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Frozen water pump on a rustic barrel. Please check it out. 
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   Steam emanates from the Cargill plant in Raleigh, NC. This plant processes soybeans and when it is running the trucks line the roads 30-40 deep to get filled with soybean products. When driving by with windows open there is a slightly sweet smell in the air. It is refreshing to see Raleigh still producing. 
#industry   #industrial   #Cargill   #Raleigh   #Raleighnc   #industrialphotography   #Theworkingman  
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LOLz +Darrick Yahnke 
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Blood is really warm,
it's like drinking hot chocolate
but with more screaming.” 
― Ryan Mecum, Zombie Haiku 
For +Kimberly Allen 's BIRTHDAY TODAY!!
Hope you have a scream-worthy day. 
#zombies   #happybirthday   #haiku  

(h/t +Jason Jones , +Scott Jordan +Scott Cramer , +Keith Cramer )
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+Kimberly Allen FTW! Lol! And... I have this book; it's awesome! ;-)
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Kyle Wilson

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Durham Art Walk

Heading to the Durham Art walk today. 
The Durham Art Walk Spring Market is a festive fine arts and crafts event that celebrates spring in downtown Durham!The Spring Market invites art lovers for a weekend full of art and sunshine including: dazzling examples of local artistic talent, world-class restaurants, great shopping, innovative new businesses and fascinating historic sites
 It has been around for years, but I just heard about it since joining a new network of artists. 
+Discover North Carolina +Visit North Carolina  #NC   #art   #DurhamNC   #foodfestival   #Durhamartwalk  
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I love those moments....

Skyler: There will come a moment when you have the chance to do the right thing.
Walter: I love those moments 
 (Fucks up repeatedly)
Walter: I like to wave at them as they pass
from tumblr 
#breakingbad   #BB   #Walterwhite   #Skylerwhite  
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OK, I will coming looking for you if I'm pissed though...  :)
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Kyle Wilson

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Still Standing 

 This old barn may be sagging, leaning and peeling but it is still standing. It is also a testament that farming still exists in the suburbs. This is the little patch of farmland in the middle of suburbia (Cary, NC). It is surrounded by houses, apartments, and shopping, but you would not know it by visiting it on a quiet Sunday morning. 
#FarmFriday +Farm Friday curated by +Ellie Kennard and +Steven Kennard
#ruralphotography   #farm   #barn   #CaryNC   #leftbehind   #leftbehindphotographybykylewilson  
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+hank clay - Much appreciated
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Kyle Wilson

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Plowed Under

There's something about taking a plow and breaking new ground. It gives you energy .
 ~Ken Kesey

  Back in Four Oaks NC with this photo, another view of this plow and barn. The plow is old but the tires are new. I can imagine this small field being plowed with one horse and one farmer. I could just be feeling romantic though. 
#farm   #barn   #rurallife   #NC   #Fouroaks   #ruralphotography   #LeftBehind   #leftbehindphotographybykylewilson  
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+Tundraboy Blue - I am wondering the same thing now.
Thank you for your heart-felt sentiments. 
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The Masked Man

Tonto:   People think you are dead. Better you stay that way .
Lone Ranger:   You want me to wear a mask ?
Tonto:   There come a time, when good man must wear mask .
  And that time is now!
Look what the amazing +Cristy Sherman did to me and my fellow crew member is this fantastic #moviemashuptuesday  poster for The Lone Ranger !! I am so flattered, she made me, and my crew, look so damn good. 
Also featured is +Tom Tran , +Leslie Lina Sigala , +Sarra Robinson, +Steve Montalto , and +Jason Jakober ) 
You rock Cristy!
+Movie Mashup Tuesday  #movieposter   #Theloneranger   #maskedman  
Happy #MovieMashupTuesday with LoneRanger +Kyle Wilson and his motley crew.. +Tom Tran, +Leslie Lina Sigala, +Steve Montalto and +Jason Jakober (sorry, i couldn't identify the face of the other lovely lady used, feel free to tag ;)) 

 +Movie Mashup Tuesday curated by  +Mark Rodriguez +* +Isabelle Fortin 
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No, thank YOU +Cristy Sherman !

(would you be willing to email me the original file? I would like to add it to my Album)
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Shooting what you love
vs shooting what you think will sell?

  Are you shooting what you love
I asked myself this question after seeing a local photographer selling his prints at an Art Fair. His work is great. He had landscapes, floral, seascapes, industrial, decal, rural, macro, food, and more. It was quite an eclectic mix. It was hard to get a grip on his style
    So I complimented his diverse portfolio. And that got us to start discussing his works in detail.

He says " I try to shoot what I think people will buy " . 
He shows me a letter 'S' that he found on a piece of architecture. He has sold a few of those to people who have 'S' in their name. 
" So I think I will try to find more of these to shoot " , he replies. 

