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It is not logical to not have fun when Party Spock is present.
so party spock just has some glasses on.
the techinical term for lAUGHING ON THE INTERNET IS "LOL' SAMMANTHA caterlover
laugh my fucking ass off ,,,lmfao
girl) am i pretty?
(boy) no
(girl) do you want to be with me forever?
(boy) no
.....(girl) would you cry if i walked away?
.............(boy) no
she walked away tears ran down her face. the boy grabbed her arm.
........(boy) your not pretty your beautiful
(boy) and i would'nt cry if walked away i would die!!
(boy whispers) please stay with me
(girl whispers) of course
tonight at midnight ur true love will realize they love you.something good will happen to you between 1-4 p.m. tommorrow-it could be anywhere. get ready for the shock of your life! if you dont post this to 5 pages you will have relationship problems for the next 10 years. Srry.
lol party rock is party time yeah
There is a time when you get weirded out by something strange or shall we say... Unusual? That picture falls under that category !_! - Sent From My iPod

trlolololololololol derp
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