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Global Appliances Service

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Thousand Oaks Appliances Repair. Tel: (800) 530-7906

We work all throughout Thousand Oaks, and we know how to get in and out quickly. Thousand Oaks Appliances Repair and Service. Tel: (800) 530-7906.


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The guidelines provided here should be considered general advice that offers an overview of the work involved. When it comes to the actual installation, always follow the instructions included with the machine, accurately and fully.

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Beverly Hills Appliances Repair and Services (800) 530-7906

The Inconvenience of Broken Appliances. A broken appliance can throw off your entire day, if not your whole week. It disrupts plans and can create sudden, massive changes to your schedule. So when your appliance breaks down, be it gas or electric, residential or commercial, you need someone that will come in, fix the problem, and go, so you can get back to your life. So when you need a repair, you need to call Global Appliances Service. We’ll make sure that you experience the smallest possible amount of delay to your schedule and your life.

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Bel Air Appliances Repair and Services (800) 530-7906

The biggest problem with luxury appliances is that, no matter how nice it is, eventually, it will break down. And unlike cheap models that are practically meant to be disposable, an expensive model can’t just be tossed away. It requires repair, and it requires repair by an experienced, professional, and thoroughly trained repair technician. 

At Global Appliances Service we make it a priority to send one of our trained and educated repair techs out to your home. We pride ourselves on the speed and thoroughness of our repairs, which we can guarantee due to our policy of training our technicians in particular brands and product lines.
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