  I then pick up a piece I find interesting....old, rusty silos near a warehouse. It is then that he gets animated and goes into detail about that shot. Where he was, the time of day, what he was eating right before that shot, and what he loves about it. I can tell this is what he loves to shoot
   Then to conversation ends when he says he has not sold any of this one. 

It only occurs to me later that this photographer is shooting what he thinks will sell vs what he loves to shoot. 
Do I do this ?, I ask myself. 
No. I shoot what I love and then am super happy if I get a sale. I try to make "art" first, and "sales" second. But then I have the luxury on being a Hobby Photographer. I do not do this for a living. I have a Full-time job that I also love. I think that if I was to turn "Pro" that I would feel differently. 

Do you shoot what you LOVE, or what will sell?
(My photo)
#art   #sales   #photographysales   #sellingphotography   #whatyoulove   #photographystyle  
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+Josh Carlisle - no worries, yes it did. In fact my dad fit that joke perfectly.....that was him. 
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Woke early to take photos art an abandoned farmhouse.
Saw the new Captain America movie.
Grilled steaks and asparagus.
Watching NASCAR with my Boo ( +Holly Bryant )
#perfectday   #captainamericathewintersoldier   #grilling   #NASCAR  
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Yes, you simply must go +Joana Carinhas....all the cool kids are going these days.  :)
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IT Technician
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Clayton, NC
Cary, NC - Durham, NC - Washington, D.C. - Fairfax, VA
Enthusiast Photographer.Gym Rat.Geek.Browncoat.
Pain or damage don’t end the world, or despair, or fuckin’ beatings. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man — and give some back."
Al Swearengen (Deadwood)

I believe that anyone who says sex is overrated just hasn't done it properly
~Neil Gaimen

 I believe in an empty and godless universe of causal chaos, background noise, and sheer blind luck. 
~Neil Gaimen 

Circle Possibilities for me:


A few years ago I made some dramatic changes in my life. One of them was losing ~40 pounds and totally changing and remaking myself. I became a GYM RAT in the process and working out is a large part of my life. 

Kyle 3.0 is the current version of me. Will it be the last ? Stay tuned. 

I like Tech, gadgets, Movies and Sci-Fi. Some of my favorite authors include William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Neil Gaimen and Vernor Vinge. 

Favorite movies include:
District 9
Alien 2
Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

I love Halloween and RenFests. 

Most recently I won 2nd place in Cary Photographic Artists 6th Annual Open Juried Show.
( for my work “Boiler Room”
Before that I participated in both the 2013 Clayton Harvest and Music Festival and the 2013 Cary Lazy Daze.

 Some history on me….

I fell into, then out of, then back into photography.

   I grew up in rural southern Maryland and attended the University of Maryland where I majored in Political Science.   While in college I assisted my dad, who had retired from the State Police, with wedding and portrait photography.  My dad’s teachings in photography were traditional.  He on the Hasselblad and me on the Canon 35mm is how I learned the basics.  He was awesome at his craft and a great teacher.
    I also learned that wedding and portrait photography was A LOT of hard work. I did not want to do that for a living so I fell out of photography after graduating from college. I was a shutterbug from then…..taking snapshots of family events and vacations; nothing special due to lack of inspiration.
    A few years ago I changed careers, from middle management into the I.T. field, which I love. Around that time two changes occurred nearly simultaneously: I moved and I discovered photography again. More specifically I discovered the powerful software tools that were available to “bring a photograph to life”.

      I moved from Cary, NC to Clayton, NC.-from the ‘suburbs’ to the ‘country’. I was fascinated by what I found Left Behind in this area. Barns, farmhouses, industries, belongings, memories….all Left Behind.  I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of what I found fascinating.  In the spring of 2012 I seriously started taking photos and I have not stopped!   

   The technology side of me became inspired by photos I found on the internet and that is when I discovered HDR Photography. High Dynamic Range Photography is perfect for my technical brain and My Vision. It allows me to fully capture what I saw when I took that shot. It really brings it to life.   My process usually involves taking 3 (or more) bracketed photos of the same shot: one under-exposed, one normal exposed, and one over-exposed. I then use powerful software tools to merge the three images into one. I will then tweak the photo anywhere from 1-2 hours until I get it ‘right’, until I say “Yes! That is what I saw!”  If I do it correctly, the colors are vibrant, the shadows are dark and the highlights are bright.
     I make limited edition prints at a local photo lab on archival paper which uses 100 year archival ink. I matte and frame my pictures at home…. while listening to Heavy Metal and singing off key…which is a whole other story.

    Thank you for joining me as I explore and record what was Left Behind

The other side of me? LOVES tinkering and building PCs. I am a power user and I like to get the most of my PC for gaming and my apps (Photoshop, Photomatix, ect..). I also enjoy helping people with their computers and providing technical support. 
Birthday: August 19th

Bragging rights
Most recently I won 2nd place in Cary Photographic Artists 6th Annual Open Juried Show. ( for my work “Boiler Room”
  • University of Maryland, College Park
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