Shore diving in Cozumel can be challenging because of the usual currents that we dive in year around. Diving from Playa las Casitas is no different, but for the adventurous diver this relatively shallow shore dive offers a fascinating combination of pier rubble, two largely unheard of sunken ships and healthy transplanted live rock from Paradise Reef.

“Playa las Casitas” is the stretch of beach located directly across Melgar from the naval barracks just north of downtown San Miguel (Centro Cozumel) and south of the north hotel zone. It is especially popular with locals on Sunday. It is important to know that the current here typically runs from north to south, which is opposite the
usual prevailing current, and it can be fairly strong. The best entry point for this dive is directly in front of the bar at the Cafe de Mare and there is plenty of parking on the street and numerous easy exit points to the north of this restaurant if you prefer not to kick against the current and make this a drift dive.
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