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Photographer.Gym Rat.Geek.Gingerphile.Browncoat.
Photographer.Gym Rat.Geek.Gingerphile.Browncoat.

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Quiet Contemplation

Another view of this old stone church in rural PA.

(photo © Kyle Wilson)
#LeftBehind #church #fairytale #PA #rural #rural_love #abandoned
#abandoned_junkies #ruralexploration #decay #discarded_butnot_forgotten
#Fantasy #FantasyScene

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Why No Photographer Should Ever Have Downtime

"... the vast majority of successful photographers you meet are always busy, even when they don't have clients."

#LeftBehind #photography #phototips #LivingTheDream #Lightstalking

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Chris Cornell has died

One of the best voices in rock history has been silenced. I am stunned. I grew up on his voice.

#ChisCornell #Soundgarden #Audioslave #rocklegend #tragedy 

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(so far)

Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival this past weekend is my, new, #1 show of 2017, and my #6 show ALL TIME!
It blew away my expectations, y'all loved my up there. The people were so friendly, curious, and appreciative of fine art.

Saturday was slow, maybe because of the rain Friday and into Saturday morning and I did less than expected. But then Sunday came and the BUYERS came with the sun and 80* weather. It turned out to be my BEST SUNDAY ever! I even sold an Exclusive Metal Print that I was experimenting for this show. I printed and sold #1 of 250 of ' Ford Tough ' (see here) to one lucky couple. This was priced 40% higher than others at this size but that did not matter to this art-loving couple.

#LeftBehind #artshows #Crozet #VA #FordTough 
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Untitled Tin Man

I am having problems naming ALL my photos from this location. I took over 400 photos of which I may have 100 great ones.
How can I come up with 100 different names?

Anyhow.... here is a photo of an Oil Can and gloves from the Lonaconing Silk Mill

(photo © Kyle Wilson)

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#LeftBehind #America, #Americana, #KlotzThrowingFactory, #abandonedplaces, #Lonaconing, #LonaconingSilkMill, #MD, #Maryland, #abandoned, #bobbin, #decay, #industrial, #industry, #mill, #rust, #silk, #silkmill, #spinning, #states, #texture, #thread, #UnitedStates #Opus #catchinglighteninginabottle

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The Photography God's have smiled upon me!

Either that or I have died with out knowing it and have gone to VALHALLA!
I have found myself walking in The Truckers Graveyard on this gorgeous day.
#LeftBehind #Valhalla #trucks #demclouds #Ipulledoverforthis #truckersgraveyard
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Knoxville was a KNOCKOUT!
The Dogwood Art Festival was an outstanding success; they love me in Knoxville, TN!

I did the Knoxville TN Dogwood Arts festival this weekend and it was a surprising triumph. It was a long festival that was opened at early and ran until 9PM on Friday and Saturday. Sunday had normal 11AM-5PM hours. It was a slow start on both Friday and Saturday but then after 5pm is when the crowds swelled and so did interest in my photography. At times I could not fit another person into my booth during the night. FRIDAY was my BEST FRIDAY ever, with most of the sale happening between 5-9PM.

Saturday and Sunday was almost an exact duplicate of Friday. In fact I sold 2 aluminum pieces 2 hours after the show officially ended because it takes me so long to tear down my booth. HA!
Dogwood Arts Festival are ending up being my #9 show all time (out of 59) and my #1 show (so far) of 2017!

The people of Knoxville are so friendly and authentic. I was able to strike up conversations so easily and they were eager to hear about my art and my process, they were curious and also approachable

My takeaway from this weekend was that the Dogwood Arts Festival was that it was a large street party for people who like to have a good time and love new art.
2017 Limited Edition Letterpress Poster, Bloom by Julie Belcher (seen here) can be bought here>

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