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Bridging the Gap
Bridging the Gap

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On Tuesday (18/04/2017) the Turnbull Government abolished the popular 457 Temporary Working visa. This news also comes with a number of changes, which will have significant implications for many applicants wishing to apply for employment related visas in the future. Read the full article to find out what these changes are and how they may affect you. Article:

For anyone wishing to apply for a "Skilled Independent Visa" (Subclass 189), the most important thing to remember is that the skills list keeps changing every year. The new list will come into effect from 1st July 2017. With that in mind, if you wish to apply for this visa and if your occupation is listed on the “Skilled Occupations List” (SOL), you should not delay in applying as you could risk having your occupation not listed in the new SOL.
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If you are an overseas student and you have recently completed your studies, then March 15th will very likely mark the expiration date of your visa. But fear not - this does not have to be the end of an era, it can mark the beginning of a new and prosperous stage in your life.
Visit our website to find out how we can help secure your stay.

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When considering a move to Australia whether that is on a permanent or temporary basis, the country has many advantages to offer both individuals and families.

Firstly, Australians enjoy the second highest quality of life in the whole world. This is measured on three factors; health, educational attainment, and income. Taking all three of these factors into account across every single country in the world, Australia is at top of the list, coming second only to Norway. Which, let’s face it, don’t speak English and have terrible weather. The USA comes in at eighth, meaning Americans can drastically improve their quality of life by moving to Australia.

Australia has the fourth highest life expectancy in the world with the average Australian living to almost 83 years of age. So moving to Australia could potentially add years to your life. You can think of them as bonus years, drinking ice-cold beers, in glorious sunshine, while eating endless barbeques.

Australia also ranks in the top ten in the measure of the healthiest countries, and fares far better then the USA who ranked in 28th position.

The last on this list, but by no means the least, is that Australia is a far more equal country in terms of wealth distribution. In Australia, the richest 1% of the population took 10% of the income share whereas in the USA the richest 1% took 18% of the income in the country, which makes us a more sharing nation.

So, in short, there is a lot more to Australia than its reputation for great weather, amazing beaches, great barbeques and cold beer. It is also a place to enjoy an all-round better standard of life, from health, to education, to income. So any Americans who feel less than enthused about living in Trumps America, or anyone else for that matter are more than welcome to come and check it out.b

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Simplified Student Visa Frame Work:
Under the new student visa structure, an application will be subject to revised assessment criteria, which will determine its risk level.
Visa applications will now be assessed based on;
• The passport of the applicant.
• The education provider that the application is registered to study within Australia.
As before, education providers must be registered with CRICOS, (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students).
Each of the above criteria will be rated from one to three for each visa application, and a combination of the two scores will be used to determine the overall risk of the applicant breaking the terms of their visa.
A level one application is deemed to be low risk, and as such, the applicant will have to provide less documentation to back up their declarations made in relation to their financial capacity or English language proficiency. A level three applicant is deemed to be higher risk, and will have to provide more documentation to back up these declarations.
The ratings assigned to a particular passport or education provider are based on the frequency of applicants using that passport or education provider breaking the terms of their visa during the previous 12 months. These ratings are reviewed on a regular basis.

Changes in the Student Visa Framework

The current structure of the visa framework is quite complex, comprising of eight visa subclasses, an assessment level framework and subsequent visa processing formalities and arrangements. The Australian Government has acknowledged the high impact of the international education on the economy and culture and is adamant to facilitate its growth by making the visa process for overseas genuine and eligible students easier.

View our website today for further details:

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Visit our site today and see how we can help you achieve your dreams of immigrating to Australia.

LIVV Immigration is a one-stop resource for all your visa and immigration needs. We are a team of qualified, Australian-registered agents dedicated to making the immigration process a successful, stress-free experience for all our clients. We specialise in all family and student visas and also deal with issues related to visa cancellation and refusal.
At LIVV Immigration, we understand that every client is unique and has specific needs, whether it is reuniting with loved ones or starting a new course abroad. We take this into consideration during our initial assessment so that our services and solutions are tailored to meet your individual requirements.
Our immigration and visa services include but are not restricted to: Perform an in-depth analysis of each applicant’s individual circumstances and accordingly select an appropriate visa pathway, review all documentation prior to submission and ensure that all documentation is correctly completed and submitted, ensure that your application complies with the stipulated visa obligations and sponsorship conditions, request additional documentation if necessary, ensure that all documentation is submitted on time, liaise with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, view refusals and visa cancellation cases and develop an appropriate action plan to get the cancellation revoked where possible.
All of our agents are highly conversant with immigration laws and stay updated with the ever-changing immigration scenario so the advice we provide clients is always accurate and up-to-date. Whether you live in Australia or overseas, we make it a point to communicate and keep you updated at every step.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to assess your migration eligibility and discuss your visa options. If you are unable to attend in person, we also conduct consultations via telephone, Skype or other communicative means.
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