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Writer for Screen, Stage, and Page!
Writer for Screen, Stage, and Page!

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Want to help a new documentary about renowned Australian post-war artist Bruce Goold into post-production? 
Click on the link below to find out more about Bruce Goold: Life & Times & Art,' the exciting new documentary from Lucky Country Productions.

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Backgammon, an indie feature I cowrote and coproduced, will be released on March 11 theatrically (in NYC and Los Angeles) and via video-on-demand. The official trailer, as well as stills from the movie and bios of the cast and filmmakers, may be viewed here: If it looks like something you might enjoy, please give it a watch. Thank you!

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No Bull Film Review:  'Far From Men'

#nobullfilmreview   #aroomofheroine

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"I'm Fine"......
Ragdollmummas ( is a raw, sad, humorous account of the challenges and triumphs of parenting children with epilepsy.

What Have You Done to Me, Miss Austen?
Last night I, a night owl, went to bed early in a pejoratively good girl time slot (GGTS): the Oh My Apocalyptic 9.30pm.  Thought I'd read JUST A BIT of 'Emma' by Jane 'You Rock' Austen. 
Well, a few eye squinches and moves around the bed later (get your mind out of the gutter, it was PURELY about comfort!), I decided to see what the time was. Maybe a couple of hours? 
Hell no, Miss A., it was 12.30am!  I'd been reading Emma for 3 HOURS straight and she still hadn't had her comeuppance!
You are not even my favourite writer, Miss A. (though up there), and yet you sucked me into a magickal time warp!

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Every dramatic story that matters starts and ends with the characters. Writing the story is a focused and meditative process of entering into the most profound relationships with the characters in the story. It is the journey a writer makes in his/her quest...

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Want to know how to write good? Start here! 

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Thought for the Day:
A writer without a voice is like a heart without a heartbeat. We always have something to say.

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Back in February, my Mum was fortunate to receive a much needed kidney transplant. I am grateful beyond measure that the donor had the foresight to give a complete stranger the gift of a healthier and longer life. Organ transplants can benefit not only the recipients, but their families and friends too. Kidney research made this gift possible. So this Sunday I am doing the Big Red Kidney Walk for Mum, and to help support ongoing research into CKD (chronic kidney disease). If you want to support the Big Red Kidney Walk this Sunday, feel free to sponsor my walk. My target is $400. What can you do?

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