Solar Light Energies In 2016: Spotless Sun For Almost A Week, So Then Why Are We Feeling Amplified Ascension Symptoms Over The Last Few Days? `- DIVINE LIGHT PHASES
By Mikey Murdock

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“The Earth-facing side of the sun is quiet, but the farside is not. We know because on Saturday something exploded there, hurling a cloud of plasma over the sun’s eastern limb.”

"This was taken from the same site, and states that the side of the sun facing earth is spotless, but the side facing away from the sun there was an explosion on the farside of the sun but because it’s not facing directly to earth they think it doesn’t effect us. free-rolleye-smileys-323 These people once again, just don’t understand the sun, and don’t understand the Ascension process. free-rolleye-smileys-323 When ever there is any kind of Cme, Coronal hole opening up, solar flares erupting, lots of sun spots, magnetic filaments I and every (Light-Worker) alive in physicality feels it. Please understand that my frustration comes out, because many people are still thinking that our sun is not active, that it doesn’t effect us, that just because an eruption is on the other side of the sun facing away from earth that it won’t effect us physically. It does, it will, and it has...

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