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A feature not a bug : What if we could reengineer the malaria parasite as a drug delivery vehicle? A centuries old battle with malaria could be ended. Well, that is exactly what Dr. Jacquin Niles, associate professor of biological engineering at MIT is trying to do.

Malarial Parasite as a drug delivery system : Niles’ lab works mainly on eliminating malaria as a disease, but he is taking a radically different approach to the parasite with his project to re-engineer the organism as a vehicle for drug delivery.

As Niles delved deeper into the biology of the parasite, he began to ponder another side of the organism. Around half a million people die each year from malaria — but some 200 million that are infected survive. Many experience no symptoms. These people are clinically immune, meaning they carry the parasite, but show no overt disease symptoms. This makes it hard to identify carriers of the disease, as the malaria parasite survives in the bloodstream at some level, but the carrier is unaware.

Niles’ proposal is, to his knowledge, the first aiming to re-engineer the malaria parasite into a medical tool and provide a novel way to deliver therapeutic drugs: The organism that now infects could one day cure.

Still some ways off : Incorporating a malaria-derived organism into a medical treatment comes with an interesting set of challenges as well. Researchers will need to ensure that the treatment comes with zero risk of causing malaria and zero potential to transmit disease, via the natural mosquito vector, for example.

References and Links
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+Micaela Wachtel I don't think anyone is saying that
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Fish and chips at Chinooks is always awesome. Funnily it was not raining that evening.
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Lacerant Plainer

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Accurate and well written, this Wired article says it factually, covers all the bases and explains all the different powers and issues in the conflict for powering up India's massive population.

Thought provoking. It has hope, confusion, scary stuff and everything else rolled into one. I hope solar wins out.
India will make a choice, but it will not be India's alone.
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+Peter Smalley thought you would find this interesting :)
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Wet weather stopped for some time.

No seriously.
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+Gary Ray R lol yup. Both me and +Gita Jaisinghani are well kitted out. It between 5 and 11 C outside, but we pump up the heat inside to a nice 75F....

Almost over the jet lag, though I still get up at 6 am and potter around before going back to sleep.
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Lacerant Plainer

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So at first I thought this was a religious idol in a doc's waiting room. I later realized it was only the housing for the webcam in the belly button.

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Navel Observatory?
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Lacerant Plainer

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Waiting for a connection at CDG : The time flew by. I managed to get in a shower and shave. And the coffee was amazing. Surprisingly it was made by a machine. Yay for automation.
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+Chad Haney it was nice. We had all kinds of stuff to handle when traveling. Maybe the next HO for a rundown? ;)
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Lacerant Plainer

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Physics behind the wet dog shake : While we see this often in dogs, many mammals use physics to dry off quickly. The super slow motion reveals how it happens, but the mathematics and fluid dynamics support what size dog shakes at what speed to expend the least energy.

Shaking it off : Dickerson, along with some colleagues from the Georgia Institute of Technology, has written “The Wet-Dog Shake,” published in Fluid Dynamics. They attempt to calculate the optimum speed at which dogs should shake to most efficiently dry their fur.

The team built a mathematical model of the processes involved, reasoning that surface tension between the water and the dog’s hair is what keeps the dog wet. Overcoming that tension requires a centripetal force that exceeds it. As centripetal force varies with distance from the centre of the creature, its radius is therefore crucial to work out the speed of the oscillations. The team arrived at an equation that calculates the frequency of that oscillation.

The scientists determined that shaking begins at the head area, which provides a solid point for the energy wave to propagate down the animal's body. The head can also twist more, resulting in higher amplitude waves. Once that process starts, the animal's head, body and skin all move during a shake. The body, though it shakes at the same frequency of the skin, cannot rotate as far, though the skin effectively twists around the body, traveling faster than the body and head can move.

Very furry animals tend to have especially loose skin, which whips around as the animal changes direction, increasing the acceleration. Dickerson said it's comparable to someone cracking a whip. He and his team discovered that animals with smaller bodies must shake more rapidly than larger animals. These tinier mammals can experience up to 20 g's of acceleration. The chosen frequency of animals might even be unconsciously determined, based on nerve and muscle dynamics.

References and links

#fidofriday   #science  
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+Shawn Parker thanks!
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Lacerant Plainer

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Liked this series. Yes I know there are later seasons. I just liked this one. Do watch the trailer. It's kinda fun to watch. 
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+Andrew Scialis Yes. My thoughts exactly. The baby with the powers was unnecessary.
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Lacerant Plainer

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Do you like bottled water? : Not one but many many studies show that there is actually no difference in bottled and tap water. But there is a difference in the carbon footprint. And your wallet.

Ultrapure and Natural.... all claims which mean nothing. If you use a good filtration device, there is no difference in bottled and tap water. And all water on Earth existed for a long time. So Evian water or Aquapure mean very little. Other than to con you....

The video is of advertising insiders talking about the marketing genius of bottled water. Watch from 3.33 for the relevant piece.
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Imagine the quality of water we could have in municipalities if the same money we spent on bottled water went to the water from the taps. Not to mention the less exhaust from trucks running all over the continents.Here in Canada, I saw bottled water from New Zealand!
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Lacerant Plainer

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Roadprinter : Lays bricks on roads at an astonishing pace .... no kidding. Now if one could find a way to embed solar cells in these paver blocks!

The RoadPrinter, by RPS, revolutionizes the way brick walkways and roads are constructed, by allowing them to be assembled vertically, and then slide down a ramp slowly to rest on the ground. This allows pavers to assemble 500 meters of road a day.

Article link:

RP systems link :

+Road Printer 
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I like the idea of what they make out of road printer
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Lacerant Plainer

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Rainy day out
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as long as the rain doesn't turn into a flood ...............
many places report land under.............
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Lacerant Plainer

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Bombay airport lounge : More style than substance. But the design was kinda interesting. I just wished their air conditioning worked.
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+Gary Ray R cool! :)
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