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A really interesting meeting coming together so far:
- Firebase and chat systems - Jim
- DDoS and ingress policing queueing disciplines - Chas
- GitHub webhooks - Jeff
- Quick preview of a System76 laptop that Ben has on order
- And feel free to come wiith your own topics for discussion!
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Ponder for a moment: What actually happens when you type '' in your browser and hit enter?
The answer is surprisingly complex.
How does your web browser contact that remote server? How does it download the information? How does it render it on your screen?

Here's a summary of just some of the subsystems invoked before the KyOSS web page is rendered in your browser:

TCP/IP -- the backbone protocols of the internet
DNS -- the "Directory Assistance" of the internet
Whois -- the "Supervisor" for the "Directory Assistance" of the internet
HTTP -- the lingua fracta of web pages
Cookies -- your personal ID on the web
TLS / SSL -- encrypting connections since 1994
Ethernet -- the driveways, side streets, and highways of the internet
...and more

Jeff Squyres, Deven Phillips, and Alan Blount will lead us on that labarynthian journey thru the interwebs.
More info here:
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We'll be discussing more Linux tech basics tonight (as well as any other topics you like). Come with your questions ... or your presentations :)
All are welcome: beginners, pros, sysadmins, programmers, students, grandmas, etc.
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Come and join us! We usually have between 15 and 25 Linux/Open Source users, admins, and programmers show up. Good conversation and networking and, often, a great presentation or two. One topic so far: Contributing to an open source project (in baby steps).
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Tonight, something for everyone!
For the gurus amongst us: A report from the recent QCon conference in San Francisco, including a lot about microservices, Docker, and orchestration.

And for the rest of us, it's back to the basics:
Master the command line and answer those nagging questions about just how *nix works.

For Linux basics, we'll do a "once over lightly" followed by a drilldown into those topics of interest.

Here's what's on our list so far. (Let us know what other topics you'd like us to cover.) :

• the UNIX Philosophy (build simple, general, pluggable tools that can be reused)
• navigating the command line
• command history
• piping and redirection
• grep, sed, and awk (and a bit on regular expressions)
• sort, uniq, wc
• shell scripts
• init systems (System V and Upstart)
• daemons
• top and ps aux
• start up scripts
• cron
• ssh
• screen
• find
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Meeting once again at TEK Systems in The 700 Room (1st floor conference room).
Come and meet fellow open source geeks and join a discussion of what we've all been up to and what's going on in the open source world.
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Come for a great discussion of all things open. Among the topics we will/may be talking about:
- accessing a command line interface via your browser by using GoTTY,
- how to get hierarchical JSON results from PostGreSQL relational tables,
- measuring code quality with SonarQube,
- managing servers with Puppet, and
- monitoring your email for security threats with v-snitch.

Meeting space and food (starting at 6:30) compliments of TEK Systems.
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700 N. Hurstbourne Pkwy The 700 Room, Louisville, KY

We'll have a hands-on workshop in Docker and Linux containers, led by Deven Phillips. Bring your Linux machine or ssh access to one.

Plus, Jeff Sqyres will tell us a bout a Ruby Sinatra 'bot for checking for "Signed-off-by" lines in Github commits. 

Food & drink compliments of TekSystems. 

More details at

Come and join us! We usually have between 15 and 20 Linux users, admins, and programmers show up. Good conversation and networking and, often, a great presentation or two.
We meet on the second Wednesday of each month. Keep up on the latest by subscribing to our KYOSS discussion list. Just send an email to Register and log in to our web site at Keep up on the very latest on our IRC channel: freenode/#kyoss Google StreetView map for LVL1
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Deven Phillips will tell us about Sysdig, a system measurement / monitoring / troubleshooting tool. Jim Troy will tell us about Firebase, Google's cloud-based platform for web and mobile apps. And bring you own topics for discussion! (Food and drink compliments of TEKsystems!)
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Join us for an evening of all things open.
Max Battcher will be giving us a presentation on Mozilla Persona, the open source "single sign-on" system that gives you more privacy than comparable systems like OpenID and Facebook's similar service. Here's: Wikipedia on the subject. Persona made the news in March when Mozilla announced it was handing the project over to the open source community.
Our thanks to TEK Systems for providing the venue and refreshments!
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