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My 13 year old nephew chatting on messenger the other day.... 

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Buddha No Say That 

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”  #BuddhaNoSayThat

Misquoted, mis-attributed, and "lost in translation" quotes run rampant on the Internet.  For the most part, I try to emulate Duck and let water run off Back Feathers when happening across these painfully wrong attempts at wisdom. 

But not here. 

No... this "quote" so grotesquely hashes the core essence of what Buddha philosophies aim to communicate that the technical writer in me must correct. 

(A)  Buddha no talk like "in the end..."     Buddhists don't believe in "the end".  The whole premise of this argument is already flawed.  Enlightment come from awakening to transcendence, the very definition of which implies no definitive end. 

(B)  Buddha no believe in "meant for you"...   Buddhists don't believe in predestination.  The idea that we should "gracefully" .... "let go"  .... of things "not meant for [us]" is absolutely a gigantic pile of horse manure.

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It's like the DeLorean and the Tesla had a baby .... it's called the Quant6 and it runs on salt_water 

#FeatureSuggestion   for any smartphone operating system vendors:  Give users the option to retire a person from their "Contact List" ...   It can be disconcerting to see a deceased person's name  when scrolling through your contacts list.  Deleting them seems ... well .... kinda wrong.    

Deletion is for the lousy people or companies who don't deserve to be in my contacts list. 

Please give me the option to "retire" -- rather than delete -- a contact who has passed on (in whatever sense of the word).      

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Wasn't living in Oregon between 1/1/11 and 8/30/13, but I did pay this unnecessarily inflated $0.35 debit card fee many, many, many times in California.  Why is ARCO not accountable in California? 

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If you've never heard of Preet Bharara, read this... what a commendable person.

Inside traders are leeches, sucking economic value away from the common man (that is -- his 401K or IRA).   When Mountain View-based Primary Global Research, an "expert network", was exposed as one of the leeches, prosecutions were made, arrests happened, and prison sentences were given.  Silicon Valley used to be a place where honesty and hard work were all you needed for success.  But nowadays it's untenable for anybody with even a scrap of moral fiber.  

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This afternoon thunderstorm is fantastic. 

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An army of fire ants links up to create a floating raft o'ants and traverse a body of water they wouldn't be able to on their own.  Does this hive mind behavior inspire robot makers?  Of course it does. 

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Any tech writers in or around Portland who want a ticket to Write The Docs NA 2014?  May 5th & 6th are the days.  I bought my ticket, but later got a free one 'cause I'll be speaking!   . . message me w/your price.  :) 
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