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We've decided The BTWBALL, in spirit, is like a cosmic implosion of the future and the eighties at once. #TheFrieghties
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YEAH! all mosters sare that why we love her!!!
i hope your concert in indonesia would be canceled for your safety
LOL John are you a Little Monster?
ill lady gaga look like the next dead person she is ugly n weird
stup u no she ugly as hell so dnt try to front
Welcome to Taiwan
u rght is a lesbo LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you Gaga!!!!!!!!!!
hope that you have a good memory in Taiwan~~~
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!really!!!!!!!!!!!
ich will ja gar keinen mann, stehe eben mehr auf frauen
This is the most incredible tour of the history!!! Born This Way Ball
sounds so great ya......luv u so mch gaga.....!
ummmmm....... cool. but i love ya anyways!
Hey Gaga thank you for saying hello to me:) it ment alot:)
I wish I could see you in concert. You inspired me to sing, Lady Gaga, and also to be myself.<3
i so can not wait to see you in the simpsons finale on sunday may 20 this is going to be so funny and so sad because i just saw a clip from that simpsons finale episode were you were crying tiny dimonds and funny where you wre kissing marge that so funny can you really do that in real life gaga,cause that looks awsome and sexy.Onemore thing gaga have you ever thought about wering a 80's hair metal wig cause that would also be awsome and cool i carumba thats bart simpson.
hey finally gay couples can hold a wedding in Disneyland in TOKYO!!Im so happy to see japan is changing for equality:)
I love you mother monster.
Wasome!....which really means what and awesome....i guess
The only cool thing that happened in the 80's was the birth of a Mother Monster!
What ohhhh is that good or bad?
Dear GaGa, we love you so much in Taiwan's concert, and also feel sorry for the poor concert environment. T_T
We will appreciate if you could give us a chance in the future.
Пожалуйста приезжай в Россию!!!!!!
Just went to the BTW concert last night ! It was amazing, unbelievable and breathtaking. However, damn organizer in Taiwan ruined everything, especially the place where held the show! So sorry for you……love you forever! fan from Taiwan 
Gaga you are great!!! To all the haters: Don't hate because she is secure and confident and everything you could never be, but wish you could be.
You can almost smell the awesomeness radiating off of that sentence.
I love Lady Gaga very very much..................see you soon in thailand...............
omg lady gaga u luuuuue your why the crazy outfits????
hey gaga how come alice cooper never guest starred in the simpsons beacause i think kiss guest starred in the simpsons i believe in 1990's were i saw a picture of kiss as janitors that would be paul, ace, peter, and god of thunder gene simmons. i'm kinda worried what might happen to you at the philapenesl saturday night cause of those stupid protest. i hope you get to your next gig at bankock soon cause i'm hoping there will not be anymore protests there.
HA! I'm stealing that one if you don't mind...
Atau gax pake kebaya' atau batik aja hehehehehe
me to your song judas came out on my 10 th birthday it a good song
Cosmic goes well with you GaGa
Implosion-the opposite of explosion, i.e. it explodes inwards. :)
Hello, Lady Gaga! I enjoyed your Simpsons episode (you cry tiny diamonds)! Your music (even though I don't like much music from the modern day) is an inspiration to me, especially songs like "Born This Way." I love the messages you give.
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