Summer Solstice Light Energies: In 2016 Light-Workers, We’re Merging More With The Divine Light | DIVINE LIGHT PHASES
By Mikey Murdock

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As Light-Workers we can’t really do much of the same activities as people who are still living in the 3D way of existing. Our bodies are/were created for a different purpose, when we’re activated it’s for a different purpose, and those who aren’t activated seem to get on with life just fine and luckily most of the time pain free. Were here for a specific purpose each being existing on earth here right now, (Light-Workers) understand it’s just not for the same reason. I just needed to point this out, so that many can really get an idea of how everyone deals/handles with the summer solstice when it arrives and the oncoming energies that come with it. Those in the 3D way of being and existing, don’t understand us when we’re creating within the 5D (Heaven on earth). We have different priorities, we want to merge with divine source/creator, they want to remain in ignorance...

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