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Always live a seamless life without leaving behind sounds, looks and convenience.

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Have a great week's start with the LG Leon

For all those who made it through Monday.
Try resting a minute or two at the nearest cafe,
one hand with coffee and the other with the LG Leon. 

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The LG Watch Urbane: A Watch worth Wearing

Do not be just a man, but a man with style and the Watch Urbane.

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The Moment Captured by the LG G4

Photographer Colby Brown spotting nature’s grandeur from close to afar with the LG G4.

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G4 manual mode is better than s6..and s6 auto mode is better than G4
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The LG G Flex2 : Curved to Perfection

Just like the LG G4, the LG G Flex2 was also a pride flagship product of LG in the early stages of 2015.
Behold, the vivid visuals possible through the LG G Flex2.

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John M
I will post a video, its not good. Don't play games. It's updated to Lollipop. I came from a HTC One M7. That was a fast device but I needed the external SD. LG have said they will fix with a future update. You can reduce the lag by accessing the secret menu but you run the risk of the processor over heating. So won't do it. However I can't imagine it getting any hotter. The power button gets particularly hot!
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The Moment Captured by the LG G4

The LG G4 : Capturing the core by setting the right aim at the right target
To see more G4 images by Buckhori Juniansyah:

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The LG G Flex2 :  Redefining the Curve

A perfect item in creating a more daring and flashy look.

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Sexy Phone and Powerful
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The LG G4 : Color up for Summer

Summer is all about showing off your colors. If there were only two LG G4 leather covers, which would you pick? Would it be the light, creamy sky blue or the passionate red?

#LG   #LGG4   #G4   #Android   #Smartphones   #LGMobile  
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Passionate Red
Creamy Sky Blue
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Creamy sky blue? Odd choice of words 
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Understanding the #LGG4  : Meeting the LG G4 Developers

We have made some in-depth remarks on the genuine leather covers as well as the camera of LG’s 2015 flagship product, the LG G4. However, what we have presented was the front story, rather than the back. Taking some behind-the-scenes action, we have met the developers of the LG G4 Quantum Display (below ‘QD’) and camera and figured out how the LG G4 positions itself differently from the others.
*Interviewees: LG MC Research Center Lee Sang Yong, Yoo Kyung Hee, Kim Eui Joon

Q. How is the LG G4 QD different from the Quantum Dot Display used on televisions?
The main component of the Quantum Dot Display used mostly in monitors or televisions is a nanometer size substance called a ‘Quantum Dot.’ In other words, ‘Quantum Dot’ equals a semiconductor particle (nm) that displays different colors when triggered by either voltage or light. 
Thus a Quantum Dot Display is a display which combines regular LCD panels with Quantum Dot sheets, giving a wider color reproduction range. On the other hand, the Quantum display used in the LG G4 inserts fluorescent substances in the backlight of the LED display. Such method incorporates the basic principle of shedding red or green upon light exposure.

Q. What was test-filmed when developing the LG G4 camera?
I guess we took over 100,000 shots per developing stage. For the front camera we took mostly outdoor sceneries and for the rear one, the majority was human figures with added beauty effects. As for the manual mode, we tested at night times regardless of subjects or locations. Once the images are taken, it goes through internal inspection procedure as to verify whether the color, light settings and other features were well portrayed.

Q. We figured that there were many analogue factors such as the sound to the UX of the manual mode. Were there any models in making the LG G4 camera?
 In short, we referred to all cameras that have a manual mode. We owned wide sets of digital cameras for the purpose of camera development and we always make comparisons between the phone and actual camera devices. The sounds are our efforts to align the UX with the sensitive design of the #LG   #G4  .

*Source: Social LG Electronics blog (
*Original author: Ray Cat (
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LG G Flex Android 5.0.1 Release Date Update
Most consumers worldwide of the original G Flex have already featured the LG G Flex Android 5.0 release date, and 5.0.1 isn’t far behind. Korea LG G Flex smartphones already have the option for the 5.0.1 install, and we are hearing reports that many markets will be skipping Android 5.0, and moving straight to 5.0.1 in a matter of weeks.
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LG Mobile Global

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The LG G4 : A Thought Changer

After taking a tour around the specs of the LG G4 from cover, UX to battery life, Know Your Mobile has concluded that the LG G4 has not only given updates to an ‘already very good phone’ but it has also done it to an extreme extent, giving unbelievable image qualities and looks. 

Click below for more details! 

#LGG4   #G4   #LGMobile   #Mobile   #Android   #Smartphones
The LG G4 is one of the most anticipated handset of 2015. But was it worth the wait?
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+Eric Bruch​ oh yea? Explain to me why the s3, s4, s5, note3 and note4 are all running lollipop if Samsung does not support their devices after 1 year? Oh and I'm pretty sure they will all receive android M once it becomes available at some point. Can't say the same for lg though.
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LG Mobile Global

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LG G4 : The Secrets behind the Genuine Leather

A combination of elaborate technology and artistic design , the #LG #G4  leather back cover has been a core factor that differentiates LG’s flagship product with the others.

We have mentioned in our previous discussion that it takes almost 12 weeks to create a G4 leather cover.  

So what actually happens during the long manufacturing process? 

Noting that it takes usually 4 days to create a regular smartphone cover,  it is easy to notice the extensive time and effort given to the LG G4.  

In general, the leather passes through three phases: processing, cutting and stitching. While most leather products use chrome or aluminum tanning methods, the #LGG4  leather incorporates an eco-friendly ‘Vegetable Tanning’ method which prevents decomposition common in humid room temperature conditions and helps maintain the luxurious flair of the leather . Indeed the level of difficulty is higher compared to other methods.

However, it reveals a much more fine and textural product that  accentuates the values of the leather. After finishing its combining process with vegetable Tannin in a spinning drum, the leather then runs through various testing to make sure the quality stays the same in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor pools and many other locations.

Just as a side, there are four levels in describing the quality of a leather. From high to low, there is the Full-grain, Top Grain, Genuine and Bonded. The leather used in the LG G4 cover is the premium Full-grain leather, a material used mostly on horse saddles. Also, the threads used for stitching is German company Gutermann’s ‘Mara,’ a certified product for environmental fiber.

*Source: Social LG Electronics Blog( 
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+Art Gill​ What's the difference Lmaoo..You wouldn't be able to tell anyway..
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LG Mobile Global

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LG G4 : See the Great, Feel the Great

A phone with values of a camera.
Transform normal to outstanding with the LG G4.\

#LG   #LGG4   #G4   #Android   #Smartphone  
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