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This June, we celebrate Pride Month! At Lotus Counseling, we honor the diversity and strength of the LGBT community.
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Wishing all Dads and Dads-to-be a Happy Father's Day ❣️ #fathersday #dads #family #love #grandfathers #dadstobe

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For most people, stress is a part of every day life- a fact of life we learn to live with. However, you should not feel powerless in the face of stress.

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Sexual assault is a public issue affecting women, men, children, families and communities. Victims of sexual assault often experience short-term consequences including guilt, shame, fear, numbness, shock and feelings of isolation. Victims may also experience long-term health risks and behaviors such as PTSD, eating disorders, depression, pregnancy and STIs.

But the good news is that prevention is possible and it’s happening! Sexual assault prevention requires many voices and roles. If you or anybody you know needs help dealing with the psychological effects of sexual assault, contact Lotus Counseling Center at 305-915-5748.

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Talking is hard, but it helps save lives! If you or a loved one are feeling down, depressed, or considering suicide, please reach out for help.

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Lotus Counseling Center invites you to consider these helpful tips when faced with the stress of today’s uncertainty and discord...

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Emotional abuse is characterized by a pattern of behaviors that insults, threatens, rejects, blames, manipulates, isolates, degrades, punishes, humiliates or exerts control over another. Emotional abuse can occur in any significant interpersonal relationship including intimate partnerships, work relationships, and among family and friendships.

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Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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I sometimes get calls from individuals who want to come in for couples counseling, but their partner is hesitant, or totally unwilling, to make that first appointment. Oftentimes the partner who is resistant to therapy feels like they will be blamed for everything wrong in the relationship; he or she might feel uncomfortable speaking about personal problems, or may have had negative experiences in therapy in the past. But, couples counseling is still an option. As counterintuitive as it may seem, couples counseling for one can be extremely beneficial to creating a healthy, functional relationship.

Therapy is the perfect place to explore the best ways to communicate with your partner… even if your partner isn’t present in the therapy office. It is not always easy to know the right way to talk about a sensitive topic without starting an argument or hurting the other person. I’ve worked with clients – individually – to first, fine-tune the message they’d like to express to their partner, and then, to find the most meaningful way to clearly communicate this message.

Couples counseling for one provides an opportunity to understand the role you’ve been playing in the relationship troubles. Your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are undoubtedly having an impact on your relationship. Therapy gives you the opportunity to gain insight into your own patterns, to learn new ways to cope with your thoughts and feelings, and to work through pain from past relationships (or current relationships).

Therapy provides the forum to identify and discuss what a healthy, functional relationship looks like to you. This may mean learning to set boundaries, learning to clearly express your needs, or understanding the different ways partners show and receive love.

Sometimes all it takes is one partner gaining some insight and making positive changes to stop the negative cycles and to shake up the whole relationship. And maybe, sharing what you’ve learned with your partner might influence him or her to join you in therapy.

Victoria Elf Raymond, PhD, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Sexologist

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Keeping it Together While Breaking Up
A break-up can be one of the most painful and challenging experiences that life throws at you. Fortunately, this transition can be navigated more smoothly by heading a few easy tips. Read on to learn what you can do to ease the distress and turmoil of breaking up.
1.      Lean on your support system.
2.      Embrace alone time.
3.      Sit with your emotions without judgement.
4.      Know your intentions before you act.
5.      Reach out to a Lotus Counseling Center therapist for guidance.
Lean on your support system. Discussing your hardship with others can enable you to process and create meaning from your experiences. Finding a way to harness emotional support from those who care about you can lessen the hefty emotional load of a breakup and help you to see outside perspectives. Keep in mind that family and friends are meant to be there for you during tough times as well as happy ones.  
Embrace alone time. Temporarily muting external noise can help you become more attuned to your needs, allowing you to best figure out what you can do to care for yourself as you heal.  This could mean detoxing from social media, taking a day off from work, or avoiding contact with your ex. Instead of focusing exclusively on missing someone else, begin to look forward to re-acquainting with yourself again. Discovering how to love yourself will pay off because no one can know how to love you better than you do!  
Sit with your emotions without judgment. One misconception that can cause undue distress is the belief that some emotions are wrong or negative. On the contrary, it is common for momentous life changes, such as parting ways with a significant other, to be emotionally charged in confusing and sometimes contradictory ways. Provide yourself space to grieve for your loss, feel angry or frustrated, or even relieved without judging whether your feelings are "good" or "bad." Instead, be kind to yourself by utilizing care and compassion.
Know your intentions before you act. Breakups can arouse or amplify pre-existing insecurities, and people are more likely to act impulsively under stress. Before acting, ask yourself what you hope to gain and why. Acknowledging the intent behind your actions may deter you from engaging in self-destructive behaviors that are fueled by distress.
Reach out to a Lotus Counseling Center therapist for guidance. Beginning therapy with a well-trained therapist, which Lotus Counseling Center can amply provide, promotes understanding and healing post-breakup. A therapist can work with you to shed light on your relationship patterns and clarify what you want from the future. Therapy is an especially crucial step if you find that your current support system is lacking. Don’t be shy; our therapists are here to help!

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