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Metal roofing, while gaining in popularity, is still largely misunderstood, and there are a lot of myths associated with it, especially when it comes to weather-related issues like lightning, hail, and rain. Don’t let misinformation stop you from choosing one of the best #roofing materials for your home! #metalroofing #roofingcontractor
Standing seam metal #roofing is rapidly growing in popularity due to the many benefits of this eco-friendly, durable and energy-saving alternative to asphalt shingles.

Yet, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding this top of the line material - so we're dispelling them on our blog today:

"Top 6 Myths About Standing Seam Metal Roofing" #roofingcontractor

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There are some simple steps you can take that will prevent gutter damage in #winter (latest blog post has all the details). #roofing #roofingcontractor  
During the winter, harsh weather can cause major problems in your gutters but, luckily, there’s a number of simple steps you can take to prevent most of the damage.

From the blog today >> Residential #Roofing: Preventing Winter Gutter Damage #roofingcontractor #homemaintenance

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Recent #roofing estimate requests: Davinci terracotta roof installation in Bridgewater, standing seam metal roofing in Trenton, and multiple leak repairs in Central #NewJersey.

Featuring: DaVinci Synthetic Slate Terracotta Blend Standing Seam Copper Roof Installation projects.

To schedule your FREE estimate, visit or call 609-712-8157 in #NJ or 215-932-7850 in #Pennsylvania!
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A fireplace is a great addition to a home, providing warmth and a cozy atmosphere, especially in winter months. A chimney that comes with it, however, is often a source of problems when it comes to the roofing structure. Chimney leaks are pretty common, even on well maintained roofs. Let's learn how to go about repairing them so that we avoid significant structural damage.

On the blog today >> Residential #Roofing: Chimney Repair in 5 Easy Steps #roofingcontractor

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Featured #roofing project: Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation in Princeton #NJ
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Composite slate #roofing delivers greater value than asphalt shingles plus high performance, aesthetic value & durability of natural slate, at half the cost.

New post this morning >> Residential Roofing: Composite Slate vs. Asphalt Shingles #homeimprovement

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Metal #roofing has enjoyed growing popularity in recent years, thanks in large part to its outstanding durability, long lifespan and ecological friendliness. However, proper installation is key to maximizing the benefits of metal roofing. Errors and oversights during the installation process can lead to significant problems down the road, some of which can be costly to fix.

From the blog today >> Metal Roofing Installation: Common Problems to Watch For #homeimprovement

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A little bit of #motivation this Thursday morning. Let's all try to be better than we were yesterday!

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Featured ‪#‎Roofing‬ Project >> Standing Seam Copper Roof Installation in Morristown ‪#‎NJ‬
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Whether you are planning to upgrade your shingle roof to slate or just repair your existing roof, choosing a ‪#‎roofing‬ contractor is the most important decision of the entire project. We’ve compiled steps you need to take to ensure your project runs smoothly and your new roof is installed without a glitch.

On the blog today >> 3 Steps to Hiring a Slate Roofing Contractor ‪#‎homeimprovement‬
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