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Y'all like me!
You really LIKE ME (at Catoctin Colorfest )

What an UNBELIEVABLE day I had at #Colorfest   today!
To say it was my BEST SHOW EVER would be an understatement. 

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting y'all and talking photography with every singe person who stopped by. I wish I had more time to chat with every single on of y'all. 

And I offer a heart-felt THANK YOU to all who supported me and my art with your hard earned money! 

>> Looking forward to tomorrow being EVEN better than today <<

Come see +Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson  in space 182.

I am Humbled,

#LeftBehind #CatoctinColorfest #Colorfest #Thankyou  
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Sweet! We don't have much color out here. 
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Kyle Wilson

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~Parkway Drive 

  Other people may be done with Metalcore, but with songs like this....
I am not ready to give it up! 

>Solid guitars
>Strong Lyrics
Keep Rock Alive !!
#SOTD   #ViceGrip   #parkwaydrive   #onelife   #oneshot   #giveitallyougot   #Metalcore  
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Kyle Wilson

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So pleased with this new frame!

I am loving the way it makes I'll Crab Until Heart Breaks photo pop. It is 100% reclaimed Barnwood that has been finished to give it a weathered appearance.

Can't wait to get it to the #PoqusonSeafoodFestival!
#LeftBehind #photographysales #artsandcraftshows 
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+Jodi Frye _ thanks a ton!
 I can't wait to get this out to the 'public' and see how they like it.
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Kyle Wilson

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Aproaching Pilot Mountain, NC

I always love this stretch of highway, heading towards Mt. Airy North Carolina. You round a corner and ......BAM!.....there is gorgeous Pilot Mountain.

#mancation #NC #pilotmountain 
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Oh, how I miss living in the South. Gorgeous. 
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Kyle Wilson

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Water's Edge

 At the Water's Edge, you will find these crab pots as the sun sets on the bay.

(Photo © 2015 Kyle Wilson)
‪#‎LeftBehind‬ ‪#‎PoquosonSeafoodFestival‬ ‪#‎chesapeake‬ ‪#‎watermen‬ ‪#‎crabpots‬ ‪#‎seafood‬
see more>
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to me this picture is very sad, seriously BEAUTIFUL but sad.  it's just another example of how we have trashed the planet.  think of the many traps that are left below the surface to slowly rot and kill unsuspecting sea life that is trapped inside.   
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Kyle Wilson

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Clayton Harvest and Music Festival 2015 was a mixed bag for Left Behind photography

 While the crowds were big and the weather was beautiful, the sales could have been stronger.
Usually those two ingredients are all you need for a great show.

 The main element that stopped this from being a GREAT show was the LAYOUT. This was the third year I have done this show and the third different layout the Festival has had. But that’s cool, I can adjust. However…..

 The craft vendors were not grouped together as they should have been. They were sprinkled among the various civic organizations and businesses. I had a group raffling off a motorcycle next to me and across from me was an insurance agency. Many of the business vendors were handing flyers, pens, bags and other swag to the people as they passed. This tended to make people stick to the middle of the street and avoid the tents along the sides if they had had enough free stuff. It also tended to make people walk faster and keep their eyes straight ahead. 

 The organizer should have grouped the Arts and Craft Vendors together. Maybe an ‘Artists Village’ or ‘Craft Street’ would have been a good way to go? That way people could be sure that this block of booths WERE SELLING arts and crafts. They could slow down and actually LOOK inside the booths with leisure. It made no sense to have a church next to a woodworker or a car dealership next to a painter. 

The second issue I have with the layout is the main street was blocked by ‘fitness demonstrations’. Instead of having a free flow up and down Main Street, there was a blockage and people had to go around a fenced of area where people jumped rope and did exercise demos. That should have been in a side area to keep the people flowing up and down Main Street. 

That being said, I met a ton of people, both old and new. I made a little bit a money, enough to cover costs and resupply what I sold. 

Most importantly I was out there doing WHAT I LOVE. As I told anybody who asked how I was, “ Living The Dream ” is what I told them.

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Thank you +Kim A.​​, I appreciate that. 
I love sharing this with y'all and I love that you guys keep encouraging me. 
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Kyle Wilson

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I am: “ Going ALL IN
          Betting The Farm
          Going For Broke
          Letting It Ride
        Swinging For The Fences
          {insert cliché’ here} ……

  Left Behind photography is ‘laying it all on the line’ these next two weeks. I have taken ALL the sales from my 2015 shows and put it back into creating more inventory : more prints, frames, and supplies. 
I have my hopes riding on these next two weekends. 

  Catoctin  Colorfest is next, Oct. 10-11, in Thurmont MD. It is now in it’s 52nd year and it is ranked in the top 35 shows in the USA by Sunshine Magazine. It draws over 100,000 people for the 2-day event. Last year this was my BEST SHOW of 2014. I know I can do well if the weather cooperates and if I have what people need.

 Second is Poquoson Seafood Festival in Poquoson VA on Oct. 16-18 th. This is a NEW show for me this year, so it is a total unknown. I have a great feeling about this because of the response I have been getting on my Event page and from other vendors I have talked to who do this show. This is a 3-day show with Saturday’s show running from 10 AM – 10 PM (12hours!) . I have heard they draw about 50,000 for this event. 

  So I am extremely nervous now. I have poured my blood, sweat, tears, and sleep into Left Behind photography. I LOVE it so much! But love isn’t enough. So this time I have poured ALL MY MONEY into Left Behind. It is cash-poor but inventory-rich right now. This could be the month that I turn a profit for the first time. 

Or I could go down in flames. 

