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And here it is! The first official photograph of my perfume. It's called FAME. The First Ever Black Eau De Parfum.
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where can I get it????
It's bueatiful!  美翻了...
Freaking awesome mother monster! :) <3
im your little freak and i want that pefume
i know its going to smell great
i would love to get that perfume
no one says that it's says there was a monsater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!speeldewrong!
that just seem do awesome I would be so happy if I was you 
reminds me of the golden egg in Harry Potter lol =)
well i heard she has a schlong, like a chick-with-a-dick.
leave the gurl alone her fashion sense maybe garbage but that bitch can sing 
I need a backer to finance my own fragrance: Kem Kem Cologne, a smell men want and women must have. So, could you maybe help me out with just a few hundred thousand............anyone?
At last to perfume,It is a wonderful challenge.
I'm dying to grab one the moment it hits the Indian market.
Coming to a Target and Walmart near you.  Just kidding +Lady Gaga . Don't get twisted.
Im so going to get one it going to smell great i bet:):):):)!!!!!!!!
I wonder about the smell. :D
king cash why do you have to be a coward!
i thought that the bottel wolud be more werid haahaa  lolz
WOW!!! I know my friend would luv that. :P
P.S king cash why do you say stuff like that? If u have something mean 2 say, KEEP IT 2 YOURSELF ):<
she needs to where grown up clothes
love the bottle. not buying though - stars products are soooooo yesterday - like sassons
Woah. Love the bottle design. I wonder why it smells like-
I wonder how she achieved that color...
i'm a dude but DANG that looks soo stylish!!!!!!!!!!! lady gaga you are continuous inspiration to me! (i'm not gay btw)
it looks so cute lol im going to try the display when i go gurl shopping with my mom which is going to be one of these days
It looks like a hand grenade.
Rawn Rackers:
What can we at Rawn Rackers say, except good luck with FAME.
The Mice.
Albert went to one of her do's,
did he,
yer, he said she's great, even if he diden't get in,
Hmm, Shes great, but he diden't get in, hmmm
why would anybody want to use a black perfume.  Wouldn't it leave a smudge?
Black perfume? Well i guess there is a first time for everything.
Looks great but what is its base floral, musk what someone tell me????
I cant bekive the color of the bottle is black?? Thats kinda freaky
The proof will be in the smell...but it is a cool design.
Well I know that the musliums won't be buying it!!! Ha ha ha!!! PEP 
it looks wonderful, and im not even a Lady Gaga fan. but  i think i might buy a bottle.
ohayo ^_^
genkidesuka?  aishitemasu gaga ♡♡♡
Do you mean the 'eau de parfum', the liquid itself is black? cant' believe it! Awesome!
You rock I bet it smells good you are my fave star I think you ROCK LIKE A STAR!!!!!!!'m😄
asthma, need inhaler, cough, choke, gasp. RIP
You guys are so rude... i think when i smell it i will be in heaven
That is going to smell like paparazzi,love games,and poker faces

If I can't smell it.... Who cares????
pretty awesome all the celebrity perfums smell so good:)
Oueee, smells like hot nite on a goat farm!!!
How come <2% of the people on the internet know how to spell? Reading through your (not "you're") comments hurts my brain.
As long as it does smell like fruit.
Oooo fansy. So GaGa!(:
It's not the first black perfume...
personaly i find perfume to be man repelant
I agree, a handpuppet of the illuminati!!!!!
The Best Man Perfume is Vanilla, Cinnamon and baked Bread and/or cookies, my girls turn heads when they walk by....
Reallly? Not hating on any fans but after the meat dress... no not buying perfume or anything else for that matter with her name on it...
More BS from this "lady"!
I wonder wat this wld smell lyk..... :/
Awesome! Can't wait 2 buy it! When is it in stores? Now?
Megan H
I heard that it was supposed to smell like sperm and blood? 
wonder how it smells
looks like a spin on Thierry Muglers Alien. Not so original but I still plan to check it out.
haha,it does like a hand grenade 
wow one of the coolest jar, I love lady GA GA 
Cool, Lady Gaga! I wonder what it will smell like....
i don't even know what it smells like but i still want the perfume so badly!!
Eva Luo
is this d one that made by both blood and sperm? wooooo thats sexy~
Again, in this industry the ads are always better than the product.
The photography is so precise it makes me wonder why the photographer doesn't move on to master some other art form. How can he/she not know he's done with this genre?
No comment...Really what can we say. When it sez it all...Blahhh
FAME! I wanna live 4 ever! She should do a cover of that for her cologne...err I mean parfume.
