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Lisa Murano
Gardener/chicken farmer/blogger/mom.
Gardener/chicken farmer/blogger/mom.


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5 reasons why plants love garlic
Quite awhile back I wrote about all the uses for cinnamon in the garden and have been surprised at how many times that post has been viewed! It would appear that organic gardening is very popular right now and many people would rather use natural remedies t...

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How I saved $450 on chicken feed last year
A few years back I wrote a post about my farm expenses for the year . In those expenses I had spent a whopping $1140 for feed! That is a lot of money for chicken feed! Of course you can't have chickens without feeding them so it is a necessary expense. I lo...

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How to use Red Clover herb
Red clover is one of my favorite herbs to use. Red clover ( Trifolium pratense ) is often thought to be a weed since it has the tendency to show up in unkempt areas like roadsides and empty lots. Since it tends to grow wild, it's easy for me to find on my f...

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11 Reasons why your hens aren't laying
You have a full flock of hens but your egg basket is regularly empty. What gives? There are a lot of reasons why your hens might not be laying. From age to illness, almost anything can go wrong and cause a hen to stop laying. Luckily, many of these reasons ...

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Selling fresh eggs
If you've had chickens for any length of time then you know their egg production has peaks and valleys. While some of those low times can make you feel like you'll never get another fresh egg again, the high production times can leave with with more eggs th...

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Easy Marinated Cucamelon Salad
After I wrote about how to grow cucamelons a few weeks back, I received several messages through email and social media asking for recipes. Cucamelons (Mexican sour gherkins) can be prepared in the same way as cucumbers but I haven't been able to find many ...

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How to mulch with grass clippings
Earlier this summer I started reading about mulching the garden with grass. Weeds are always a big problem for me and my weed barrier fabric was really late getting it didn't get in on time and I was quickly becoming overrun with weeds. I try to ...

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How to grow and use Toothache plant
As you know, I like to add different plants to my garden every year and one of this years varieties is Spilanthes Toothache plant (Acmella oleracea or Spilanthes acmella ) This plant has earned it's name from the mouth numbing sensation caused by chewing on...

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Train your chickens to come when called!
One of the first things I did when I got my first flock of chickens was to train them to come when I called them. I let my
chickens free range and by training them, I know that I will be able to
call them back to their coop whenever I want to. It's truly ...

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How smart are chickens?
If you've been aorund chickens any length of time there's no doubt you've heard someone go on and on about how smart their chickens are. Some people have trained their chickens to come when called, do tricks and even run obstacle courses . You've probably a...
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