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Nice pretty peach u got I got a nice fat chocolate stick 4u 9168076160

Kylie Peach

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Pros: I love not only the remodel but also the effort being put into maintaining the grounds and improving the atmosphere. If you have not been here, go! If you went before the remodel, go again! Cons: the staff can be rather on the rude side and I often find that they are charging me incorrect ly
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1 year ago I was given a BRAND NEW in the box Toshiba Laptop that was purchased from Best Buy WITH an extended warranty the "Gifter" was told covered everything. THIS WAS AN OUTRIGHT LIE. After using the laptop for 1 ONE day I felt the wireless card had difficulty connecting. Took it into BestBuy where I was told they would not do anything about this. After 1 week of use I attempted to use Windows 7 Home Premium (came with the laptop) to create a "recovery disk". It sat all day without use making the recovery disks. I called BestBuy who told me to let it sit as long as necessary until complete. 2 days later the laptop FINALLY stops making the disks and tells me it has encountered an I/O error. Took the laptop back into BestBuy where I was told NOTHING was wrong even though they never looked/tried/tested/attempted anything. I pointed out I had the "black tie plan" and was basically told BestBuy would charge me MORE THAN WHAT WAS PAID for a brand new laptop to fix it. They advised against returning/exchanging and suggested I buy a external hard drive to back up my laptop as "The windows program installed might have a glitch" I bought a 3tb external and I still have the same problem. I am unable to back my laptop up and get I/O error backup not completed. After 6months of trying to work with Bestbuy to fix this problem I finally gave up as I was made aware that they were not going to do anything for me NO MATTER WHAT.
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Quality: Poor - FairAppeal: Poor - FairService: Poor - Fair
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Our family of 5 has tried everything except the duck dishes. Its all great! Ambiance-10 Modern architecture, gorgeous colors and a floor so clean you could eat off it! We do recommend you eat off your plate however! Perfect volume on the music. Saltwater tank and great decor. Presentation/Taste/Price-10 Best lunch specials for Chinese food in the valley (IMO). The batter is always light and there is ALWAYS food inside! We especially enjoy the Bean Sprout Lo Mein. The portions are perfect! The presentation always a delight! Tea-10 A delicious blend (I refuse to tell you the secret) so good in fact we drink it at home now! Staff-8 Unless Daphne is your waiter you might have to wait a moment to get that to go box or have your tea refilled. The staff also needs to be provided a uniform down to the shoes so they ALL look professional. Daphne-10 If Daphne is your waitress you are guaranteed some happenings with happiness! This lady is on top of it. Even if she happens to miss something as soon as it is mentioned it is taken care of! Improvements: Exciting desserts! P.S. It looks as if they might be opening a bar perhaps?
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Apparently you can! I recently had a window "removed" by a bear whom was after my cooler. Mr. Devaul at Master Tech ordered my window & had it installed in only 2 days! Prices were below reasonable, Bills Glass quoted around $245 to do the exact same thing Mr. Devaul did. He was polite, cheerful and an absolute pleasure to do business with. I will be a repeat customer, for sure! Kylie Peach
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What an awesome place! So much more inviting and comfy than the Mall. If you have not checked out the NEW location downtown I would highly recommend you do so! Wonderful, friendly staff who now has the time to actually interact with you! FANTASTIC lemonade and inviting atmosphere.
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After ordering Sweet and Sour chicken, Veggie Fried rice and Lo Mein to go I discovered there was no sauce on my chicken! Nor was there a sweet and sour sauce in my bag anywhere. However when I drove back to ask for it I was first ignored for 6.5 minutes (I was ticked off enough to time it, I know I know) then I was told it would be an additional $2.50 for the sauce that SHOULD have been on my chicken. Then I was ignored again for 10minutes until a non-English speaking lady could come out smile nod and say no no no to me. I will NEVER give this restaurant my business again.
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Closed unfortunately. Makes me cry.
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