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The below circle is an eclectic group of active, and interactive, Plussers. A cross section of G+ engagers; local and global, photographers and chefs, the average Joe Blo and the high profile poster, left wing and right wing, conservative and liberal, leaders and followers... a positive addition to any stream. Adding this circle will certainly not result in the reported G+ ghost town.

A circle such as this touches on all walks of life, opinions, interests and sensitivities. By its nature, it contains people who you may not agree with, like or care to interact with. That's OK It's designed to evolve. It's intended to be a good starting point from which to build other circles and create other relationships. I can almost guarantee you that there are people in here who's posts you will want to mute (not mine of course), and others who's posts you will treasure. People you will love and people you will love to hate. Tweak the circle to your own personal tastes. The one thing that everyone in this circle has in common though, is a desire to interact, and a respect for the G+ community.

The original purpose for putting this circle together, as many are aware, was to open up a whole new side of G+ to a Facebooker who, being far from unique, commented that G+ was a wasteland of no activity. I put to him the challenge that by adding this circle, his stream would fill with all sorts of weird and wonderful content. He accepted the challenge and without further ado, I introduce you all to +Mic Cullen (Be nice, he's still fleshing out his profile)

I have made this circle public and notified +CircleCount so you should be able to see the circle over there.

If you have been notified (via email) of this post, it's because you're in the circle! Please be assured that I do not use notifications of this type often, and have no intention of flooding your inboxes.

+Kamal Tailor should be in this circle. He is in my local one but something went pear-shaped and he doesn't seem to be in the shared circle. Clearly I broke something. Soooo, be sure to include him should you be adding this circle to your collection. His input is always valuable and he's a good local boy (to Melbourne).
+Tim Richards Writer extraordinaire and all round nice guy. How did this happen? How did people drop off the list. My first circle share and this is what happens.
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+Lady Fran W I am mildly shocked and deeply honored to be included. Thank you.
You're all most welcome. In my opinion everyone in this circle deserves to be there. Whether we always agree, or we bump heads on every topic, everyone in this circle has something of value to add. There are, without hesitation or doubt, people I am sure to have missed out who are equally as deserving, and I am always open to suggestions. As indicated, this circle will evolve. It's a living, breathing, growing entity.
I'm just pondering what was meant by "The likes of Paul Sneddon". LOL.
I'm kidding Paul, you know I love you really.
LOL Who is Paul Sneddon anyway? I'd like to meet him.
I wonder if he'll be at the Sydney photowalk.
+Lady Fran W A wonderful group of people in which to be included! Thank you! And, you may notify me about anything you would like in the future. :-)
Poor, poor +Mic Cullen He will regret the day he let the words 'Google Plus' and 'ghost town' land in my timeline. ~cackle~
I've been significantly misrepresented here by Fran, but anyway... I've been on G+ since it was closed beta, but I'm still not convinced. We'll see.
+Mic Cullen Hey hey Mr Ghost town! There be no misrepresentation. There's 98 people here to convince you though. :D
some new folk there. cheers Fran.
Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting to know the new people in here.
G+ a ghost town? That has never been a problem lol. Full of engaging people on here
Wow... I sometimes wish it was a ghost town... I often can't keep up with my stream! But that is indeed one of the many reasons I keep coming back! Bring on the photo walk where we all take up physical space instead of virtual!
it's making the thought process behind arranging a circle so tricky. and then what propensity for the posts from people in certain circles to appear in my main stream. or for some, do i want to go to just that circle's stream to get only "that" type of post. interesting.
i haven't thought so much about something since lunch!
+Kim Flowers Tell me about it. My stream is overflowing with so much things that interest me. Hours go by without regret
I love it. It's like a massive melting pot of information. It is getting a little out of control though, so when I am time poor, and I really don't have an opportunity to check everything I have found myself increasingly using the filter stream by circle option. It's so convenient.
+Lady Fran W thanks for putting together such an engaging and eclectic circle. I'm proud to be a part of it.
Thanks for the inclusion in this +Lady Fran W. Glad to see a different and interesting mix of people!
I'm am so pleased I put the circle together. It was +Mic Cullen's passing comments in Facebook that fired me up. A good thing too. It's a great mix of some new friends and some gen #1 friends. I'm likin' it a lot!
+Gordon Murphy Behave! -- Like I said though, the group is a varied. There's the naughty and the nice. I'll let you choose your category. ;P
thinking about it... you released this circle on friday afternoon. For all that know me, they know I like to get loose at this time.

New circlers; Brace Yourselves

I hope this doesnt mean that we now have to behave.
Guilty as charged, I'll give this a go to add to the 20 people in my circles currently. Thanks +Lady Fran W
I love your disclaimer +Lady Fran W .. maybe its just me but thats the first thing I read and thought "hell yeh, I want in"... then I looked in the circle and bingo-bango I'm already in :) Ta ver much.
This is going straight into the pool room!!! (being from Melbourne, I hope you get the 'pool' ref).
+Rod Dunne This is definitely a circle for the pool room. I'm not sure it'll leave much 'serenity' in your stream though. ;)
I'm an ideas man myself.. no time for the serenity... ahhhhhh the serenity ;)
+Phill Hocking Kewl. That makes us two degrees of each other yes? Take that Kevin Bacon. Six degrees, schmix degrees.
serenity was a great movie....

