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SEO Copywriter & Marketing Consultant
SEO Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

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It's A Freezing Cold Melbourne Winter...

So it's time to crank up the tunes and dream about the sunshine coming. This track has been on repeat a LOT today :)

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If you're running an AdWords campaign, this post via +Click-Winning Content is a must read
Google AdWords FAQ: How do I know if my AdWords campaign is working or if I’m wasting my money? 

A. Set up conversion tracking. Read more at the link

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Running your own business? You MUST read this via +Brook McCarthy
Are you ready to become a leader, expert or authority in your field? Are you ready to become the boss in your own business? Becoming Boss:

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Sunday morning: long walk then a strong coffee - perfect! #melbourne

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Puppy Sherman pic of day at Westfield shopping centre.

Amidst all the screaming kids, the open stairs, lifts and people wanting to pat him, he stayed chilled out and calm

#seeingeyedog #guidedog

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End of year summer holiday on the Mornington Peninsula - perfect way to celebrate end of year festivities with family and friends via +Rye Beach Abode 
Will 2015 Be The Year You Celebrate Xmas On The Beach?

Our 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, pet-friendly holiday rental sleeps 8 and has FREE WiFi. Now's the time to book in your Mornington Peninsula get away.

#morningtonpeninsula   #holidayrentals   #petfriendly  

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It's Back - Ray Donovan Series 3 Has Started!

I binge watched the first 2 seasons and the first episode for Season 3 is just as good.

#raydonovan   #tvseries  

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If you want to present from the stage with confidence or look and feel amazing in front of the camera, this workshop in Melbourne led by warm up & MC legend, Michael Pope  +Voice Over Coach & leading stylist Ann Reinten looks amazing.
Feel More Confident When You're Presenting From The Stage Or In Front Of the Camera

Collaboration is the word of the moment in business and I’m excited to be teaming up with two incredible forces in the world of ‘presenting’, the brilliant Michael Pope, legendary Speaker, MC and Audience Entertainer and Anne Reinten AICI CIP, world renowned Personal Stylist, to present a one day Seminar.

We’ve called it ‘Presenting Matters’, because in business today you need to be across all forms of speaking, including on-camera presenting. The next Seminar is Saturday September 5 in Melbourne and numbers are limited. So if you’re ready to lift your presentation game visit

#presentation   #publicspeaking  

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If you're fed up and know that you can achieve more, check out this amazing coaching program led by +Brook McCarthy 
I’m over it!

I'm over seeing over-confident people with far fewer qualifications and next-to-no experience succeed over people with talent, integrity, insight and intelligence, who hold themselves back because of self-doubt, inconsistent actions, or conflicted emotions.

I see the same problem over and over: good people with strong principles, integrity and lots of experience, working way too hard for way too little.

I want to support good people doing great work – but we don’t become great by following what everyone else is doing. The process of accelerating your business growth can provoke a lot of angst – angst that can undermine the whole process. Ambition is tumultuous to our peace-of-mind, sometimes disastrous for your personal life and, untamed, can burn you to a crisp.

So how do we ride the fickle beasts of ambition, desire, competitiveness, and high expectations, without being thrown-off by stress, anxiety, procrastination and self-doubt?

Check it:
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