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Have a beautiful day!!
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You too Lady Gaga! I love your work, coming from 39yr old Dad. :)
Uğur P
lady gaga gizmi de correo electronic plis
love the natural look far better than all that funky stuff :D
Hey Lady GaGa, As the Director of the Rockabilly legends I would love for you to come and join me on our new music website called Numubu = Nu Music Business.

NuMuBu exists to support artists and their music through patronage, sponsorship, sharing and assistance.Our site aims to provide all of the tools necessary to enable musicians to establish a relationship with those who love music in an effective, lucrative and enjoyable way.
honey,we have the same phone. #cheers #Blackberry
thank you and of course you have a nice day too
add me to ur circle.. by the way ur way prettier without makeup then with
Hey u looks so crazy in that still.........
im so happy some actually cares..... thats why ur the BEST...... i looooovvvveeeee youuuu!!!!!
A Akl
so beautiful :)
I have a BEAUTIFUL day;) I've listened to your cd(s) hole day:D:D:D
Lady, I just watched your interview with Oprah, and I must say.... Bravo!!! What a down to earth, smart young woman you are. Thanks for sharing, and all that you do to help our youth. I am a proud father of a child with down syndrome, and your music is so powerful. Thanks again Lady Gaga.
I LOVE your dress!!!!! Even though it's plain, it's still stylish and looks good on you!
my favorite get away + refresh place is a lake with a lone dirt camp ground way back from the marina and camp hustle and bustle . more a spirit uplifting and soul searching , then a fishing trip ,,, gives way to very simple meaning . a blessing to have such a ''vehicle'' .take care , and thanks for the updates ---> hope you find YOUR spot .
Watch "telephone" extended. that will answer your question
lol, i do it when i come home ,
im on the school computer {: LOL.
GAGA has a probleme with her page :O it's blocked
wowww....beautiful :)
hi lady gaga
i admire u
u r like my hero
call me on my TELEPHONE
you are sooooo beautiful; Enjoy your day!
Wow! Never seen Lady G not made up. Such a lovely women.
You should keep yourself natural, you look better.
Hmmmm ... it is like my mobile BB curve :)
Guapa, me gusta mucho tu estilo y canciones.
I am perplexed - your songs are so clever - almost those of a philosopher sociologist?
Scott M
I didn't know she was a blackberry girl. RIM should phone her up
very human looking shot. I think I find it more intriguing than your fancy airbrushed shots...but I'm more of a 'long hair and no makeup' kinda guy.
obviously gaga likes herself
Oh good, I'm allowed to take mirror photos of myself now that it's cool again #becausegagadidit
He debatido sobre esta publicación con 1 persona en un hangout.
Lol how messed up are people that you think that picture is "beautiful"
omg lady gaga i am a big fan :) i saw your interview with opra!!!!
I want you to have an awesome day!!
Have a nice irishe native one Lady GG Pirate 01 N B Canada
Your Daughter is gunna go to hell if she keeps listing to lady devil's music; ^^^
with you too !
First thing that came to mind... WTF is she doing with a backberry curve 8520? Piece of sh***, c'mon gaga you have money for better ^_^
Thank ya ma'am! Have a great day Ms.Gaga! U look Marvelous darling ;)
she is lady gaga??? she need makeup....
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa runnnnnnn scaryy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks you too...i´ll go to bed soon...:-) it´s 19.07pm here
Same 2 u 2 Gaga, n u luk fab wif or wif out make up
aaah my eyes, the goggles do nothing
Same 2 u 2 Gaga, n u luk fab wif or wif out make up
ok this is how gaga looks like without the exuberant makeup!
Thanks and hope you have a beautiful one also
Pretty like always inspiration is what you are! email me :)
namaste , sweet sister in dark&light,twilight )O(
Gaga, please help us....Taiwan
KHAM fool little monster who lined up, waiting at ticket office outward as idiots.
I am little monster from Taiwan.We were oppressed by KHAM organizing unit. KHAM sell tickets on 24-March-2012 9:00am in Taiwan, setting the rules that fans can't by tickets on the Internet and one person only can buy 6 tickets. I spent 3~4 days lined up, waiting at ticket office outward. Today morning, I bought 12,800 NT dollars tickets, being fucking crazy and happy. But in evening, KHAM didn't sold out the 12,800 and 8,800 tickets. So KHAM break the rule,putting the tickets on the Internet to sell and change the rule that one person can buy 9 tickets. What the Fuck KHAM did it. KHAM use little monsters' passion and do the shaming business. KHAM fool little monsters, making us idiots.
My goddess Gaga, could you help us.....
Jen Li
Poker Face
why the hell must I see this talentless, attention-starved fraud in my stream?