 For those who have been on this journey with me from the start, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support means more to me than you will EVER know.  To +Holly Bryant   ….I could NOT have done this without you. Hellfire, I would not be where I am without you!!  For those that have recently ‘found’ me, I am also grateful. 

Stay tuned…’s about to get exciting. 


  #LeftBehind   #GoingALLin #Photographysales #artsandcraftsshows #Swingingforthefences  
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+Edie Flynn - I appreciate that. 
Thank you so much for your support!!
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Kyle Wilson

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Apparently I fought well

I am awaited, shiny and chrome.

#Valhalla #shinyandchrome #MadMax #FuryRoad
(From my son, via Tumblr. He knows me well)
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Kyle Wilson

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Mario Kart: 4-wheeling Style 

  Mario Kart just got real on #Mancation2015 !!

 Watch as my bud Dan passes me on a narrow trail in the mountains of West Virginia. I was in second place but was being held up by Aaron who was going slower ahead of me. (That is my excuse and I am sticking to it). I could not hear him coming up behind me and when I suddenly saw him beside me I was startled!
Hilarity ensues. 

Thanks to my friend Rob for shooting and editing this short clip. The sound effects are spot-on I think. 

#MarioKart   #4wheeling   #mancation   #HMT   #funnystuff  
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+Anna Rimovska - Thank you!
You also. 
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Kyle Wilson

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'll Crab Until My Heart Stops
 I saved the best photo from this location for last. 
This boat is using a Crab Scrape to fish for soft-shelled crabs.

(Best viewed full screen)

#LeftBehind‬   #crabbing    #chesapeake   #bay‬   #crisfieldMD   #watermen   #boat   #waterphotography   #HDRtheworld  
(photo © 2015 Kyle Wilson) 
" The crab scrape was patented in 1870 by L. Copper Dize of Crisfield, Maryland, and is by far the most efficient tool for harvesting peeler and soft crabs. Since its invention, the scrape has been used extensively in areas of the lower Chesapeake Bay where there is an abundance of eelgrass growing on the bottom.
A crab scrape resembles a small hockey goal about 3 to 4 feet wide and about 1 foot high (Maryland State law requires that scrapes be no more than 3 feet wide) with a 7 foot long net bag attached and weighs about 40 pounds (dry). The scrape is dragged along the bottom behind a boat through the eelgrass.
As it is pulled along, it scoops up the grass and any peeler or soft crabs hiding within. Once pulled aboard, the waterman will pull through the grass looking for the small crabs. The harvested eelgrass makes a perfect bedding for transporting the delicate crabs."

(Source> )
Thanks Holly for this info!
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+Ja'Nice Christine H. - Thanks so much!
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Kyle Wilson

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Two vessels meant to contain crabs. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. 

(photo © 2015 Kyle Wilson)
#LeftBehind   #water   #seafood   #crabs   #crabbing   #Watermen   #CrisfieldMD   #MD   #chesapeake  
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Kyle Wilson

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"*Pride*" was my first sale today at the Clayton Harvest and Music Festival is downtown Clayton NC.
And this was before the start of the show. A good sign it will be a good day.

Gorgeous weather, great food, amazing art, and fantastic music are here. Come say 'Howdy ". I'll be in booth 317 under the shade of a huge oak tree.

#LeftBehind #ClaytonHarvestandmusicfestival #NC #art #shoplocal 
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I have only used their UHAUL service here, so I can only speak to that. Their customer service is excellent. They always get me checked out quickly without hassles. Also they accommodated a few special requests of mine from time-to-time. I will continue to rent trucks and trailers from Clayton Tire and Muffler.
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Good But Expensive. High quality staff and doctor performed thorough exams for me. I needed a new contact lens prescription and I received profession care. However I had to pay for it. A lot. Total for the exam, contact lens evaluation and 1 year of contacts was ~ $450 !! Insurance only covered less that half of that. I wish I was aware of the prices before I scheduled an appointment. : (
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Great view, average food. I got lunch and the kids got breakfast on this Sunday. The fried flounder sandwich is still good and it is a healthy portion. Not as big as in previous years however. Omelet for the son was okay, no complaints. However the French Toast was WAY undercooked. It tasted like soggy bread. Also the pretzel was covered in to much salt. My girl left still hungry. Not worth $45. Next time we will keep on trucking and get something on the other side to eat.
• • •
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First time using Digital Doc Clayton NC and it was a great experience. I had an XBOX 360 DVD drive that was stuck. I took the drive out of the console but I was unable to fix it myself without breaking something. So I took it in on a Saturday morning and it was fixed the next business day (Monday). They did what they said they would do at a fair price. You can't ask for much more than that. Great job!
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Wow! What a pleasant surprise. Who would have thought you could find Fine Dining in the small town of Crisfield MD? Not I. Hence I was surprised by the quality of the food at the Waterman's Inn. It was a late weeknight when my dad and I stumbled across this place. The exterior belays what is inside. The dining room is cozy and quite and hangs local art on the walls (bonus!). There are cloth napkins and table cloths to awaiting you and your food. Really! Both my dad and I ordered the BROILED CRABCAKES. If I have ever had a better crabcake, I can not remember when. And I grew up in Maryland. They were simply the best I have EVER had. The rest of the meal was delicious as well, including the homemade desserts. I will remember this meal for a LONG time! Order the crabcakes and you will understand what I am talking about.
• • •
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Authentic and cheap!
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Great Mexican food for a weary traveler. Flew into Chicago today and by the time I got to hotel I was tired, cold and hungry. So I walked from the Comfort Suites to this strip mall resturant and I was sure glad I did. The food was hot, fresh, and tasted authentic. JUST WHAT I NEEDED!
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