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General  - 
Quick question for you battery folks -

Which are the better 26650 batteries to get please?

I vape at around 380F and only 40W

Looking at the new Hcigar VT75
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Efest 26650 work great for me! And I do agree the 18650 are not.
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LD Williams

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Some slightly better pics this time of all three.
Really liking these setups now, they suit me to a T.
Hcigar 133 with Auth kayfun mini v3 on them
Toaster DNA133 with a clone kayfun mini plus v3 (24mm)
All 3 in TC mode using SS316
Getting a great vape off of all of them and TBH, I'm Now not really looking for anything else.
Of course I won't stop looking, but for the moment at least , its looking only.
Unless something better comes along these are Def my Niverna
The DNA board really does nail it for me, will be interesting to see how their new DNA75 board works out. That may well interest me as that won't need 2 batteries to power it
As for the KF, this is Easily their best one ever and just works So well for me.
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Yeah 1.42 seems to be it, for now at least, cant think F anything else I'd like added there.
And like you I barely use 25% of the mods power,IF ever that tbh
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LD Williams

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Just got a KF mini v3 Plus clone in.
Its a 22mm at the very base, but bulges out to 24mm above that
It holds 3.5ml instead of the standard 2ml of the original and stands about 5mm shorter.
Not sure if I've nailed the build as yet on it, just threw it on pretty much.
Only gripes I have with it are the post screws - basically crap. Why ruin what is otherwise a good quality copy with a couple of crap screws? Their heads are too small trap any thick ish wire. Luckily I can get a spares pack for £2 that has the right screws, so I swapped those over and thats now fine.
The other small gripe is that the top fill section is a little fiddly to get back on, but that we'll ease with use, wait n see.
So far it's working well, either the build needs a bit of time to bed in, or more likely I've not quite nailed it. Time will tell on that and its way easy enough to throw another build on it as well.

I'll post a couple of pics later on when I'm more able to.
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Update, the top cap I've now figured out what to do - need to slightly press down as you thread it on, the o ring prevents that otherwise.
One tankful in and whilst it's not The best build I've ever done, its producing a decent flavour and vapour. Tomorrow I'll build it slower and should nail it then.
To its credit, it has the best juice flow adjust of all of my Kfs, including the two authentic KF mini v3!
If it continues to be a good vape I will likely get another, possibly two, then get the new insulator parts from cremedevape that prevent the centre +ve block from turning, along with the screws. It will make them a little pricier thenorignally, but we'll worth it for me.
They can then go on the Reuleaux , SX mini, cuboid etc .
Also it's been in TC all of today, not jumped out once, or done anything else untoward.
Its the same deck as the mini, just with a larger capacity tank around it.
If this continues I could easily see me selling my other stuff, as i Know they just Won't get used. Keep some of them though of course, but this KF mini v3 really Is hitting the spot sweet for me .
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LD Williams

General  - 
A new study being presented today at the 4th Workplace and Indoor Aerosols conference in Barcelona shows, for the first time, that exhaled e-cigarette particles are liquid droplets that evaporate within seconds.
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Exactly :)
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LD Williams

General  - 
So, this sorta happened.
Its a bit thicker then I'd have preferred (27mm X 50mm X 100mm I 'think') and is easier in my right hand then my left atm (due to some dexterity probs), but it works rather nicely

A Toaster DNA133 :)
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LD Williams

General  - 
Just picked this up over on FB (pics not mine)
Its a toaster mod, hand made by Ade Bousefield
DNA133 , it was too good a price for me to resist, lol
All toaster mods come with a lifetime guarantee as well, even if sold on I believe :)
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Thanks +LD Williams​
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LD Williams

General  - 
A review of a new notch style coil from Ijoy, that is coming out with their new tornado RDTA.
Comes in 3.5 and 5.0mm diameters, around 0.2 ohms each
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In the UK you can get these coils Dirt cheap
£5 for 5 !
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LD Williams

General  - 
Not the best pic in the world, but you get the idea I hope
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My pleasure mate :)

So far it's working well, I'm happy with the purchase :)
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LD Williams

General  - 
According to Royal Fails' website And their 'customer services'.
This wasn't even on their system this morning, Yet they could deliver it!
It could be tracked from China, All the way to the UK and them just 'disappears'
Its No wonder that people are moving away from them , with that kind of 'service'
(I prefer DPD myself, full tracking, txt on the day of delivery giving you a 1 hour time slot)

On another note, Hcigar have sold 8,500 of these since I got my first one !
Now All set up in escribe and running sweetly
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Interestingly they seem to have slightly altered the size of the indent for the battery cover, the cover from the new black framed one moves on the old silver one and the cover from that is a Very snug fit on the black framed.
Likely thats why those coloured ones I got from Gearbest seem a tiny fraction small on the silver framed one.
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LD Williams

General  - 
Well, my VT133 battery covers from Gearbest have arrived.
The colours are a bit pastely for my liking but ok i guess.
They have what feels like some kind of rubberised coating on them.
They Aren't quite as good a fit as the original, I had to do a bit pressing/moulding to them to sit flush at the back so there wasn't any lip and they seem to be a fraction smaller then the original, you can see the inside just that touch more.
On the plus side, the inside is now coated as well, as you can see.
But, for £2.50 each, I'm not going to complain about them and may even get the black on as well now, as that rubber coating is actually quite nice.
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BTW just got 2 black ones for £7 posted and that included the tracking
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LD Williams

General  - 
RRP is $1200 but, What a unique piece!
This is something that I would dream of owning !
Now IF he did a DNA200 ! ............
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LD Williams

General  - 
Just to say that I've been asked to review the new coil master juice bottle -
I received it today and I will be using it over the next few days and then review it.
Initial thoughts are - a couple of snags but nothing major. In general it works well

Letcha know as and when :)
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