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Just when I thought the Congress was at its nadir, a Republican politico used a rule (rule 19) to silence dissent in Congress. Originally, Rule 19 was created to prevent challenges and duels between Congressmen (yeah, it's THAT old).
Now it is used by sleazeballs to quash dissent and prevent negative commentaries about members of the Controlling Majority.
Never mind the Free Speech part of the Constitution; Congress considers itself above the Constitution, and isn't afraid to act that way.
Republicans: the Party of Lincoln. That's what they claim, anyway. What they do is silence those who point out that certain members are still in the Pre-Civil-war mindset regarding Blacks or people of color.
Can you smell the Hypocrisy? It's particularly pungent in the Senate, this year.

Another day, another slip down the slope. It isn't called a slippery slope for nothing, you know.
We seriously need a break from National Political Parties. I mean it; make active membership in a National Political Party ten days after a National Election a Federal Crime.
Here's the plan: National Political Parties may form one year before a National Election for President and Vice President. On January 20th they must dis-incorporate and have paid all their bills. Legislative Elections would be managed by State Political Parties.
With no National Political Parties, both Legislative and Executive branches would be dependent on the People for direction and philosophy; there would be no overarching Political Machine telling them what to do and when to do it.
Additionally, all candidates for President must take and pass the same test we require people seeking Citizenship to take. This will guarantee our President will understand the Federal system and will guarantee that he signs and enacts Orders that are in compliance with the Constitution and the laws of the land.
Do I think this will happen? Short of Revolution, no, it won't. Too many un-elected people would lose too much political power for this ever to come about, but it is something to consider...

"...and are endowed with certain inalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men; deriving their power from the just consent of the Governed, and that when any form of Government becomes destructive of those ends it is the right of the People to alter or abolish that Government and replace it with a Government supportive of those ends."
That is what Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1776, on a hot day in July.
These words are still true today. We are the source of Governmental power and when that Government becomes destructive of the ends that We the People created it to serve, it is our responsibility to change it or to suffer the consequences of its continued existence.
Thus we get the Government we deserve. It was true then, and it is true now.

You know, all this business with Trump is based on the belief that people will obey him. That's silly. Nobody has to obey Trump. He cannot issue a binding law. His Executive Actions will fail the legitimacy test in court and thus be unenforceable.
Just say NO. Say it in groups. Say it in public. We, the People, are the ultimate source of Political power in this country and it is time to remind Washington D.C. of this fact.
Do not be silent. Use the Post Office (not the internet) to mail your concerns and your requests to your Representative or Senator. The Mail has a big punch in D.C. so use it.
We still run this country, not the Politicians. Remind them of this fact.
before it is too late...

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Another dose of the ridiculous: Autism is unique to the person and School Districts teach to the masses. It is simply not rational for a family to expect that their Autistic child would receive an education tailored to that child's needs and capabilities in this instance. Private schools may be able to do slightly better, but honestly, this is more a Medicare issue than a FAPE matter. The child needs education tailored to his/her capabilities, not some mystical Government mandated "Equal Education" because in many cases and equal education is simply not possible due to the child's Autism. IMHO, the parents are simply trying to get the County School district to foot the bill for Their choice of schooling, not because their child will learn better in a Private - or Privatized - school. IMHO, the parents should be the ones to educate their child since they are uniquely aware of that child's capabilities, weaknesses, and means. After a bit of training, homeschooling is probably going to be the most effective way of teaching this child as much as s/he can learn.

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Finally something good happens!

The new version of Google+ is so bad that I probably won't be visiting it very often. Sorry, but I have my standards and Google+ just plummeted kilometers below them.

This new screwup with Google+ is just as bad as I thought it would be. Result; when I post, I'll use Facebook.
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