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Welcome to the official LabEquipmentDepot page!
Welcome to the official LabEquipmentDepot page!


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Bel-Art Products Dry-Keeper Horizontal Auto-Desiccator

A green light turns on for the drying cycle for a 41/2 hour absorption period, or a red light indicating 1/2 hour regeneration of the desiccant. This cabinet attains relative humidity levels of 30-40%. Includes two adjustable shelves. The unit draws 6 watts, 120VAC.Clear methyl-methacrylate construction. This item ships oversize.

Key Features:
Auto-desiccator cabinet features a permanent desiccant contained in the control unit. No desiccant tray is needed
Dial hygrometer mounted in door
Electrically operated, non-vacuum
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Brecknell Body Fat/Bathroom Scale

When monitoring your weight at home, the BFS-150 home health bathroom scale is ideal.

- Measures in kg, lb or st. 12-user memories and one guest memory. 
- Three modes of measurement with calorie measurement and BMI calculation.
- Platform is constructed of easy-to-clean tempered glass with LCD display.
- Operates on four AA batteries (not included).
- Auto-off Feature
- 6 mm Safety Tempered Glass Platform
- Automatic Zero Resetting
- Tap on or Button Press to Power on
- Overload Indicator
- Low Battery Indicator
- Normal, Amateur Athlete and Professional Athlete Mode
- Calorie Measurement
- Health Index BMI Calculation

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Milwaukee Instruments pH Meters are available in several types, depending on how the meter is to be used. They range from small pen-like pocket testers, to portable meters with external probes, to more sophisticated bench meters for laboratory use. On this page you can find and pick among the following categories of pH Meters for Laboratory: 

Professional Bench Meters
Portable Meters
Waterproof Pocket Testers

To learn more about how to choose, why and how to use this type of instruments review our pH Meters Buyer’s Guide.
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Compact, flat shaker with ideal swivel motion, for a maximum shaking weight of 7.5 kg.

• Electronic adjustment of speed and timer
• Digital display makes it possible to read the speed, timer function and operating modes
• Electronic time switching clock: 0 - 9 h 59min or continuous operation (endless)
• With integrated endpoint positioning (for automated robot-controlled sampling)
• All functions can be controlled and documented with labworldsoft® software
• Special version with reverse rotating direction on request
• Wide range of attachment combinations makes it possible to use almost all shapes and sizes of vessels
• Attachments are not included, please order separately
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Eclipse Tools 1.75x LED Desk Magnifying Lamp

• Comes with 56 LEDs which provide bright lighting and only 9W consumption
• The LED features long lifetime up to 50000 hours, is 20 times longer lifetime than incandescent lamp.
• Comes with switching adapter, more environment friendly and provides even more stable performance.
• Design with 3D(1.75x) magnification Glass Lens, great for working on hobbies, PCB and documents.
• The adjustable arm allows angling and pointing the light to where you need.
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The most important parameters needed for water analysis, especially in drinking water, can be measured with HANNA's HI93102 portable meter. 
This instrument not only measures turbidity, but also pH, total and free chlorine, bromine, iodine, iron, and cyanuric acid (CYS).
Achieve laboratory results in the field quickly and easily.
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Ohaus Latest Instrumens - Pioneer Balances

The OHAUS Pioneer Series of analytical and precision balances are designed for basic routine weighing in a variety of laboratory, industrial and education applications. With the right combination of performance and features, the OHAUS Pioneer offers uncomplicated performance for all your basic weighing need.

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The Adam Equipment Anti-Vibration Table
[ ]

Designed for use in the laboratory or metrology room to provide suitable working conditions for devices that are sensitive to vibrations and shocks.

►Large working surface of 400mm x 450mm
►Ergonomic Styling for user comfort
►Rugged construction for durability
►Easy to set up light weight aluminium frame
►Adjustable levelling feet to take care of un-even floor
►New aluminium tubular frame for light weight
►Scratch Resistant granite slab
►Polished finish

#vibration   #lab   #laboratory   #metrology   #antishock  
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Mi455 Mini-titrator for the determination of FREE & TOTAL SULPHUR DIOXIDE in wine analysis

Mi455 is a user-friendly microprocessor-based mini-titrator for the determination of free and total sulphur dioxide in the process of wine making. This mini-titrator will give you direct readings with a range of 0 to 400 ppm. The instrument comes with a pre-programmed analysis method for free and total sulphur dioxide measurements on wine sample.

#lab   #titrato   #titration   #laboratory   #sulphurdioxide   #wine   #vineyard   #measurin   #CO2  
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It's a new wave of LabEquipmentDepot promotions! Don't miss your chance to save the money!

Save at Least 40% on Eligible A&D Weighing Scales!

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