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We Love Party China xoxoxo
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you look awesome gaga! i love you! :) <33
cho ti chotschis Юра Абрамов
lol, today or sooner, u get a famous chinese alumnus ...Chen Guangchen...
sorry !
HK isn't in China
kneato looks like gud food.
As Hu
Smacky Girll
G Gray
gagas fucked up y'all
come india and joine my chambel party.
hung over but still glam! I want that lipstick <3
What party? By the way, what's in your hand?
she's either drunker than a mofo or higher than the heavens
+Lady Gaga you gotta kick butts whoever that is behind you! Two fingers up? really? Damn!
how the f did you make it into one of my circles? pretty sure your music gives me a headache.
I guess her hair was the only thing made in China. Drunkieee..
even when she isnt done up, LG looks better that we do.
I like the background ....the fingers 
lady gaga look a little drunk there
hermosa! necesitamos las fecha de BTWBALL LATINOAMERICA!
I love you gaga☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
OMG Lady G looks so funny when shes drunk
wth is that white and yellow stuff you drinkin????????
u look so prettyyy gaga!!!! (hahah i see the two middle fingers behind her>.<)
I eat lady gaga haters for breakfast
mmm.. fai un po' vomitare in questa foto -.-"
megan hendricks u shouldin't be talking LOL You're ugly as well
lol, hands behind..... the signal Britney
i love this pic
Lex X
Are u high
i l u lady gaga your the only atist i love to lisen to
I'm afraid you're going to burn out early in life....Please don't
whose that bia behind you flipping you off? i woulda gotten krunk
look at the guy behind u! LOL
nice middle fingers (with the rings)
it's been a year and almost 1 day sense the video for Judas came out! U go Gaga!!!!
wow its amazing i love lady gaga songs
B Ashar
<80u look pretty!
Nice finger action in the background. Very impressive. Or rather foolish.
LOL at the fingers in the background xD Gaga sure has laid back friends lol
gaga is enjoying China.
gaga is coming to Japan soon.
I can not control the excitement.
I love lady gaga.
u were in china?! lucky! thats y being famous is an advantage, right? :D
LOL! middle fingers in the background!!! LOL!
My pretty little Gaga!!!!!!! <3
On the way to HK, can't wait to see you rock tonight. 
you know there is someone putting the middle finger in the pic 2!!!
not to be mean but Lady Gaga u look um... different
love u ga ga time invite me lol...keep it up lady!
You look kinda messed up ^^
huuuuu, as we say in mi Mexico, chikitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Photo bombed in the background, hahaha.
um are you drunk? no duh, your lady gaga!
Hi mama monster u look tots pretty some one is flipping u off I wanna go to china
Lol who's giving me the bird?? :)
nobody love the Communist Party China
Lol, that's a sweet drunken gaze into the camera! Looks like a fun night.
love u too!!!!gaga !!i love u so much!!!!
somebody is flipping her off in the bck ground lol how funny
I think it's one of her dancers - Anyway, she's gorgeous
I'm going to watch your good show tonight!
I'm being bullied. Lady gaga, I KNOW you are busy, but this would mean a lot to me. I am being teased and harassed by two friends of mine. I'm different, and I wear two different socks and shoes. I act different but i'm being made fun of. I would like to know what to do. Please help. I'm stuck and my self esteem is constantly draining...What do I do?
gaga you are supar hot am so loving the hair. 
gaga u look tired------------------u need to take rest
Luv u lady gaga but u may need 2 take a nice break SORRY but u look tired
The Drink looks like a fucking EGG!xD
can u put me in one of your circles plz?
me 2 can u plss put me in ur circles I LUV U!!!!!!
am i the only one that sees the person with the middle finger?!?!?!
You are really artist. :)
دیوونتم روانی. . .
شایعه شده میخواد مجری برنامه زلال احکام شه! راسته؟
dont take this the wrong way... but it looks like your about to die... who's sticking up the middle finger...?
i love the person sticking up their middle fingers!
plz dont take this the wrong way but what or you drinking or eating it looks disgusting
She LOoks Pretty :3 ...'Cuz she Was BornTHisWay
I bet you're eating the egg of an endangered species if it's China. I thought you would stick up for endangered animals and eating them. If you are really putting up your own stuff on this account I doubt that you would of put up this picture. You look ill and otherwise you're so beautiful! What goes on the internet stays on the internet!
Well she did wear an all raw meat dress to an awards I wouldn't take it that far. 
i love lady gaga so much she is my #1 idol
That's wht it is Babe!!! U wrk hrd u play hrder!!!
gaga ur 1 hot sexy babe and also your already THE NEXT BIG THING seen u live on main stage at t in the park cuople of years back and u show and performance was dyno so babe love ya and cant wait to see u again xxxx
i love the middle fingers in the background, day make me laf
Tried to get tickets to the show in Tokyo, but they were sold out! I really wish I could see Lady Gaga live! She is amazing!!
i also tried tob get the fuk out you even leave google +
I so sad that didn't go to HK vocal concert !love U
i like you so much. i support you always .
i'm cheering up with your songs every morning .
i got so much encouraged .
so much thank you.
May the Forth be with you. !
stinkin up middle fingers really wow wat mochure
Imo Day
the guy in the backround swearing!!! lol
U are the best ing the rest
I love ur music I can't do without it
My favorite song among ur music is Bad Romance
lady friend LOVES her..he has everything of her!!!!!!
Your Hair As Free As My Hair <3 Oh I Look Fuck Fingers! =D
Lady gaga, u r messed up <3 ur music but seriously crazy
nice whoever is in the background but i love lady gaga
Abbey G
love Your Music!! But why is someone "behind" u Flipping you off in this picture?? Do they "Not" like you?? Don't think I would want friends like that!!
Yeahh it's bad to show Lady Gaga the middle finder
super kena oled aga kas sa nutad w vm sul viga on aga väga kena
thank god she look pretty in this picture she should stay like this n start dress like this
Free as her hair... Paws Up, we love you Mother Monster
there's a woman in the background holding up her middle fingers
that woman in the background is soooo rude!!
Your Dimsum in China ....Ladygaga...It's nice long hair..
So Beuty
Nice photobomb behind you.  Not a fan I assume? lol
look u r so cute and hot but idk theres something bout you that i dont like but u r a celebritie i respect what u r i dont have a problem with that! and not a big fan eaither a fan but i love you and god blees you!!
like u r crazy i love all that stuff i love the way u put ur hair is so you keep up with ur craziness cuz u r already a superstar!!!!
Don't get tipsy GAGA!!! (or are you already tipsy)
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