mayday Ashin 五月天阿信內?
po po po po po po po po po poker face! \(= v = )
I will have one someday!!
阿信還不睡覺哦在那邊popopopopoker face呢XDDDD
hey dear mother monster,
I don't know what you think about Taiwan's lit monster~
We still want you know that We love you,welcome to Taiwan next time.
ahaaa exited ? didnt even know the simpsons were going to do that ? lol
gees... gotta check it out~~
when will it be out?

+五月天阿信 lol... totally unrelated to her topic... but anyhow, u can catch her somewhere else, like end of May in Singapore?? XD
Lady gaga is the best!
+五月天阿信 a a a a a a a ashin baby what r u doin' here! XD I bet she will be vey interested in u, perhaps would like to get to know u!(・◇・)/~~~
I love you<33 u inspire me so im definitly gonna watch it:)
+五月天阿信 還po po poker face XDD,I've missed the gaga show in Hong Kong because我去鳥巢看你們沒趕回去啦阿信XD
i love you and if you follow me you will make me really happy @sebasmontesp
Yan Wu
Sing it Ashin! po po poker face~
Grr....I've been watching previews for the past half hour. I need a little monster time machine! Just a few more hours to wait! ^.^
Obvio gaga eres hermosa aunque que estés con los ojos cerrados <3
Im so excited im gunna get my meat in my suit
have you ever thought about doing another voice over film not a nother tv show but a feature film beacuse i herd that the filmaker's are going to be doing a fourth alvin and the chipmunks movie and i remember watching an episode from the chipmunks cartoon series were they meet there chipmunk mother vinny to try to remember what month there birthday started and i was hooping if they do have the chipmunks mother in the fourth film mabey you can play the voice of the chipmunks mother from young were she had them as baby chipmunks and to old were she meets here three son's all grown up, just in case if you saw the first , second, and third alvin and chipmunks movies gaga.
im so excited to i cant wait to see you in the simpsons finale today to gaga
eva yu
yes!!! i really want to watch1!! <3
+五月天阿信 hey bro...y is it singing poker face in the mid-night hum...?! Coz u know we've found u here? again wht can I say? u juz so cute!!!
N the Simpsons is cool!!!
Tze Yin
wait for you in malaysia.
and witnessed ashin's poor english.hahaha.
阿信不要桑心,以後有的是機會 XD
Congrats Gaga! My little sister loves watching The Simpsons, so I'll check it out soon! Ciao!
LOL at +五月天阿信 's poker face performance here. Are you going to perform it at any of your upcoming concert? XDD
po po po po po po po po po poker face! \(= v = )
My jazz band played Poker Face at states, and won because of that song
Haha,there are too many people to come here for +五月天阿信 !!Kerker!
And,what a pity cannot see Gaga's concerts in Taipei!
that boy is a monster~~m-m-m-monster~~~~
I proudly never watched the show...until tonight. look what you have done to me Gaga. You did well.
omg same, it made me laugh, i was imagining gaga at home watching and laughing, it was pretty funny. lol
阿信so cute~poker face ~>_<~+
You did great! And that was mean of Lisa to talk to you like that and make you cry!! But at least it was diamonds.
just watched it!! it was great >:)
我來找到 阿信啦XD 
+五月天阿信 Hey my dear teacher, u have been stalked yet again.
u like playing hide-and-seek alot lately eh?
oh, thumbs up for commenting in english, though u need to improve on it. feel free to let us know when u need help, becoz:
为你的勇气 +1 (^_^)b
楼上你确定 +五月天阿信 看得懂吗???哈哈哈,踢飞,阿信英文已经很进步了好吧?
i like lady gaga she is every nice!!!!!!!!!
chao cac ban minh la quoc hy vong duoc lam quen!!!!!!!
+五月天阿信 有多少人因为你才来看gaga的,哈哈。一看就好多哦。
i'm a big fan yours, I always get excited about your music and more if I see you live, for my tickets more than the entire universe, your fans adore you. love gaga! PD:sorry if any malformed expression in English and Spanish is that I'm not much of the language ;)
阿信……唱个monster啦!' __>'
haven't seen it yet but i saw the commercial it looked beast u should judt like come to my school and take me to one of your concerts cuz i absolutely love you lady gaga no homo
I bet its going to be awesome seeing the show
wow! i will definitely be watching that episode!!
HAHAHAHA!!! Lady Gaga, you are sooooo inspirational and outgoing and you don't care what people say about you or how they think of you. You are a great role model for everyone. You teach us how we can love ourselves and be fabulous. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!! Also, I think you should consider being in a movie:-)
i like te simpson and lady gagaggagaga
每次聽到" Poker face" 就會聯想到 pork face...