Firefly fans everywhere.
Firefly fans, if you want a jayne cobb beanie hand knitted for you, (i have one) get in touch with +Julie Murray , she's an awesome chick
+Gordon Murphy Castle to Firefly. Great segue.
is that how you spell it?! Fuck me! I would have put all my money on segway. but then, i'm not french, and had a country victorian education.
Segway is the way one spells the bike/scooter/thing.
i just have to say you have an incredibly high amount of engagement for the amount of followers you have. what's your trick? :)
We're all local to where we live ;p (I'm a Dubliner, in Dublin, but lived in Fitzroy, Melbourne eons ago,... so am kinda local in another time dimension ;).
FOOTESCRAY! Love my western bulldogs! And I have family in dublin! small world.

I'm actually Irish
i know the feeling. same way i still have a bunch of fresno/la friends on my facebook even though i am holed up in spokanistan :/

i had a 'thing' with a pretty girl from melbourne once :)
ok, before all you aussies find out by accident... i do live in Canberra... please don't hold it against me!!!
Hi +Kristin Milton Welcome to Canberrans Anonymous. This is a safe place. We're all friends here. We'll help you get through this period of darkness.
Oh hang on, G+ has Canberr-arians too! Next thing they'll be letting tom cruise in ;p Thats it, I'm off back to LinkedIn & carrier-pigeons
Don't worry +Rod Dunne, we don't force anyone to join us... it's completely voluntary....

I'm just going to ignore the fact that I moved here swearing that it was two years tops - and now i've been here for 8.
neither, I fart in their general direction. They die.
oh the swallow. haha took a second i get it now.
I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone! I'll try not to sound like an Academy Award winning speech here. I wanted to acknowledge everyone who contributed to putting this circle together. It's proving to be well received and I want you to know I didn't do it alone. I had a good foundation for the circle, but I wanted input and so many of you came to the party with such excellent suggestions. This movi circle couldn't have been made without you! So thank you. Thank YOU! I'd also like to say ... ~music starts~ ... thanks to my mum and dad, my little brothers, the guy in the shop around the corner and God ~trailing off~
+Gordon Murphy What? The wine didn't give you a hint? Good Catholic schoolgirl here. Well ...
Anyway, all Academy Award speeches end thanking God. It's tradition!
lol, it's american and it makes me cringe.

<< catholic baptism, primary school AND secondary school
Swee Oh
Thank you +Lady Fran W for including me in this wonderful group! Hope to interact more with everyone :))
I finally figured out why I got people adding me~!! LOL

+Lady Fran W , you thanked your mum and dad .. that's a an Academy Award speech...
If you also said "world peace".. that would make it a beauty pageant thank you speech! *shudders at the thought* LOLOL
First the jiggly willy, now the floppy titties. Sometimes I worry about G+.
flop is an adjective! They're quite perky, thankyou!
I'm such a visual person =(
Get those images out of my head now!!! Lolol
Be sure to check in on the Ripples for this circle too folks. See how far and wide your name is travelling. It's a shame there's no way to plot the circle on a map. I'd love to see how the web expands across our beautiful blue green planet.
I remember you talking about doing this, and today, while spending the day walking around D.C., my phone was blowing up. I knew right away you shared this. I'll enjoy the new blood in my circles, that's for sure.
Sorry for the fizzled phone +Colin Fosgate Hopefully you were feeling the love with all those notifications though. :D
WHAT?! OMG! I don't know what happened +Kamal Tailor You should be in there. I swear I put you in. You share so much. I am mortified!
+Kamal Tailor See addendum
I am now going to go have myself flogged for such a heinous crime.
I don't know +Lance Moule (although I do now ☺)
No doubt there are lots that I am unaware of, or haven't included. I wanted to keep the circle under 100 though.
You and +Tim Richards are in my local one though, I am not sure how you dropped off the shared circle. I wonder if I added you after I started the post. It's the only thing I can think of.
Are you going to just keep randomly listing names of Plussers now? I can pretty confidently say that there are several million people who aren't in the circle.
+Lance Moule just spent the day at my place. First time i've met him.

+1 for him being a top bloke.
Hello +Lady Fran W your circle came highly recommended, you have some extraordinary people in it that I follow. I've added the remainder of the group to check out what their stream will bring over the next few day's. I'm always looking for new and exiting people to follow and you've got quite the range here. Thank You
You're most welcome +Trever McGhee I hope the circle proves to be a positive addition to your G+. There's been a few updates since I posted. Be sure to scroll back and check the few profile I missed in the first generation of this circle. Some fine folk, definitely worth adding. :-)
+Miranda Fullerton could probably use a few people in her circles.
Although it's nice being the only person posting in my wife's circles, it might be time for her to get some content to distract her from my daily drivel.
This would explain why I have right wing trolls following me G+ and posting nonsense comments. Oh well all are welcome.
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