Nice photo! Wonder what it smells like
+Chris Brandon  she meant, black as XS Black, the spray itself will be just as usual LOL it should not even stay wet. the design looks cool with claws. I hope it's reasonable price for your fans.
purfume? lady gaga? I love it
probably smells like cheap sex
Are you the real Lady Gaga?
Ack!! Okay let me get this straight they made a perfume for Lady Gaga when there is already a perfume for Justin Bieber and Brittney Spares Wow thats missed up.
love the claws on the bottle ;)
lady gaga i like picture i one of fan i am thinking going buy your perfume.
I thought she already had a fragrance called hotel matterss?
love the look wonder how much is this..anyone have idea
your really awsome and im only 11 and a girl so i know ur awsome
OMG!!! I WANT THIS! hope this perfume is available im Malaysia
It looks likes a bird claw.
Personally I prefer Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, because it is perrty, rather than dark:)
Is this realy lady gaga here in columbus ,ohio we dont play
Ray Zzy
Will I become famous if i use it???? Jk i dont wanna be famous.
If it is can you plz come to 2441old brown rd. Columbus ohio "free concert" if thats to much to ask here is my # (614)-920-1675 call plz if dont work call (614)-808-5111 after 5oclock say can i speak to riyan lindsey call or txt me im desprit
Will this be available at Walgreens?  I'm asking because I'm looking.  Talk to me to me.
Nice, can't wait to see what it smells like for my wife.
if lady gaga LOOKS weird... i dont even wanna know what she smells like! 
LOOKS weird......are you kidding me...........she is no MADONNA but she got us talking huh. Im an artist and the most bazaar art town thinks I am wierd......and I say "Thank You", sorry your what ??normal eeek be free 2u,,,, lalalalala
Lou Eva
thats a nice bottle 
I'm da biggest little monster love gaga
Sure to be good because it's gaga's perfume!!!!!!!
awsome! that is a must have for me!
I wish I could smell it now!! 
+Lady Gaga, you're awesome and beautiful, but watching you dance on stage makes me think that "eau de Gaga" is going to smell like exercise. =)
i love the packaging. and the color is soooo you!
pratap thinks it will bring ur perfume fame
ya reckon, people think it will bring her fame, it probably will, but you dont know!!!
love it where can i get it?
Lisa M
sexy! :P great job!! cant wait to test it out
won't that colour stick to your clothes...??  just saying...!!!
So L
is beautiful Lady gaga thank you :)
Would you mind bringing some samples ?
Can't wait to get it in my hands.
Everyone who doesn't like seems to not know how to spell. Take off your foil hats your brain is baking.
King Cash is clearly hideous and bitter.
'FAME'? Maybe 'MONEY' would hav been more appropriate.
how much did the actual bottle cost compare to the stuff inside??? just curious....
is it a business place? Ur song business is nt working? Or u r not a singer!
crossover for famous singer is another way to make big money..
u mean its black ... like instead of pink or blue its black !
This is the BEST perfume I've ever seen!! I want it I need it!!
When is it gonna arrive in Italy??
Congratulations!!! Close your eyes Miss Lady and remember the first time you received something that made you smile from ear to ear unable to control it and the enormous feeling of Joy,Happiness, & Accomplishment, ........Please pass this Memory, Opportunity, & Blessing on to another. Even as easy as a. Personal invitation......personal e-mail........personal phone call.......get to know me or someone like me. Let the Lord Guide You.

love it.. i bought it yesterday!wooo
GaGa, ¿ Es verdad que tu perfume esta hecho a base de semen y sangre?  AAAaarrghhhh!!!
congrats Lady Monster!!!! you are a real monster
cool perfume
and hey lady gaga
love your songs
Awsome and it looks spool cool!!!!!!!!
is that the best name you could come up whith gaga
Looks like a potion or some type of poison lol
cool but perfuem isnt really my thing and i dont think it is sold in germany....or is it???
After I read the ingredients it didn't sound so appealing.
+Tom Dwyer   You are one creepy dude. I'm going to use you as an example of a type of person my daughter should run away from.
it looks like something out of snow white and the huntsman lol
why did lady gaga launches perfume
There's only one word to describe it's amazingness: AWESOME!
At first I thought it looked like a bottle of poison. Then I found out the scent is inspired by Belladonna. Gaga...I see what you did there
"What is that enchanting smell? Why, it must be FAME by Lady Gaga!"
“the first ever black Eau de Parfum that sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne,” That is awesome, I've always wanted everything black, hope it smells good!
This probably stinks just like Gaga!!
Very nice!!! That´s really exciting! And how much does it cost?
other then Chanel No.5, this is by far the best perfume ON EARTH! #ARTPOP 
I just love the smell this is the best perfumes on the universe
Ich habe das parfüm das mschmkt gut sergut
yass i luv lady gaga purfume n i hv her body oil 
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