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Those girls are tearing the floor up for the USA! Woohoo! Gold for the ladies! just want to squeeze them! So much talent and beauty. Did u seem all holding hands? There's no "I" in team.
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Ye Vita
it's not sofa
Technically speaking Lady, there is at least two i's in team:
team( i, i, ...); team is a behavior; it takes at minimum two; but the i's have to work together in order to be gold winners :) but don't feel bad; most of the world still thinks that there is no i in team; love you.
hey im Taylor i love that u are my freind
GO USA! BTW. GAGA  i got bad romance stuck in my head ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were great!!!! I am so proud of them.. Love to you Lady Gaga ...Mouse's Ear
I watched that, check out my post on the USA win, we won gold in swim!! Seriously all I could do was just stare jump some stare sOme then all a sudden I realized I was jumping In front my teli
I Don't understand, what are you talking about.
GO TEAM USA!!!!!!!!!
Luv Ya GaGa <3
Oo!!!!!!!!!!! i like his music POCKER FACE
There is no I in Team. I Definitely Need a Team. 
I agree, they showed great dedication and team work!!! There is an US in USA....:)
kate bradely same here !!!
Yes you US team is great! 
They had me up in my bed watching so exciting.  Lady Gaga you said it right they did their thing on the floor way to go for USA!
I Don't understand Chinese language.
yea man love ya usa my country
Jordan Weiber is my friends friend she goes to the same gym as her and she's only 11 i'll see her in the Olympics someday
support for metal is fit for me.. Go china.
witch one because the gymnastic women got gold but so did Mickell Pheilp in mens swiming it was his 19 gold medel he broke a record !!!
gymnastics for my girls awesome!!!!gold for us once again!lady gaga why don't you get to sing for the world at the olympics?
yeah lady gaga! Write a song about the Olympics or sing a song at the Olympics! please your monsters want you to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know! they're all so amazing!!!
Its been like 30 or 40 years since any females have gotten gold medals!! Finally we take home the gold :) Hooray for girl power!!! 👍
Gymnastics Rules! I'm rooting for Gabby Douglas! Whoop wHOOP!
Yes they are!! I'm going for Gabby Douglas!She's reaaly good!
thats right there is no "I" in team
. Together
. Achieves
. More
Yeah go team USA! I used to do gymnastics but I never did anything that intense! They rocked it!
Lady GaGa your music is nice !
I Love your Outfits .
Lady gaga i listen to your music every day I wish to be at one of you concerts You are totally amazing I love your outfits wish i could meet you in person you always know what to say i love your song "you and i"
so happy 4 them!!!!!!! TEAM USA ROX!!!!!!!!
haha i didn't get it at first
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