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Augvape Merlin
TBH, after the reviews I am a little disappointed in this.
Its described as giving a decent MTL vape, yet you can see that even with the restrictor in place on the deck, the AFC Still needs to be Fully closed for me to MTL it.
And Even then it is a Loose MTL, so How good is their actual AFC ?
What Is needed is a smaller restrictor, as they have done with their mini version of this (a 2.4mm airway on the deck is never going to give a True MTL, Needs going down to around 1.2 - 1.5mm).
Its a shame, as it Almost gives me a good vape. The flavour is good, it's just that there isn't Quite enough restriction in the air flow to give me a Decent MTL vape - I simply run out of available 'inhale' to be able to get a decent amount of vapour.
I tried the inserts from the mini, but they are to wide sadly, so I've ordered some kayfun 5 inserts in the hope that they fit (they are a 'sprung' push in fit, so don't need threads).
If someone could come up with a range of kayfun styled restricters (different diameters and hole sizes) they could make a killing I'm sure, as then a Lot of these DTL tanks could easily be turned into MTL, even using 2 coils I'm sure.

Having said that, it's easy to build and wick on, I nailed that first try after watching a few reviews. I have a 1.06 ohm 3mm diameter, 26 gauge 8 wrap in it.
The juice control is about one of the best that I've seen, just works and works simply.
The AFC, as i said, Doesn't completely shut off the aurflow, which is fantastic, but for most of that won't be a problem I'm sure.

All in all you can see that this tank is more aimed at the DTL folk than MTL, which is a shame, as with a fraction more effort (extra restrictor) it could have been a Very good MTL tank as well.

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Can't believe no one hasn't thought of this as yet !

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Anyone up for a little challenge ?

THEME is Mothers what else for today :)

If you see any spam posts that the admin and mods might have missed -

Please tag one of us into the post, so that we can deal with it.

Thanks all

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Well just tried out that renaissance wax. It's a microcrystalline wax
It does shine a bit more now, but again, really only in sunlight , and I'm in the UK! :D
Think the only real way to get a Good shine on it would be to lacquer it or similar
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Well, don't bother with linseed oil for any stabilised wood mods
Done F all to mine
From various sites, renaissance wax is the way to go

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