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On my way to TOKYO!!! I'm so excited I'm gonna sit by the pilot on the planes and ask him to go faster!! * are we there yet * :))
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I had a layover once in Tokyo, on the way to Singapore. I wish i could have stayed longer +Lady Gaga
not that much excited gaga .............. if i would be there i would have flown the plane on myself
Hey Gaga! Good luck in Tokyo! Have fun on the tour! Can't wait to see you again in nyc!
Ok Sooo it's like midnight here in Cali but I love Gaga so I woke up when I got the alert she posted yay
Hai lady gaga bathong o mohlobomang wa motho,i hope modimo o ba le wena ngwana batho.
Tell that pilot... "You can do it put your back in to it!" he should do it if he puts his ass in to it, your gonna do it, do it, do it...

Lol safe flying on GaGa air x
Hey Gaga u cn just show your boobs to the pilot & u can hijack the pilot .......fucking he will do any thing for u huummm......
いらっしゃ~い(Welcome Tokyo Way!)
Lyn Lin
yeah yeah Gaga U r so great~Wish u have a niceeeee trip!!
we are waiting for you to come Tokyo! My mom will goig to see at concert!
Send me a ticket for your concert in Hannover Please. Can we meet in Hanover? You had fun with me ;-) One Thousand Kisses
r u really lady gaga? dont lie!
I tried to get tickets, it was sold out!! :'(
Cool....Hy Lady Gaga, when are you planning to visit Malaysia...I will get the tickets 1 year before...Please let me know.....
Ga ga 妳好酷^________^
You're in Tokyo?!XD
I wanna go there too~><
Good Luck, send them love from NYC, they need you there right now, after all that they have been through you better give them all you got Gaga girl, put some smile on their faces and do the Gaga.
xxx, Enjoy, Issey Nini
+Lady Gaga, be sure to visit Shibuya District in Tokyo. You have got to walk the world famous mega-crosswalk while there and see the lights at night. Will blow your mind!
I dont see your show but i am imaging your tension before and in the show. I am best very fan, your music is trasgressive and very beatiful.
Bye gaga. I miss u so much.:-[
hope you have a safe trip good luck and have fun
I'll be in Tokyo next week! Can we meet???
hey gaga, finally in vegas early tuesday morning the 15th may.cant wait. the winter down under starts on june the 1st. the same day as the american summer.
Woow, like this
I'm save
السلام على كل من أتبع الهدى
crying because i cant wait any more to see you mother monster
Excited for your Phil concert!
u ples cam to indonesia
My boyfriend wants to go to Tokyo big time - he is very jealous! lol
Awsome I love tokyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oo i Like to bee Te pilot beseid You and fly to Tahiti +bora bora . . . .
no way... is it to late to take me?
lol. gaga ur so funny! and i love u much!
heheeee better stay on reust eating than pilot side and then jump off before plane landing Have nc journey
"faster, faster, the lights are turning red!"
You are like a little girl trapped in a grown woman's body. I mean that as a compliment.
Fly safe. Wish you were in NC today to speak up against something we are voting on that is not nice. Hopefully it will be defeated.
than happy for you ae good trip!
O Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!have fun in Japan!! by the way, China is next to Japan, welcome!!! :) XXXXXXXXXXXX
That's funny, I would do the same thing lmao
Do you get to go to Osaka? I miss living there! It's a wonderful city!
Please don't leave Hong Kong! WE LOVE YOU!!! <3
See you at Australia, it was good weather lately 
Cleaning half the sahara desert off my car. I'm in landed here
Can't wait 4 u 2 come back 2 America #excited
Agagydal reaD,

I think you will love Japan. Just visited there myself for the first time last September as my brother has been living there for 20 years now.
It is quite the experience and very soul soothing when one knows what to look for and appreciate...much like your self!
Hope you have a great time- Gozaii Mas
so ...did you go faster than expected ?
i wish i were that pilot and sitting next to u <3 luv u
no dear she doesn`t have any child but i wish i were i know she will be an awesome mother as she is our mother monster now
Wish i could go meet u :)
Wish I could be in TOKIO and got passes to see you! :)) Kisses from Spain... (L)
As long as the pilot doesn't holler back "u better hush or i will turn this thing around!"
Ur awsome! Keep it up gal!
you should play on your phone to see if it hacks the plane and then speed the boost to go faster and kill everyone ha ha ha ha jk
tokyo is awesome born there
催 催 催 催 催 催 催 你是在催你妹A
do not disturb him LGG, he might change course
me again if you dont know me check the comment ubov!
gaga i love you so much. You are my legit role model. I love everything about you
come to Charlotte North Carolina my friend is a huge i mean huge fan 
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