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Understanding the #LGG4  : Camera from Top to Bottom – Part 1

While there are many features in and out of the LG G4, the most admired feature is its camera.  The #LG   #G4  has enabled more options and control over the camera to help each and every user generate expert quality photos with a few moves. However because more options imply more difficulties, here we would like to share some useful information regarding core camera functions that will help you more  easily navigate through the detailed features. 

F1.8 Lens
The F1.8 lens is the most adored lens even for professional photographers using a DSLR. The lower the F value, more light enters the lens, thus giving a brighter and clearer image even during low light conditions. The LG G4 has made an unprecedented effort of equipping a F1.8 lens on a smartphone. 
Exposure Adjustment
The nature of a camera is to make white into grey and black into a slightly lighter black. That being so, a subject or environment may appear more brighter or dimmer than it actually appears. The ‘Exposure Revision' will help you take and save images as they are.
Basically it is a graph that shows the overall brightness of the image. If too much light enters the sensor and the image turns white, the graph will tilt to the right. On the other hand, if there aren't enough light penetrating the sensor, the graph will tilt to the left. Through the histogram, you will be able to easily control the balance of light.
It helps generate a horizontally balanced image. Just hold and make sure you are shooting an image that aligns with the surface.
Automatic Focus(AF)
For every, or even fast moving subjects, the LG G4 camera will set the focus of your image automatically so if you are a rooky for finding the right spot, this will do the trick.
Manual Focus(MF)
During situations where there are more than two subjects showing through the lens, the MF will help reduce the risk of setting focus on the wrong subject. 

Stay tuned for more  as camera part 2 will come next week!
Source: Social LG Electronics Blog (
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Lookin good
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LG G4 : The First Smartphone with Genuine Leather Covers

The LG G4 speaks loudly even before you pose for a cool shot.

#LG   #LGG4   #G4   #Android   #Leather   #Mobile   #Smartphones  

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I just thought they meant the phone's back, I'm not English natively
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The How and Why of the #LG   #G4  Genuine Leather

What stands out first about the #LGG4  is its leather cover. While we face the finalized product, the LG G4 genuine leather back panel is an end result of a long, intricate process that stretches far beyond our expectations. 

Phone meets leather
What’s used on the LG G4 is high quality cowhide. Unlike artificial leather, pure leather tends to persistently maintain its soft texture and freshness. Evident from its wide use across various product lines including bags and wallets, genuine leather is noted for presenting a better gripping experience. In fact, leather gives comfort to the hands by distributing external pressure, 10% more than metal, and through its smoothness. The level of attention given to the LG G4 can also be found on its back stitching. Using Gutermann’s Mara lineup only used in high-end products, the LG G4 managed to achieve both modernism and antiquity.

12 weeks of Craftsmanship 
It takes around 12 weeks to produce the back cover of the LG G4. When it comes to genuine leather, it requires 10 times more effort and time to process from start to end. What is more, LG Electronics has added manual operations in this already complex procedure by sewing the back and coating the sides so that the strands stay in place. 

By using only the outer surface of the cowhide and combining it with delicate manufacturing skills, LG Electronics has complemented one of the biggest disadvantages of genuine leather: resistance to moisture and heat.   

Exquisite attention to coating and tanning
LG Electronics utilized the so called ‘Vegetable Tanning’ method which prevents decomposition even at room temperature by applying vegetable dye on the leather. Also through ‘Edge Coating,’ LG Electronics manage to fix the strands by covering special dying materials. 

LG Electronics MC Business Head Cho Jun-ho stated, “The core concept of the LG G4 genuine leather design is ‘Comfortable Elegance.’ We wanted to create through craftsmanship a material that fits soothingly to the consumer as well as stands afar from others.”

#LG   #LGG4   #G4   #Android   #Mobile   #Follow  

*Source: Social LG Electronics blog (
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+Chris Kendall Dear Chris Kendall, thank you for your inquiry. Plastic-backed phones are also available in silver, bronze, and white colors. 
Yet, as we may offer different models and options depending on regions, we encourage you to visit our local consumer support and the website for more information. 
They will be more than happy to assist you. 
Please follow the link below. Thank you.
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LG G4 : Unboxing

Nothing more exciting than to reveal what’s inside.
Check out the inner components of the LG G4!
How many items do you see?

