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What would you like on Google Plus?

This is my wishlist... add yours :)

(in no particular order of preference).

1. Have more than one picture attached to a post (embedding).
2. Ability to search within a certain stream.
3. Ability to move a circle into another (embedding).
4. Have links to posts within the link window (multiple links).
5. Search for interests (within and across circles).
6. Specific word search for posts.

Just thinking of how one would like to have things arranged from a user perspective, while I have the highest respect for people at G+, one can always wish!

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url shortening
embedded sound
the ability to write someones first name or nickname, instead of there whole name
Hey +Lacerant Plainer, I think you can do some of the stuff you've put on the list.

You can have more than one picture on a post if you put it into an album and share the album.

The searching for specific word search for posts, I used the search box up the top to search for "specific word search" and this post came up first... It is in real-time though - but there's a drop down box next to your search term that allows you to search with various parameters like in your circles, your posts and specific locations :) I might do a wee post on that later on if I remember ^_^

But some great ideas in there. :)
I'd like to be able to add mp3 clips.  (Or can you already do this and I just haven't found the way?)
I would like to be able to follow my photos that are being shared easily (also when not to public) and have the 1+ for it accumulte on my photo too (and not only in the shared post) - most people are too lazy or ignore the "original" post to give their 1+ there..............
Oh wonderful responses! Some of this I will explore further... But yes, some of the ideas may be quite helpful even to new people to read and use.... I for example did not know about the album upload (never having done that) but D'oh yes it's there. I've seen it!
bbcodes for formatting posts
hate to say it: FB style 'notes' 
How about the ability, when adding a shared circle, to choose to only add those members who are not in any of your existing circles, without having to hover over each person in turn?
Yeah, that would work too. Holland.
What do you have against bbcodes? They are ubiquitous and useful :D
+Ted Ewen, I think they've tried to keep formatting as plain as possible... It'd add a whole new level to posts though... but a lot of people haven't picked up the basics of formatting yet *bold* -strikethrough- and _italic_ and combining works too. It would be a whole new level to have to learn... some BBcode's not all that intuitive.
Not for comments, Holland, for posts. Comments can stay plain.

I think you are probably right, Dolidh,  however I am tired of being limited by the least among us ;)
Oh, bulleted and ordered lists wouldn't be useful?
Indents and simple layout formatting?
Sure ;)
A little common sense and thinking out of posts can let you have interesting formatting using the basics imo.

Even hitting the return key and using charset character to punctuate points can give a post more pizazz.
Formatting by itself would be nice (not being technical minded), it would be nice to have an editor for bold and italics without using the * and _ and -. Just a thought.
Yup, I'm not saying that the current system is useless, just not as useful as it can be.
Nice +Dolidh Young would love to see a post with an example. Btw since we are on the topic, would really like to have a way of temporarily ignoring posts with videos (due to slow interwebs).
Google has WYSIWYG in Blogger and other places iirc. I think your suggestion of tightly integrating G+ with a slightly improved Blogger would go a long way to providing all the functionality put forward here.
+Ted Ewen this WYSIWYG sounds interesting... but blogger is not integrated here is it? (I'm asking since I'm pretty much a novice in such matters)!
I don't know if I did it wrong, that's why I do not have a real profile picture.. I would love to be able to share a profile picture on my profile, and make it visible to everyone, but lock it so no one can share it.  I have seen many women's profile photos shared on a certain post a couple weeks ago, and that really freaked me out.  The ability to do that, would be fantastic.  :)
+Scott Davison I'm not fond of this idea -- already going through 100 comments (and most of them meaningless as they they are often only oh's and ah's ) takes up a lot of time 
Kay, there is no protection. All a body needs to do is take a screen shot.  Do not let the actions of a few social incompetents ruin your experience here. They are the exception, not the rule.
Really?   I need to get specific instructions then, because that's what I believe has hampered not only my own re-sharing of my profile picture, but it may also be hampering other women's as well.  I want to be able to  lock them, and make them to where no one can share them, or download them.  
+Kay Shaw... I think the point of the profile picture is so that it's the public side of you. Unless you just don't want to be in shared circles... I wonder if there's a way to opt-out.

