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Today is a very ssssSSSSsspecial day. Here's LEGO model designer Steen Sig Andersen holding one of the first production copies of LEGO Minecraft Micro World, fresh off the packing line in Denmark!
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Heh, a little like Angry Birds -- a computer game making its way into the physical world (Angry Birds board game). Nice.
Great stuff, can't wait to get my hands on this one
Awesome, more parts to build custom models with now.
Cool we can brand our kids with Minecraft!
Lego is a rip off!!!! Way to over priced, but kids love it. And i like to build things out of it too.
First of all, that was pretty cruel +vanessa jaimes . And second, is Minecraft LEGO really so great? I mean, it is just a pile of stacked little bricks. And that is something that has been here for decades.
This is cool, but it doesn't make sense. I've been playing with minecraft legos since I started playing with legos. the whole thing with minecraft is building stuff out of blocks, and that's exactly what lego is. it's cool, but I wont be buying it.
Minecraft is game of Lego's so why wast of time and money just like the game =)
Adam G
YA!!!!! ok guy stop hatin on LEGO! LEGO is amazing! that is a fact!
What I think is ironic about this set is that out-of-the-box Minecraft graphics are chunky and low res--sort of like how the tops of the traditional lego blocks are bumpy, and anything built from classic blocks has that chunky look. This new set has many smooth pieces to cover the bumps and create a smoother look. It is genius marketing though--selling the same old blocks as something new.
Let me guess though, its not for girls! Cos Lego is gendered now right. If it was for girls it would be pink
whats so special about that
yes but LEGOs are better quality than MegaBlocks are other competitors. However that doesn't change the fact that LEGOs are awesome!
Really think this will be awesome!
I absolutely love lego lol
i love lego it is cool i want this now badly
I love legos. I have all the sets of lego
can u send some mails when new legos come
this is awesome! minecraft and legos in the same place!!!
I threw money at the screen but nothing happened.
This seems redundant. It's like making LEGO's of LEGO's.
Lego is still made in Denmark? I am surprised it's not made in Asia.
Lego Apple Bottom Jean Boots Qith The Furr The Hole Culb Looong At Her
Lego does not need to be pluralised. It's like sheep.
Some lego, a piece of lego.
"It's like making Lego out of Lego".
So Mr Steen how does the product work?
Woohoo! But... do the LEGO-Creepers explode?
+John Rowlands , I think it's more like fish. As in: you can catch a lot of fish, but the ocean has many different fishes.
Also, who would pick up a couple pieces and say, "I have two Lego"? That sounds weird.
Vi glæder os til at kunne købe det i butikkerne i DK. Desværre er det ikke på LEGO's hjemmeside under nyheder. Vi ville gerne have snust lidt mere til produktet allerede nu!
+Sam Archer I would say I have two pieces of lego, but really, this might be about which side of the atlantic you are on! In England it is weird to say Legos. I know in America it is quite common. Tomato, tomato (oh that doesn't work when typed!).
minecraft?!? i want this!!!!!!!!
+Jason Moller, +Linda Passwaters - LEGO still makes the blocks in Denmark. However, only the most advanced blocks are made in Denmark. The blocks are manufactured in the Czech Republic, Mexico, Hungary, and of course, in Denmark.

Fun fact: Samsonite tried to produce Lego-blocks on license some time ago. They couldn't make the bricks accurate enough. The tolerance is, presently, 2 micrometers. That's just about 0.00007 inches, or roughly 1/3 the diameter of a red blood cell.

+Dawn Roberts - what is Lego a ripoff of? I know that Ole Kirk Christiansen got some bricks, made from cellulose, by a salesman from the UK, but he and his son Godtfred invented the tubes that makes Lego stick together like glue.
I wrote a paper on minecraft. And compared it to Legos on the computer
Lego is value for money! My kids are playing with lego bricks that are 40+ years old and they fit perfectly with new ones. That is what I call quality!!!
så mangler der bare lego-basicpakker med 100-200 standard minecraft klodser :-)
that can only end well
That'sssssssSSSSSSssssss a nice box you have there!
cool. my little brother loves legos. he has a lot of them.
Thats Brill. Lego just keeps on growing!!!
My 11yr old son wants to join the leggo company when he grows up. They totally fascinate him. I just wishhe couldn't build them so fast.
LEGOs Are AWESOME!!! I've played with the big ones until I was 7 then I got to playing with the small ones. I never grew out of them! :) I still have the completely built lego pirate ship you guys first put on the market.
I love LEGO...I have played it when I was a child and until now with my cousin...hehe..
Wasn't LEGO the original minecraft? ;D
Hooray for Lego! Still the best toy to play with.
Heh, yeah, Lego WAS the original minecraft. I remember spending hours building things that worked when they first released the technic Legos. Good times. :-)
Awesome! They did away with bionicles and came out with something ridiculous to replace them (hero factory). Now they are finally redeeming themselves with Minecraft! YESSSSS!!!!! My kids are way excited!
i hope they're more fun...the movie was disgusting!!!!