#LG   #LGG4   #G4   #Mobile   #Technology   #Smartphones   #Android  
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Of course! +LG Mobile Global​ I'm located in the states. Thank you and congrats for such a glorious product that is sure to change the smartphone market.
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LG G4 : See the Great, Feel the Great

Following up to the praises of the Mashable, the Inquisitr calls the LG G4 camera, a ‘killer’ that is truly rare in the market.

#LG   #LGG4   #G4   #Inquisitr   #Android   #Technology   #Mobile  
While the LG G4 is a smartphone that Mashable says offers no compromises, the LG G4 camera is a “killer” piece of technology that helps make the G4 the “Swiss
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How do I got the replacement leather. 
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LG G4 : See the Great, Feel the Great

According to the ‪#‎Mashable‬, life will not be just good, but great with the LG G4. Click below to see why!

#LG   #LGG4   #G4  
The LG G4 is a sleek leather-clad smartphone, but its killer cameras are the real stars.
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This article reports no quick charging, but LG recently did a 180 and said that it will, in fact, support quick charging.
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LG Tone Infinim : The Ultimate Bluetooth Headset

Give freedom to your hands when calling with the bluetooth LG Tone Infinim.

#LG   #LGToneInfinim   #ToneInfinim   #Android   #Mobile  

Watch the official Tone Infinim Product Video:
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Was thinking of this today as headphones cable is annoying but this is way too expensive
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Caption This for the LG G4

In your own unique styles, give a title to the  spinning #LGG4  .
Below are some samples for your reference.

- LG G4 Dizzy Dancing
- Spin and turn
- The LG G4 Black Beauty

Hit the +1 button and let’s hear from you some fun #LG   #G4  title ideas!
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Ghumte Rahe Jaoge (for Indian market)
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LG G4: Different colors of Greatness

Same device, distinctive styles and personalities.
The LG G4 knows that there is no one-way satisfaction.

#LG   #LGG4   #G4   #Android   #Mobile  
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I was a GS4 user, when I upgraded to LG G3, definitely goin' for G4. Excellent user experience
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LG G4 : See the Great, Feel the Great

With all the amazing features of the LG G4, there would be no reason to deny it in the end.

#LG   #LGG4   #G4   #Android   #Mobile  
LG may be late to the game as far as smartphone releases go, but the G4 is finally here and it's ready to take on the competition. I've been using a T-Mobile variant of the G4 for a little over a w...
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+Eduardo Bertin Dear Eduardo Bertin, thank you for your inquiry. Availability date of G4 in market will vary depending on regions. 
General availability will be the end of May in South Korea, and global launch campaign is set as well.
We encourage you to visit our local consumer support and the website for more information.
Please follow the link below. Thank you.
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LG G4 : See the Great, Feel the Great

Sharp, silvery and solid.
A phone with values of a jewel.

#G4   #LGG4   #LG   #Android   #Smartphone   #Mobile  
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But what's the problem? Is it serious? Dennis Jam
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All about the LG G4

Words are out and most of you would already be well aware of what the #LG   #G4  is and how it works. But more is never enough. For this week’s spec diary, we would like to dive further into the LG G4 camera starting with its  most valued feature, the F1.8 aperture.

With the F1.8, the LG G4 has the widest aperture available in a smartphone. What it does is it enables more light to enter when shooting, giving you a 80% brighter image then a F2.4 and 11% brighter image than an F1.9. 

While it is surprising that it takes only 0.6 seconds to reload the camera, what is more outstanding is that users could manually operate the ISO, shutter speed, manual focus and white balance of the camera. Noting that anything taken through the LG G4 are 20% more accurate in colors, 25% brighter and delivers 50% more contrasts, more control over your image and videos will result in even more clarity and vividness. 

Not only does the LG G4 hold a 8-megapixel front camera for a dashing look of you and your friends, but the rear camera has doubled its functionality with 16-megapixels. 
Adding to this very trait, the LG G4 has a new feature called the ‘Quick Shot.,’ a function that lets you take images without opening the camera application and even when the screen is off. Simply double tap the G4 rear key(the bottom button in the back) and the work is done.

Click the images below for additional features and visit the official YouTube channel for quick and easy #LGG4  product videos.
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I just feel little bit disapointed because of not used ddr4 ram, used gorila glass 3 (why not 4) and because of too big screen, 5.2 inches on g2 was enough.
:-/ I expected something more from LG. sry.
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