i like you flower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Jonathan Guido-Avila You see it because you are the minority. This post was in the "What's hot" section, meaning that a lot of people like it. If you don't want to see it then block it. Also, she is extremely talented. I guess you're a Madonna fan.
May god bless you and his angels surround you with light and love . Much love, onenation 1 love
thank you! you have a beautiful day as well!
love u, You too Have a brilliant day.
+Jonathan Guido-Avila - Actually, she does have quite a bit of talent, she just chooses to hide it behind her pop-shock persona. Check out her "Cherrystone Sessions" EP to see what she's really capable of. (Spoiler: Think Whitney Houston in her prime. No, seriously.) That EP is the only +Lady Gaga in my collection.
are you another of those teenage girls taking a pic of themselfs in a mirror with phone? come on. give me a brake gaga.
+Dan Verley I was being sarcastic, as I also do not expect "G+" to answer my question.Thanks for the explanation, but I know how G+ works. Madonna has some good stuff but I, by no means, consider myself her biggest fan. Has it ever occured to you "monsters" that someone could NOT like this hack simply b/c of the fact that she is not good??
baby its not gonna be beautiful untill you show me what a disco stick is.. haha
Thanks. Have a beautiful day for you too.
guys dont be disrespectfu; to her she has hard enough time being in what she is now ok
Dear lady gaga.i appreciate you. although i am not a fan of pop music i appreciate your music.i appreciate how you put up with the media and how you dont care what people think of you.Guys and girls here is a true idol!
Blackberry? Sounds like a bad romance.
hey rememeber when you were on the david letterman show? I thought you were dead after you ate that papaer, n I was so mad everyone was just giving you a hard time, but you are so respectable I love you girl.
Bunch of flatters.....
This polishing wont earn you anything people..
Sorry to say but she looks horrible
p.s. it actually is a beautiful one. clutch call
What? I don't follow Lady Gaga. Why is this here?
All that money ... and you have a BLACKBERRY ?
LOL "no offense". Keep your opinion to yourself John-Paul. All she has to do is feel beautiful and she is beautiful. Your connotation of beauty clearly revolves around pounds of makeup and breast implants.
Lady gaga wots ur bbm pin xxxxxxxxx
can i tell you your really freking ugly
How do I get this front camera to work again? Lol
sometimes that can be weird.!!! No Offense (:
Oh dear - a RIM product... tut tut! Thought you would stand up and make a statement with a telephone I.e. CUSTOM smartphone (probably android)
You too Rockstar!! You came out and blasted this World with something we have never experienced and changed us all!!!! Love you and your music!!!!!
Dama Gaga !!

Sos muy linda y tenes mucho talento !!!

Gracias por tu musica !!!

It rocks !!!
zdat u GAGA??u seem diff. hier
Man lady gaga you look like a total weirdo.anyways email me at
SO stinky LOL SMELL U FROM HERE!!!!!!!
beautiful... you can feel it.
You look beautiful with no make-up.Alot better with out it i may say. !!!
everyday is beautiful when you wake up
Love you bunches! I n my kids hope to meet you someday! Hope your day has been as lovely as you!
Please... get this pop crap off of my page
You too Miss Gaga! I find it funny how so many people with no pictures of themselves are so quick to judge and say how ugly others are. Keep up the great work and keep on being you! Luv ya!
Thank you :-) and to you as well <3! Keep striving and keep on working-you're wonderful, you speak for those who fight so hard to be heard & no one could ask for anything more <3!
I may not be a huge fan of your music, but I am a huge fan of you!! Good work, keep on doing what you are doing.
:/ okay? One woman posts a pic and gets... 400 comments? What a twisted world.
I know you but you don't know me :)
love the flower in your hair.
Erik S
Just glad u don't have an iPhone...
hello dear how r u???
Very sexy/cool/real reminds me of Francois Guerin painting of Venus and the Nymphs
sooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet pix
Big beautiful eyes and eyebrows pulled rank pulled as far to the Iranians ... I always wish you came to Iran.
While I appreciate the sentiment, you are not in my cirlces! Why is this in my stream?
If you ever listen to her speak, you'll find that she is an intelligent, respectful young woman who is more than the sum of her looks and the clothes that she wears.
That's an outstanding costume! What is the concept?
OMG!!!!!! BIGGEST FAN EVER! please add me to your circles!!!!
Uff que cara mas rara tiene...sin maquillaje :P
wtf doesnt even look like lady gaga
+Diako Feiz Poor you, Diako, so young and already filled up with stories to scare and control you. So young and already discriminating. You should read and think more. There's a world outside.
It doesn't matter what your parents have told you, they can, and they are wrong.
Now, love all people, pay attention in class (specially science class), and be a real thinking human.
I was frightened.
True beauty.
Got my pic taken with you in Amsterdam Waxworks :)
shut the hell up with ur chinese ass lady gaga u look good boo boo got a bad romance with u
Is Dat Lady Gaga?
Looks Like Tom Riddle Before Turning into Voldemort
Ah...come on now, no need to be rude. :P
I hope when people look back at the 21 century, they remember the good music. Not Lady Gaga.
You would think a woman with her money could afford to have someone take her pic instead of doing the teen girl thing of taking your own cell phone pic in a mirror. Just sayin...
she is a girl........she have false penis
No YOU have a beautiful day! Monday. That is.
Your strap fell down sweetheart...
I saw pictures of you when you had dark hair before you became gaga. Lady Gaga you should dye your hair dark again and see if it feels welcome to you again. Your still gorgeous.
u look so pretty in this picture! i luv how u dress!
official last comment, whats my prize???
nice pic your face is so glowing
Being as connected to your fans as you are makes your inner beauty shine.
um ok?you are pretty in the inside but not on the um well i am not going to evean say it
Without make-up... I LOVE IT ♥ ♥ ♥ ! 
Inappropriate really but you to
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