:3 Combining the two things I live for:legos and minecraft :)
omfg i love LEGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know you've made it when LEGO comes bangin' on your door to recreate something you did or made.
can't wait till it comes to the US
In a parallel universe, that guy is the biggest pimpin' babe magnet his world has ever seen.

Now I have to figure out how to get there.
omg....awesome...and yes girls play w/ legos too....and we dont build those ritarded girly sets...we build things that boys can build too...what
They have yet to make a lego model of me.
you really misspelled the term retarded. badly.
wow if u know him tell him to make more cool legos :)
+Ruby Kenausis, you forgot to capitalize your words properly. You also ignored grammatical rules. Have your own grasp on the English language before you criticize others'.
Two of the best things in life combined!
My grandson would love that. 
Cool that's an awesome minecraft lego i want to be a lego designer so bad and i love minecraft soooo much so that lego is awesome for me im goin to get it
S Reyna
awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Toys are AMAZING!!!! They are my life!!!
i <3 toys!
My kids are drooling over the potential of the new LotR line coming out this summer!
IN DENMARK!!! i was just there not that long ago.
So awesome cause I love LEGO!!!
cool so can i get one for free or have a discount
can i buy it???????????????????
My bro's gonna freak out about this! He loves legos and Minecraft.
That is pretty cool, I actually play Minecraft a lot and I love it, my friends like it to, I'll have to tell them about this.
WOW! Mincraft & LEGO... never thought of that!
this slighty arouses me....
* sigh* why would they do that????
Ooooohhhh man ive been waiting for this for months
Down with MineCraft. ROBLOX! >:D
MAKE a lego minecraft video game, notch!!!
It would be awesome if mindcraft could be available on a tablet
Wow thats so cool I love LEGOS and Minecraft!!!!!!!!! :)
cool i can sit there for hours figuring out legos its so fun!
I get the feeling that this will be huge.
In the age of internet gaming how much longer will Lego survive?
oh my Connor is going to be so excited!
can somone tell me where to buy that cuz i want to buy one now!!! ; - 0
when and where can I buy it?!!?!?!?!?!?
Lego and Minecraft. This can only be huge.
Ergh, not happy to see another licensed LEGO product...
is this like Power Miners (people you might have not heard of it it is sort of old and was discontinued)
AND WHY DID LEGO DISCONTINUE EXOFORCE IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My 8 year old son will now officially go nuts!! I hear echos of "Digging a hole" now and he is miles away at school!!
I looked forward to this!
My kids love Minecraft, they love Lego, there heads will kidding!
What is so awesome about mine craft ???? I don't get it ;(
@Michael Mitchell, its just a giant sandbox game essentially where you can craft items and make your own designs out of blocks. Hence why people thought that having Minecraft LEGO sets would be a good idea
Well Emma Chaisson (or who ever wrote the post one down from this one) it's more than that it actually is more than "just a sand box game" first of all there is internet connection to other players also YOU DON'T JUST CRAFT ITEMS you can stay up at night and ward off exploding four-legged green things called creepers and other guys who want to kill you. Also this game does have a point not just to build anything you want but to defeat the Ender Dragon which is really hard and fun it provides difficulty.
yes, a very ssssSSSSsspecial day.
aw, I wish I could plus one this more than once.
I like LEGO, I like Mincraft
I like lego mincraft!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love LEGO. Love Minecraft.
As soon as I find one of those sets, it's mine
Same Love Legos and Minecraft. Can't wait to get my hands on one. I will probable build some thing like a Lego Mincraft house or monster farm. :)
This is cool cos I luv Minecraft and lego!!!!!!:D
The set is perfect for fans of Minecraft and Lego. I want to get one myself.
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEGO MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE BEST COMBINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minecraft and LEGO are the best.
that looks ok not sure I'd buy it though
Thatsssssss a nice brick you got there. it would be a shame if something were to happen to it... SsSsSsSsssssSsssssssssssssssssSSSsssSSSS
So cool i want one nowww!!!
LEGO will probably make more LEGO Minecraft sets.
LEGO should make more Minecraft sets. They are really popular.
2 new minecraft sets coming SEPTEMBER 1st!
I cant wait until they get the bigger version!!
New Minifig scale sets coming later this year
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