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LD Williams

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Just took a chance on a Hcigar vt200 for £60
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Well as the chipset costs more then that to buy here, I can't really go wrong
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LD Williams

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Got the Amor Plus RBA heads today, went to rebuild one, found the following -

Coil is 3.5 mm but the juice holes are only 2.5 mm
On the +ve leg there was a small piece on insulation tubing/sleeve.
Haven't as yet measured to see what gauge wire they used, but will do later.
I've rebuilt at 2.5 M and reused the insulation sleeve (it was new).

I again haven't checked, but i would imagine that the cotton is only really butted up against the juice holes, otherwise surely it would be too tight in the juice holes and not wick properly ?
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LD Williams

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Got the Wismec Amor Plus yesterday
So far only used the RBA coil in it with the 0.5 ohm build that came in it.
Wasn't impressed with the garden hose of a driptip, but then I rarely am These days, so found a rather nice white delving one that came with my Spheroid, far better suited for a MTL inhale.
Been running it around 26 watts and its producing a nice flavour and vapour from my banana custard mix.
Quite like the top fill , no fuss, No bother and no leaks so far either.
And its been wicking really well, so hopefully the other 3 coils that came with it will as well.
Quite like the styling of it as well, simple , Do like the fact that as you open the top to be able to fill with juice, you auto close the juice ports as well, no floods as a result

Overall I'm quite impressed with it, its no super duper tank but a decent one for a lower end tank and one for those that don't need Massive clouds, although I'm sure it Could make a decent effort if you wanted
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LD Williams

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Based on his many battery tests, Mooch recommends his top 18650 batteries for safe vaping at different wattages and amps levels.
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I'll drop him a PM and see if he replies.

From what I can gather the HB6 series seem to be batch jobs for either specific customers. The 18V Ryobi battery packs for their drills, cordless circular saws etc use LG AH1 , which are 30A 1300mAh. Probably a custom cell for that application. Dropping the capacity down would mean they can be discharged at a full 30A but they'd max out at a lower temperature because they'd go dead sooner.

Wouldn't mind getting some HB4, they seem to do better in Mooch 's pulsed current tests, maintaining a higher voltage throughout. No source if them in the UK though. 
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LD Williams

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RBA head coming for the Cubis
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I took the airflow ring completely off, helps.
The 1 ohm coils are now usable for Me, but they aren't the airyist around 
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LD Williams

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£75 available 30th January
19mm diameter, top fill, holds 2ml of juice
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LD Williams

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Interesting !

On the smok guardian Iii review, I just heard DJSLBVAPES say to stay Away from v3 of the RX200 as it messes up the SS temperature control !!!
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Ah ok 
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LD Williams

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Insanity mode activated 
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Is how I thought it would be
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LD Williams

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Cubis update

First thing is, take the damn air flow ring off! Makes it just about usable for me.
Doesn't make it any prettier, but it helps
I have been using the 1 ohm coil and as you can see, it needs a high temp setting to get anything from it. I am normally around 420 - 440F, this needs 550F for me.
Having said that, there is decent vapour production and flavour from it for me .
The flavour actually isn't bad at all and I get a decent amount of vapour by my standards.
Oversell its well usable as it is now. Not a trend setter in vape by any means, but it works and works OK for me.
The tank does get reasonably warm as well in use, so i wouldnt advise any chain vaping on it

I will be very interested to see what the new RBA heads will produce, see if they are any better 
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+Static Chamber​ the insider in around the drip tip unscrews mate - the airflow goes down the outside tube and the vapour comes up the inside tube.
Once that's removed you simply pull the air flow ring off, its only he'd by an o ring
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LD Williams

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This picture is taken from this review of the istick 100w TC (11:15 secs in if you are interested)

Has anyone come across these suggested Min resistances for different wires before please?
Or know Anything at it ?
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LD Williams

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London professor made false claims; San Francisco colleague used wrong data
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That's about it really, I'll never be rich as a result, but I Will and Am able to end each day with a clear concious :)
I'm always busy doing nothing!I 
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Live as you will have wished to have lived when you are dying!
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