I agree with +Micha Fire... it gets to 400 comments and I'm at the point of rage-quitting :P

+James Hamel great suggestion... Nom.
+Ted Ewen I was so upset by it, I closed my account... And came back a couple days later.. :)  I know that those people are the exception, as I have wonderful people in my circles. xoxo
Comments do start getting a little weird after a hundred or so. It sees they reach achieve singularity and become a black hole from which not the tiniest glimmer of intelligence may escape.
+Dolidh Young OOOOHH!! That's probably what I was in then.  A big shared circle.  The ability to opt out would be fabulous!  ;)
+Scott Davison *lol* and it's only 44 (45 with mine if I'm fast enough with typing)
and - on a side note - while trying to keep up with you here I had one person 1+ EVERY single photo of my Gran Canaria album faint
I actually don't have too many posts that reach that level (400). +Micha Fire - even if you share your blog here, you cannot use that to format the post, it would only format the link and attachment - is it not?
OK, that's my suggestion then, that way my profile picture won't be shared and plussed and commented on, (ugh).  Thanks for the clarification +Dolidh Young and +Holland Rhodes :)
I've been having another conversation as well. I'ts hard to go through all the latest comments.
+Lacerant Plainer correct -- I share the link to the blog post; I don't copy my blog post and have that as original G+ post then (too many photos and at not at the right places in G+)
+Holland Rhodes  , vox?
+Kay Shaw  , I would say choose an 'avatar'  - a picture that symbolises you -  and make that  your profile picture. Then any actual photos of you may be shared only with those you are comfortable doing so with.

I use an avatar cause I like it and now people know this is me so I'm stuck.  Good thing I like the pic :D
That's what I have done +Ted Ewen ....And I am going to be adding photos again.  And the avatar that you have chosen for yourself, is perfect!  I always know it's you before I even see your name! :D
I can't disable sharing on a profile picture. I think that's the problem if it's a public photo and I am included in a circle share +Holland Rhodes ..
=)) I have another suggestion for things missing here on G+: 
being able to "format" a post with pictures inside the post and not at the end  - sometimes a photo in the middle of the text to explain some thing is necessary and having it added to the end makes it misunderstanding / useless
Cool! Glad you found a solution that brought you back, +Kay Shaw  :D  I am also quite pleased that you like my avatar, I've only ever had one negative comment on it, and far more positive comments than I'd ever thought it would garner. Small wins for the WIN :D
Oh nice idea +Micha Fire - I guess that's part of my embedded pics part - for one, I wanted to have a pic of the Phobos orbit around Mars - it's an oddity - but just putting it in an album would not point to what I meant.
+Holland Rhodes  Maybe, it can be possibly put in the Google Plus suggestion box?   :)
I've requested all of these things via the forums, last year. But, no luck.

• Cut tags
• Share-editing (in case you shared too broad or too narrow and want to adjust without the nuke and repost dance)
• An NSFW check box that causes people who haven't selected "unsafe" mode to not see content so marked.

Simply put, I'd like all the visibility controls that I have on FaceBook and/or LiveJournal.
1. Have a 'read later' button which gathers all the posts to be read for later, kind of like an RSS feed within G+
2. Be able to choose which photo within an album shows up first
3. Be able to organize circles like a Venn Diagram, ie only want to include a few people to see all photos and some people limited photos, instead of having to create separate circles for each
4. Add a self-curated music stream (public/private/circles only) with on/off option
5. On hangouts, show time zones
6. Enable Google Play integration
7. Allow a preview for links in post similar to Google search engine
8. Have option to view pages of books next to stream
9. Weather and breaking news box
+Thomas Jones the share-editing sounds interesting - how would that work - I don't think FB has that. Well this is not an official post for Google, but it would be interesting if they picked it up.
+Kristine Asercion selecting which photo shows up in an album first can already be done
and the weather box is available for Chrome browsers already too

the "read later button" would be an awesome feature - but I fear that if I use it - I would never really get around to actually read all those saved reads (and then comment on the original post in time too)

and a "share-editing" option would be great too --- noticed often enough I missed tagging people to my posts sigh
+Micha Fire If Google would integrate how users can have multiple editors like they do in Google docs, that "share-editing" option would be handy. 

I understand a universal layout is easier, but also having the option of where to put the home/profile/circles etc ribbon would be a nice touch. 

In addition, the ability to edit who/which circles get to see a post is needed.

One more thing is being able to see all comments directed toward you or every single thing you posted at a glance.
a timeline feature for the streams, not necessarily for the user's posts like in fb, but in our Home stream, so we can have access to old posts. very useful if you want to look at what happened in your stream in a specific date, specially if you traveled and missed a couple of days without accessing google+.
1. a tab along with those of photos, videos and +1s, with my public stuff on google drive 
2. a tab along with those of photos... with all my comments left here and there
the second tab should have optional visibility both at "tab level" and at a per comment level: I mean that you can decide those who can see the tab, and that among those who can see the tab, only those who authorized to see the post where the comment was done, can see the comment itself. 
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