+五月天阿信 , hi ashin, some day you can sing gaga's song in your concernt. i think our fans want to hear you sing this style song!! Changellge yourself. not only poker face~~~
Gaga If I Could I would TOTALLY marry you :D <3
Gaga your voice was so great! I was so happy when I heard you singing! It`s truth , they did a great job! :)
I missed it. Going to watch it right now!!!!!
Miss ya on that 'other' social network.. they got their head up theirass :p
there won't be any protests in bangkok right gaga, cause i am worried what will happen to you there at your next gig on my 25
just to let you know gaga these protests who are philippines are making me upset and making me annoyed and making me cry, because what these protest are doing to you is wrong and mean and i don't think your a devil i think your an angel gaga and your nice to all of your little monsters, like i said be carfule at bangkok just in case there's protets there to.
you what rockstar my mom loved in the 1980's when she was my age gaga, bon jovi and if bon jovie had protests in the 80's and would have had comments my mom would be worried to gaga
Please please PLEASE! leave Philippines I'm afraid that people may hurt you there, please don't stay there anymore :( I'm very VERY worried about you... don't make me cry please !!!
lady gaga maybe u should make a video about stop bullying because not a lot of big celebs are talking about it because my niece is getting bullied shes in fourth grade
i love lady gaga! i hate hearing people that are haters! shes not a freak! she is just different in a special way!
+五月天阿信 主唱大人你到哪都卖萌~~体验了一把我们回复你的感觉有木有~~
Ah shin... You are so cute..(☻-☻)
I could not stop giggling! So fabulous :D
哈哈哈 gaga的谷歌被阿信粉丝刷屏了
+Shoty Hilton and that has significance? That's fine for her personal life but that's not why we love her.
陈杏红 你每天只来盯gaga 那些年注册的新浪微薄呢→_→
+五月天阿信 你这个狂热小粉丝!
+五月天阿信 i hope you can meet her soon!
+五月天阿信 以后一定有好多暴民也开始关注gaga姐了!
+五月天阿信 阿信 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 gaga姐被暴民围观了
OH I love "SIMPSONS" ~~
刚刚在微博那边看到一个超爆笑的~一位迷妹问:咦?他怎么看的懂gaga在说什么呢?另一位淡定的答:google有在线翻译啊~ +五月天阿信 你说呢?格莱美得主~~~~~
eva yu
You should act more often, Stefani.
you where soo good :P i wish i could watch it 1 million times
hello ledy gaga love you ledy gaga am your fa faso corret incorrupt for madonna
+五月天阿信 主場大人,不要跑到別人家來賣萌啦,回自己家去~~(拖走~~還po po po po po po po po po poker face! \(= v = )類! )
are going to be making you fourth album after your done touring in barcelona, spain on october 6 2012 gaga
there cant be any protests in bangkok gaga becuase since i still think your an angel the people in bangkok they are devilish there becuase they legislate prostitution by their government the government also makes money from prostitution because prostitutes pays taxes from their earnings. It is a job like going out to work somewhere.
Hello, I wanna go to New York and your RT can make my dream come true #iwannaGoNewYork Please RT. LADY GAGA PLEASE HELP ME =(((
i still write my songs and i still write my poetrys and i dont have any illness when im writing something thats a song or a poetry i feel great and never get tired , well i sometimes get writers block meaning i have trouble coming up with song ideas to write but it's no big deal
At your second conzert in switzerland is my birthdaÿ(27.09.1996)
and I was hopening my frinds and I could meet you !!!!! as we are your biggest swissfans!!! please please please!!!!
I looovee you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!
i hate the Simpsons but your awesome as human form
you were AMAZING!!!!!i loved the part when ur character cries diamonds! that was my fav episode! love you Gaga!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing your great music passion and amazing show here in MANILA Philippines. I was dancing screaming jumping while you were performing and We love you Mother Gaga. PAWS UP.
omg! saw ur character! look just like u! lol! i rlly anna c it but cant unfortunately! :( oh well! hope it rocks! #LisaGoesGaga
have to see it gaga it sound cool
Love that! I wanne play me!!! in my own movie of my life....And hope??? Just say.....I'm doing it perfect with your status!!! And gives you more believe and power girl!!! Girl Power is Rock Da Boat!!!!
Ashin~haha, laugh at you
i love homer chewing on meat dress adding pepper and stuff. So LOL. xP your like "Homer, Homer stop."
omg best simpsons episode EVER
HA HA! I lov famous people doing voice-overs! I don't know why tho...
I saw that and you did excellent! Love ya momma monster! BTW I loved your fashion!
Z Wit
becaus! she was born that way lol!!!
I love u and simpsons, its a dream come true...
hey gaga i am a big fan my favorite song is judas can you at least say hi my name is bebel
Lady Gaga add me on gmail my email is its weird but i like Gummie things and bubbles and the numbers 154
Alec B.
it was awesome
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