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getQuery eq null) "" else u.getQuery + '&' new URI(u.getScheme, u.getAuthority, u.getPath, origQuery + "foo=bar", u.getFragment) }. Ugh, that's going to get old fast. And of course, this primitive string appending probably won't do what you want if the original URI already had a “foo” argument.
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Nice application of lenses to a type not normally thought of as being a container!

Checking out your gist, the lens-related types are very reminiscent of Scalaz's definitions.  Looking at the paper you kindly referenced (thanks!), it makes sense as the author of "Asymmetric Lenses in Scala" is Tony Morris (the originator of scalaz, IIRC).

Here's Scalaz 7's fully generalized LensFamily type:

with Lens defined as:

type Lens[A, B] = LensFamily[A, A, B, B]

Now, off to reading that paper! :-)
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Lachlan O'Dea

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I have yet to read it! But this guy piqued my interest.
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Lachlan O'Dea

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As mentioned, no blocked thread.

I also have a theory that I haven't tested yet, which is that async may work better with HTTP pipelining. Last time I tried pipelining with the traditional blocking servlet API (in Tomcat), the pipelining produced no real benefit: the app code still wouldn't see the other requests until the first was completed.

I try to understand the global concept of Async on Play!
When someone go on "", server open a socket for him.
When I do a large process with Async/Promise, the client waiting the answer.
So the socket is still used, the socket ressource is taken and this socket cannot be used for an other user.

Could you explain me how the Async works ?
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Lachlan O'Dea

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Crazy, but awesome crazy.
Why Apple needs a really expensive iPhone.

Some pundits are predicting, and others are advocating, that Apple launch an iPhone that's much cheaper than the current iPhone in order to keep up with Android phone sales.

This is crazy talk.

Apple doesn't need a cheaper iPhone. They need a more expensive one -- much more expensive. Here's why.
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Lachlan O'Dea

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Isn't this a great sight? Our lovely planet, completely intact, taken a few hours ago as a new day began: Dec. 22, 2012. Courtesy of NOAA's GOES 15 satellite over the Pacific Ocean.
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Lachlan O'Dea

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This just in: Santa has opened his Village for the world to see in preparation for his annual world tour at

The Village tour includes: Reindeer games, free calls from Santa, & some elf surprises. One elf overhead Santa: "Ho ho ho, who wouldn't go?"
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Lachlan O'Dea

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My experience deploying a Play app on an Ubuntu server.
All this stuff (known as stanzas) is described in the above mentioned Upstart cookbook, but I'll go through it briefly. The start on / stop on lines indicate that these actions are triggered by change...
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Lachlan O'Dea

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Good article. Another considered article:
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Lachlan O'Dea

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#BAFact: On this date in 2004, the Earth was hit by the biggest blast of cosmic radiation in recorded history.

Eight years ago today - Dec. 27, 2004 - the Earth was slammed by the biggest explosion of energy coming from deep space in recorded history. It is almost impossible to exaggerate the size and scale of this event: It literally had a physical effect here on Earth, even though the origin was a mind-crushing 50,000 light years away!
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The amount of energy released, at 500 quadrillion kilometers away (based on 1/r^2) beggars belief...
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Lachlan O'Dea

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Did you know that being the son of the monarch makes you a medical expert? It's true! (Apparently)
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Lachlan O'Dea

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So the government finally admits it won't get a surplus, which was already faked by shuffling spending.

The real mistake was promising the surplus in the first place.

Actually, the real mistake was spending like a drunken sailor, so that they were so desperate to shore up their economic credentials that they had to make this silly promise.
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