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Only at a LIL JOHN Party will it be that damn hype!
Hey man I don't think this guy lives like a mosquito I think he looks like a worm with hair
Hey man he may look like a warm with hair but he sure can wrap some shit to my man he is chlorinate is it need not the one and only Little John tonight you little by Nuole
Hey man hey Littlejohn hey you go to Waqas
Hey Mr. Joan I've got hemorrhoidal's on a Saturday night and Dingle berries on my big butt tonight my love my wanderer full winder for the hey is Goliann the tollway lead
Amorites can't ride on a Saturday night you set that hemorrhoids on a Saturday night can you wrap a song about Hambro I said bye-bye to better BBBB by boo-boo DEB Doody hemorrhoids tonight my love
My woman cheated on me and I was eating I do forerunners it's too bad it's got to be this way my love tonight
Every pic i saw from Lil Jon at party is always a lot of people! Great for him
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